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Not to be confused with Dance with Mii, Dance Pose or Beginner Dance.

Dance is an exercise in Wii Fit U.


In this acivity, you can try different types of dance, with various difficulty levels. There are also many genres to dance to in this mode.


There are 5 types of dance modes:

  • Beginner (with explanation)
  • Beginner (no explanation)
  • Advanced (with explanation)
  • Advanced (no explanation)
  • Burning Beats is different in that it is much faster-paced than the other modes. The player must do a dance routine for a time (that they can set): 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.

List of Dance Types

  • Beginner Dance (Female, no backup dancers)
  • Hula (Female, 4 backup dancers)
  • Jazz (Female, 2 backup dancers)
  • Hip-Hop (Male, 4 backup dancers)
  • Locking (Male, 4 backup dancers)
  • Flamenco (Female, 2 backup dancers)
  • Salsa (Female, 4 backup dancers)
  • Burning Beats (Male, no backup dancers)

Star Ratings

  • 4 stars - World-Class Dancer
  • 3 stars - Center Stage
  • 2 stars - Backup Dancer
  • 1 or 0 stars - Novice Dancer


  • In all dance types except for Beginner Dance and Burning Beats, other dancers started appearing besides the trainer during the midway. There can be up to 4 dancers. Jazz, Hip-Hop and Flamenco are the only dance types where there are musicians in the background.
  • The Beginner Dance coach bears resemblence to a Wii Sports Club Mii named Rie; They both have the same eye color and shape, along with their skin tone, nose, hairstyle, hair color, and eyebrows.
  • Depending on the type of genre of music the player picks, the gender of the coach will change.



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