Cycling is one of the 12 games available for play in Wii Sports Resort. The main gameplay mechanic is the alternate movement of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, up and down to accelerate. There are two variations of the game, Road Race and V.S.


Road Race

Road Race consists of your Mii racing in a single race, a three stage race, or a six stage race, throughout different parts of the island.

The single stage race starts off with you at the 30th position(last place), the three stage race with you at the 50th place and the six stage race with you at the 100th place. Your goal is to overtake cyclists in front of you to make it to the first position.

When playing the three stage race and the six stage race, the position achieved from the previous stage is brought forward. This means that if you finished the previous stage as 15th place, you will start the next stage as the 15th place again.


VS entails two or more players racing each other to the finish line across Wuhu Island.

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