Cory Face Image
Title None
Gender Male
Favorite Color Red
Level N/A

If you are looking for his Wii Sports counterpart, go to Nick.

Cory is a character from Wii Music. He appears in 3 preloaded songs. He plays in the Cory Plus Four!, Marsha Plus Four!, and Mia Deluxe Six groups.

Instruments Cory Plays

  • In Cory Plus Four!, he plays the vibraphone.
  • In Marsha Plus Four!, he plays the accordion.
  • In Mia Deluxe Six, he plays the djembe.

Differences Between Cory and Nick

  • Cory's favorite color is red, but Nick's favorite color is forest green.
  • Cory's mouth is moved up by one stage.
  • Cory's eyebrows are one stage closer together than Nick's.


  • His Japanese name is Kori : (コーリー).
  • In his Wii Music Artwork, he plays the electric guitar.
  • In the Jam Mastery section of the Wii Music instruction booklet, he is shown in a photo but with brown hair, a different nose (the same as Gwen's), and a different skin tone. It shows his name as Peter.
    • There is another Mii called Peter who appears in the video sharing section of the instruction booklet. He also bears resemblance to Cory, the only noticeable differences being skin tone, hair colour and head shape.


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