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If you are looking for his Wii Sports counterpart, go to Michael.

Not to be confused with Donna (Wii Music) or Donna (Wii U/3DS).

Don Face Image.jpg
Title None
Gender Male
Favorite Color Purple
Country Unknown
Level N/A
CPU Rank N/A

Don is a Mii from Wii Music. He appears in 2 preloaded songs. He plays in Marsha Plus Four! and Mia Deluxe Six.

Instruments Don plays

Differences between Don and Michael

  • Don's favorite color is purple, while Michael's favorite color is red.
  • Don has brown eyes but Michael has hazel eyes.
  • Don's eyebrows match his hair (deep brown), but Michael's are brown (the default).
  • Don's eyes are one stage closer together.

Names in different languages

Japanese: ドン (Don)

(His Japanese name is identical to his English name.)


  • Don is one of the Miis from Wii Music to not have a Wii Music artwork. He has Michael instead, playing the electric bass.


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