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Dojo Domination
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Wii Party U


1 player


"A single player must take on 30 feisty opponents in this challenging minigame mode! If your rank is high enough, you just might be able to defeat them all in one fell swoop."

Dojo Domination is a 1-player mode in Wii Party U.

This game has 3 difficulties: Beginner, Standard and Advanced, with Standard and Advanced being unlocked by beating all 30 opponents in the previous difficulty. There is no Expert or Master difficulty.

There are 10 hearts and 30 Miis.

This gamemode lasts a total of 20 minutes according to the game.


Reminiscent to the Wii Party Solo Mode, the player is in a dojo and will have to face several Miis from their Wii U in minigames in order to advance on. They have a total of 10 hearts that are taken away if they lose to even one of the Miis.

This gamemode begins with the first 3 opponents walking up to you as they throw at you the Minigame you must play against them in.

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The player must win first place in the minigame in order to continue on to the next set of Miis. If you tie with one of the Miis though, they will block your attack, then you'll block theirs.

After they knock down the Miis they won against on a Minigame, a set of three Miis will walk up to the player and play against them in another minigame.

This will continue until you reach the final opponents and beat them.

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If they even place under one of the Miis, the Miis that placed over them in the Minigame will attack them, causing them to lose a heart. Afterwards, the Miis that you defeated go to the sides of the dojo while the one you failed to defeat stays and goes against you again, this time with some other Miis alongside them.

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Once you defeated all of them, it's time to go face the boss of that dojo, who will take away 3 hearts from you if you lose against them. They appear in a different type of clothing from the other 29 Miis, and are set at higher difficulty than the others too.

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Once you win against the boss of the dojo, you have officially won. Then your Mii will pose and smile and wink at the screen.

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White outfit with White belt: CPUs on beginner difficulty. Only found in beginner, but a "drummer" wearing a variant of this outfit appears in the dojo on all modes. He/she plays their drum after a minigame is chosen.

White outfit with Black belt: CPUs on standard difficulty. 1 can be found in beginner mode, and if you lose to them, you lose 3 hearts.

Red outfit with Black belt: CPUs on advanced difficulty. 1 can be found in standard mode, and if you lose to them, you also lose 3 hearts.

Black outfit with Black belt: A CPU on expert difficulty. Only 1 is seen, and they're seen on advanced difficulty.



  • Dojo Domination is easier than Expert Solo Mode from Wii Party, since the game is shorter and there is no Master mode.
  • When you defeat all 30 opponents and your victory pose is shown, your Mii will always smile, regardless of whether or not they have lipstick on.
    • For example, John has a smile that uses dimples, but it becomes a regular smile without dimples.
  • If you have 30+ Miis in your Mii Maker, only your Miis will appear as opponents. If you have less, random CPU Miis, regardless of CPU Skill will appear as some opponents. If you have 31+ Miis, one of your Miis will be the drummer, and if you have less, a CPU will be the drummer.
  • Run to the Sun and Hide-and-Go-Beak are the only free-for-all minigames that don't appear in this mode. This is due to them being luck-based rather than skill-based.
  • This is currently the highest rated main game mode in WPU, with 4.50 stars.
  • This mode is reminiscent in a couple attributes to Swordplay Showdown from Wii Sports Resort, as it involves defeating opponents without losing lives, and the final opponent is the hardest opponent.
  • The most hearts you can lose at once is 5, which is done by coming in 4th when facing the boss and two other Miis also being faced.
  • If you beat no opponents, the Final Results text will be red, and a creepy jingle will play. If you beat 1 or more opponents, the text will be blue, and a calming jingle will play.
  • Advanced is the only difficulty mode where the default highest-ranker doesn't defeat 30 opponents, as Susie, the default highest-ranker only beats 25.
  • In the European version, the part where the Miis are getting hit has the camera angle changed so you can only see the attackers. This is done possibly because that part is too violent for some European countries. The knocked out Miis will twitch and have flying stars above their heads instead.
Dojo Domination NA Version 1.jpg
Dojo Domination NA Version 2.jpg

NA version.

Dojo Domination Camera Angle Censorship.jpg

EU version.

  • If you reach the 3rd row of opponents from the back without losing or finishing with a tie in a single minigame, your Mii will do what looks like a charge up before attacking.

Mike from Wii Sports doing the charge up before attacking.

  • If you tie or lose against the final opponent, he/she will do a charge up before attacking too.

Bruce, as the final opponent, charging up for an attack.

  • When you or the final opponent of the dojo do so, everyone else in the background will disappear.

Notice how there is no drummer and no defeated opponents when Bruce is doing this.

  • The Mii that takes away your last heart will laugh in an egotistical manner.
  • When you are on half hearts, your Mii will actually look like they're horribly hurt, and when you're almost out of hearts, your Mii will lie down on the floor like they're doing push-ups.
    • Defeated CPU Miis will do a similar animation when lining up to the left and right of the dojo.
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