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Dance With Mii/Folk Dance Fever
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Wii Party U


4 players


"Kick up your heels in Dance With Mii! The GamePad is your personal choreographer, so work together with the other players to dance circles around eachother."

Dance with Mii (Folk Dance Fever in the PAL version) is a House Party mode in Wii Party U.

Music You Can Dance To

  • Turkey in the straw
  • Tetris Theme Song
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)

All 3 of them last a duration of 10 minutes maximum according to the game.

You can choose to play: Easy, Normal and Hard.


You and other human players must gather onto a circle and hold hands. Then, as the music starts, you will start moving around the GamePad.


  • The NTSC-U name is a play on words to the phrase "Dance with me".
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