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Dance: Can help you work up a sweat to the beat!

- Wii Fit U Dance Explanation

Dance is an activity in Wii Fit U. In this acivity, you can try different types of dance, with various difficulty levels.

There are 4 types of dance modes (For all dance types except Burning Beats):

  • Beginner (with explanation)
  • Beginner (no explanation)
  • Advanced (with explanation)
  • Advanced (no explanation)

Burning beats has no dance modes like that. However, you can adjust how long the dance is, from 5 mins, 10 mins, or 15 mins.

List of Dance Types (And The Trainer's Gender, Amount of Backup Dancers)

  • Beginner Dance (Female, no backup dancers)
  • Hula (Female, 4 backup dancers)
  • Jazz (Female, 2 backup dancers)
  • Hip-Hop (Male, 4 backup dancers)
  • Locking (Male, 4 backup dancers)
  • Flamenco (Female, 2 backup dancers)
  • Salsa (Female, 4 backup dancers)
  • Burning Beats (Male, no backup dancers)

Star Ratings

  • 4 stars - World-Class Dancer
  • 3 stars - Center Stage
  • 2 stars - Backup Dancer
  • 1 or 0 stars - Novice Dancer


  • In all dance types except for Beginner Dance and Burning Beats, other dancers started appearing besides the trainer during the midway. They can appear up to 4 dancers.
  • Jazz, Hip-Hop and Flamenco are the only dance types where there are musicians in the background.
  • Burning Beats is the only dance type where there are no audiences (only you and the trainer).
    • In addition, it is the only dance type where you can adjust the dance length.
  • The Beginner Dance coach bears resemblence to a Wii Sports Club Mii named Rie. They both have the same eyes, same eye color, same skin tone, same nose, same hairstyle, same hair color, and same eyebrows.
    • This does not confirm a relationship, however, as no Miis except for Alice and Barbara have a confirmed relashionship.



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