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Delivery Duel
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Wii Party


1 vs 1




"There are two of you and only one pizza customer! Keep an eye on the map and race your scooter there first."

Delivery Duel is a 1 vs 1 minigame in Wii Party.


As two Miis stand in front of the pizzerias and wave at the two players, said players stare at each other angrily, causing a cartoony lightning bolt to go between their eyes. They then both look ahead, and the camera switches to show them from behind as the screen splits.


The objective is to reach the goal and deliver the pizza before the other player. A map in the center of the screen shows the path in red. If a player hits an obstacle or the other player, it slows down said player. Roadblocks make it impossible to go off the course.

There is no time limit.

To go forward, hold 2. To go backwards, hold 1. To steer, tilt the remote.


The player walks up to the house and delivers the pizza to a Mii standing in front of the house dancing side to side, who then starts clapping and producing flowers around him/her when the player that gets to the house first reaches him/her with the pizza.


  • The ideal pathway to go always changes, as seen in the map on the right of the screen. There are barricades blocking certain paths, meaning that you can't take shortcuts.
  • Sometimes the Miis watching the race from the streets will be wearing outfits that don't match a player colour or that Mii's favourite colour. One colour they could wear instead is magenta.
  • You can press A or the plus control pad to honk the horn.
    • The horn sounds for player 1 and player 2 are a slightly different pitch.
  • You can actually rev up your engine in the introduction sequence.
    20200422 075425.jpg
  • The positioning for the Miis usually change, but the pizzeria logos do not.
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