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Not to be confused with Island Cycling from the Wii Fit series.


Cycling is one of the 12 games available for play in Wii Sports Resort. The main gameplay mechanic is the alternate movement of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, up and down to accelerate. The announcer giving you advice is Vincenzo, and the person at the countdown is James. There are two variations of the game, Road Race and VS.

Road Race

Alisha and Gabriele about to race in the Road Race on a tandem bike.

Road Race consists of your Mii racing in a single race, a three-stage race, or a six-stage race, throughout different parts of the island.

The single-stage race starts off with you being in 30th place (last place), the three-stage race with you in 50th place, and the six-stage race with you in 100th place. Your goal is to overtake cyclists in front of you to make it to the first position.

When playing the three-stage races and the six-stage race, the position achieved from the previous stage is brought forward. Example: If you finished the previous stage in 17th place, you will start the next stage in 17th place again.

In the race, Vincenzo gives you advice, while James makes sure you set off at the right time. As a result, neither of them is seen as an opponent in the race. Instead, they are replaced with the player for 100th place and a Nintendo-generated Mii for 99th place.

James as a referee in Cycling.

You can have two players on the Road Race, but they always share a tandem bike in the course(s). Other than that, nothing changes for the two players.


Stéphanie and Miguel are about to go against each other in VS.

VS entails two players, along with a few random CPU Miis, excluding James and Vincenzo (despite that he does not give advice in this mode), racing each other to the finish line across Wuhu Island.

There are 6 courses around Wuhu Island in total. When racing, the players are joined by 3 other random CPU Miis. These CPUs tend to be balanced in skill level, (E.G. when Anna is racing alongside the players, she will most likely be joined by Pablo and Naomi because they balance out her skill level.) While this may not be exactly accurate, it is a rough idea of how the VS system works.

The race ends in an instant when one of the two human players gets to the finish line, and that player wins.


  • If you press up, down, left, or right on the d-pad, you can change views.
  • By swinging both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk up at the same time, your Mii will begin to do a wheelie.
  • By swinging both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to the side, your Mii will begin to drift.
  • You can initiate a wheelie during a drift and vice versa
  • Sometimes there will be a banana peel, rock, or a small oil spill in the middle of the path. Avoid them at all times.

Mii Positions

Pro Class:

1st-10th Anna (Champion), Fritz (Vice-Champion), Alisha, Tomoko, Steph, Ian, Pierre, Miguel, Lucía, Martin

11th-20th Patrick, Takumi, Julie, Sota, Mia, Keiko, Emma, Hiroshi, Víctor, Eva

21st-30th Siobhán, Susana, Abby, Giovanna, Ashley, Steve, Daisuke, Rainer, Saburo, Asami

31st-34th Silke, George, Eddy, Sakura

Non-Pro Class:

35th-40th Jackie, Emily, Tatsuaki, Abe, Eduardo, Shouta

41st-50th Shinta, Sarah, Gabriele, Haru, Helen, Mike, Jessie, Theo, Barbara, Jake

51st-60th Hiromi, Pablo, David, Midori, Ursula, Luca, Ren, Marisa, Elisa, Oscar

61st-70th Ryan, Cole, Michael, Marco, Sandra, Tyrone, Stéphanie, Rin, Gabi, Yoshi

71st-80th Nelly, Holly, Miyu, Matt, Ai, Hayley, Shohei, Chika, Yoko, Tommy

81st-90th Akira, Andy, Chris, Takashi, Shinnosuke, Hiromasa, Fumiko, Rachel, Kathrin, Misaki

91st-99th Megan, Maria, Gwen, Kentaro, Alex, Greg, Nick, Naomi, a Nintendo generated Mii


Not Racing: James (referee), Vincenzo (coach)

1-Stage Races

Around the Island


"Ride around the island, ending in a long slope down to the finish line."

Key Points

How to Unlock

Already Unlocked from the start.

To the Beach


“Race on every surface: concrete in town, mud by the river, and sand on the beach.”

Key Points

How to Unlock

Already Unlocked from the start

Across the Bridge


“Ride a tough circuit up Heartbreak Peak, by the Hilltop Overlook, and across the Wobbly Bridge.”

Key Points

How to Unlock

Already Unlocked from the start

Over Talon Rock


“Catch air off Talon Rock, then ride through town and up a long hill.”

Key Points

How to Unlock

Unlocked by playing a 1-Stage Race three times (doesn't matter which race you do, can be one of them all, or all of them.)

Up the Volcano


“Ride from Red Iron Bridge to mountain caverns; tour different sides of the island. Watch out for the edge on the mountain roads!”

Key Points

How to Unlock

Unlocked by playing a 1-Stage Race five times (like Over Talon Rock, it doesn't matter which race you do).

Into Maka Wuhu


“Ride through the center of the Maka Wuhu volcano all the way down the mountain. Don't look down!”

Key Points

How to Unlock

Unlocked by playing a 1-Stage Race seven times (like Over Talon Rock and Up the Volcano, it doesn't matter which race you do).

3-Stage Races

3-Stage Race A

Contains Around the Island, To the Beach, and Across the Bridge

3-Stage Race B

Contains Over Talon Rock, Up the Volcano and Into Maka Wuhu

6-Stage Race

6-Stage Race

Contains all the races in a circuit.

Quotes (from Vincenzo)

  • "You're running out of breath! Don't overdo it!"
  • "There's a series of small turns up ahead. Steer carefully."
  • "That's it! Save energy by drafting behind the cyclist in front of you!"
  • "Wait for the right time and then sprint for the finish line!"
  • "Watch out for the strong crosswind as you get out of the tunnel!"
  • "Try to ride behind the cyclist in front of you to draft them."
  • "You're halfway there!"
  • "There's a strong crosswind blowing out to the sea. Be careful!"
  • "Almost there!"
  • "You're almost there!"
  • "Nice job!"
  • "There's a sharp turn up ahead. Press B or Z to slow down."
  • "The course goes over a small cliff up ahead. Don't worry—keep riding!"
  • "There's a strong tailwind pushing you along. Nice to have a break, eh?"
  • "This is Heartbreak Peak! It can live up to its name, so take it easy!"
  • "Sharp turn to the left! Press B and Z together to hit the brakes!"
  • "Talon Rock is just around the corner! Don't hesitate—just ride straight off!"
  • "If you can take this right turn carefully, you can do it without braking."
  • "There are more hills ahead. There's a ways (are ways) to go, so save your energy."
  • "Pedal hard! You might get up Red Iron Bridge in one shot."
  • "You're entering the town. Is anyone you know cheering for you?"
  • "Behind the waterfall is a long, uphill tunnel. Save your energy!"
  • "There are no barriers here, so be careful not to fall off the edge!"
  • "They're catching up! Stay focused!"
  • "It's still a little way up the hill."
  • "You're inside the volcano! Good thing those barriers are there."
  • "It's all downhill from here. Use your brakes to control your speed!"
  • "There's a sharp turn just after the bridge. Don't be caught off guard!"
  • "Turn right and cross the small bridge across the river. Don't fall off!"

Stage overview Maps

Stage 1.jpg
Stage 2.jpg
Stage 3.jpg


Last Gasp


Finish a race when you're out of breath.

This doesn't really deserve much in the way of congratulations, but oh well...

First of Many


You get this stamp when you finish a race in 1st place for the first time.

It doesn't matter which race you do it on.

1-Stage Master


Finish all 1-stage races in first place.

3-Stage Master


Finish both 3-stage races in first place.

You only have to finish first in the last leg for both.

6-Stage Master


Finish the 6-Stage race in first place.

Like the 3-stage race, only have to finish first on the last leg, so you can work your way to the front gradually.


  • During any random race, some CPU Miis will have a pizza (or flower) box on the back of their bike. However, the player can never have this on their bike.
  • The start of the next race is the end of the one before it. (E.g.: The start of To the Beach is the end of Around the Island).
  • When the player has one heart, the background music changes from a smooth (legato) style to a short (staccato) style.
  • The street in Around the Island and Over Talon Rock has the name of the players written on it.

    VS. (It says Misaki VS. Hiromasa)

    Two player Road Race (It says Holly Giovanna)

    Single Player Road Race (It says Miyu)

  • This is the only sport where Miis may appear in different positions than usual (Alisha may appear in 1st, Midori may appear in 49th or Anna may appear in 5th).
    • This is also the only sport to have a randomly generated AI as an Opponent (Only on the 6-Stage Race).
  • When Vincenzo says "Almost there" or "You're almost there!", the music changes, and becomes more harmonic.
  • There are some times that, when the player gets near 1st place, somebody other than Anna will be in 1st place (Ian, Tomoko, Alisha, Fritz, Miguel, etc.).
  • On the 1-Stage Race (30 cyclists), you mostly go against Miis in PRO Class, but there are times when some Miis that aren't marked as PROs will appear (Ryan, Midori, Gabriele, etc.). This could possibly say that they may be sometimes PRO, but there is no actual confirmation to it.

Proof of Eduardo being the Cycling Coach and 4-player Road Race.

  • In a leaked design document, a picture of Eduardo is the Cycling Coach. This could mean that Eduardo was planned to be the original Cycling Coach, but it was changed to Vincenzo.
  • There are also 4 Miis on the bike, which could mean that there was originally going to be a 4-player option for Road Race, but is unknown.