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Not to be confused with Poserobics, Pose Pros, Pose Mii, Pose Mii Plus, Bridge Pose, Dance with Mii, Dance (Wii Fit U) or Beginner Dance.

Dance Pose is a Yoga excercise in the Wii Fit games.

Note: This pose is meant for advanced users.


Start by standing straight up.

Bring your right leg upwards where it makes a 90 degree angle with your foot pointing towards the ceiling.

Touch your upward-facing foot with your right hand.

Put your other arm out straight with your palm open.

Keep this pose for 10 seconds, switching legs and arms after each repetition.

Do 6 repetitions of these.

Purpose of excercise

This exercise helps you tone your hips and spine, while also allowing you to increase your ability to balance, and make your neck feel more at ease.

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