Cry Babies
Cry Babies HR


Wii Party


2-4 players


"Calm down your crying baby by rocking it in rhythm with the beating heart. That'll bring a smile to its face."

Cry Babies is a 4-player minigame in Wii Party.


All of the players' babies start to cry after a few seconds of looking sad, making the players shocked and sad.


The goal of this game is to make the baby happy. To do this, you have to rock the Wii Remote in sync with the beat of the heart on the bottom of each player's screen. The player who gets their baby happy first wins.

If the player misses the beat, the baby will cry some more, leaving them unable to do anything for about 2 seconds.

If the player syncs with the beat, the baby will turn happy and music notes will come out. By some time, the screen gets closer every time you do a certain number of beats.

If the player successfully gets the baby to calm down, the player will show the happy baby on-screen toward the player. Flowers will come out, and the player will smile. The heart will also disappear.


  • The Miis stand in different spots, shown in the picture on the infobox. See how in Miyu's screen, the yellow crib is fully visible, while in Alisha's screen, it doesn't even appear.
  • The babies are actually some of the CPU Miis, those being Chika, Haru, Sarah, Mia, Anna, Barbara, Tomoko, Holly, Susana, Theo, and Stéphanie.
    • Theo is the only male CPU Mii to be a baby in the minigame.
      • Although Greg and Shinta have the same facial trait as Theo, none of the two appear as babies in the minigame.
    • Stéphanie is the only Master CPU Mii to be a baby in the minigame.
    • Holly is the only Advanced CPU Mii to be a baby in the minigame.
  • The name is a pun on the term "crybaby", describing someone who cries a lot.
  • The beat of the heart won't/will not sync up with the rocking of the baby, depending on when you begin.
  • When the babies cry, they kick their feet and wave their hands and making the players shocked and sad.

The Babies

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