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Dessert Course is a Balance exercise in Wii Fit U.


The player must around a restaurant and give the customers their orders while trying to balance said orders on a silver platter. They have varied time limit, depending on the difficulty they choose. They will need to keep the Wii U GamePad from tilting too much move in place on the Wii Balance Board to move forward. The food they are give can either slide more or less than each other, and customers served from before will want more than one order. They move to waiters/waitresses to get their orders. They will sometimes be given two or more foods that will have to deliver, and the waitresses/waiters have an infinite amount of food to distribute if the player were to drop any order.

Beginner Difficulty

In Beginner Difficulty, the player has 15 orders to give and has 160 seconds to do so.

Advanced Difficulty

Advanced (20 orders to give) - Waitresses and waiters walk around the course, making them a hazard to be avoided. There are also more foods, with some being more circular or tubular.

You have to keep the orders in balance on the silver platter in order to make progress.

If an order tips over or off the platter, you will have to go back to a chef and they will give you the same order.


  • If a dessert a dropped, the crowd groaning sound from when the golf ball goes out of bounds in Wii Sports Golf can be heard.