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Do U Know Mii?/Who Do They Think You Are?
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Wii Party U


3-4 players


"Think your friends know you? See what the other players really think of you in Do U Know Mii?, an insightful quiz game. You'll be surprised to find out how everybody sees you!"

Do U Know Mii is a House Party mode in Wii Party U. In the EU version it is called Who Do They Think You Are?


One player is chosen to be the first person to answer a question about their personality. Once the player has answer the question, the other players answer the question about the solo player's personality. Then the players see how close they were to solo player.

Question List

  1. How young at heart are you?
  2. Are you afraid of heights?
  3. How persuasive are you?
  4. How independent are you?
  5. How easily do you cry?
  6. How mature are you?
  7. How athletic are you?
  8. How well can you sing?
  9. How well can you dance?
  10. How charismatic are you?
  11. How often do you worry?
  12. How nosy are you?
  13. How sore a loser are you?
  14. How much do you like to travel?
  15. How good are you at taking tests?
  16. How much do you gossip?
  17. How often do you play video games?
  18. How shy are you?
  19. How photogenic are you?

Note: These are some examples that may appear. There could be other questions not viewed yet.


A Mii will be picked at random. That Mii will answer a question using the GamePad. The way they will do it is by dragging a circle to the side of which defines them better. After they dragged the circle to the part which they think defines them most, they must click OK to enter their response.

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Afterwards, this will go to the players trying to see how much they know about the one player sitting on top. The players will click on their icon in order to answer the question with what they think about the one player. Then they will do the exact same as the one player did: Drag the circle and press OK when the circle is where you think best describes the one player.

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After this, the game will compare the single player's answer and the other 3 players' answers. Afterwards, Party Phil will say how identical the opinions are. Then a graph will show how close the other players were to the single player on top.

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There is a total of 5 possible outcomes for the players here:

The complete opposite

Really different

Not that different

Barely different


After all players had their turn as the one person, the game will then say who got the worst result (Their answer and the other players' opinions being really different) and the best result (Their answer and the other players' opinions being almost identical). After that, the game ends.

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Sakura getting the worst results

Misaki getting the best results

If all players manage to get the same results for all rounds, they will have a shocked look on their faces as they raise their hands up. After that, they start clapping all together. They will show the results from every round afterwards.

If a player got the answer perfectly, their icon will have "Perfect Match!" written next to it, and if all of them got it perfectly, it will also say "Perfect Match!" above them.

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  • This plays similar to Buddy Quiz, where, out of 4 players, 2 to 3 players try to guess how 1 person is by answering questions.
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