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Demolition Row
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Wii Party U


1 player, 2 players


"Connect four or more blocks of the same color to demolish them. Don't let the blocks pass the top line! Erase three star blocks to earn a bonus period where your points increase times 20. Fill up the gauge to earn bonus blocks: Iron Blocks demolish two vertical rows, Rainbow blocks change to the color of your choice, Slow Blocks slow the pace of falling blocks, Thunder Blocks erase blocks of same color."

"Oh, no! Why is Demolition Row still under construction?"

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Demoltion Row is a game in Wii Party U.

There are three modes in Demolition Row.

50-stage mode (1 player)

In this mode, the player has to clear 50 stages in order to win. Each stage gets progressively harder and faster, as the player will need to know where to put the blocks.

Endless mode (1 player)

The player's goal is to, if possible, complete all 99 stages of the game. Points are awarded based on the types of blocks are demolished. There are also star blocks that when three of them are erased, a bonus period is added where points are multiplied by 20.

VS mode (1/2 players)

Two players (or one player and a CPU) go head-to-head and demolish blocks until no block exceeds the goal line, which is marked in purple. The player has to win 1, 2, or 3 matches in order to win the entire game.

What happens at the end

If, during the game, the player's blocks exceed the top line, in pink, the game ends.

  • If the game is head-to-head mode, the opponent automatically wins the match.

Special blocks

For basic blocks, there are 5 different colors: Orange, green, blue, purple, and pink

  • There are also stone blocks where you have to demolish blocks touching it to crack. It takes several hits to demolish.

These are the kinds of special blocks you will see:

  • Star blocks are seen in Endless mode. The player needs to collect three of them to get a bonus period where the points multiply by 20.
  • Iron blocks demolish two vertical rows. This can be really helpful for demolishing other rows.
  • Rainbow blocks let you change the color of the blocks
  • Slow blocks slow the falling blocks, allowing the player more time to think about their next move.
  • Thunder blocks erase all blocks of the same color.

Winning the game

Both players will have to use their strategy to demolish blocks and use special blocks, because the winner of the game is the person who is able to reach the goal line first.


  • The music used is a newer rendition of music from previous Wii Party minigames (i.e. Clover Hunt).