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Cliffs Reverse






Fritz (Level 731-735)




Green Armor

Gold Armor

Purple Armor

Purple Armor Thin

Black Armor

Other variant



Waterfall Reverse


Castle Reverse


Green Armored

Gold Armored

*Chris, Helen, Jackie, Lucía, Rachel, Sandra, Stéphanie, and Víctor are way more aggressive and defensive compared to the rest of the gold armored Miis.

Purple Armored

Purple Armored Thin

*Ai and Gwen are way more aggressive and defensive compared to the rest of the Purple Armored Miis.

Black Armored

Black Armored Boss



  • Kentaro, Midori, Sakura, Pierre, Hiromi, Eva, Eddy, George, Rainer, Maria, Eduardo do not appear in this stage. But all, except for Eddy, appeared on the normal varient of it.
  • This is the last stage that does not have Red Armored Miis, the others being Bridge, Cliffs, Volcano, Lighthouse Reverse, and Beach Reverse.
  • This stage has 38 Purple Armored Miis, the most of any stage.
  • This is the first stage to feature Small Black Armored Miis, Daisuke being the first one.
  • Daisuke is also the first mii to appear in Black Armor a second time. Daisuke first appeared as a black armor in Lighthouse Reverse.
  • Unlike other stages, all Black Armors are extremely aggressive. This stage shares this trait with Castle Reverse.
  • This stage is one of two stages to feature an aggressive Lanky Black Armor, the other being Volcano Reverse. For this stage, it's Theo.
  • This is the second and last stage where Purple Armored Thin enemies have an aggressive moveset. The only other stage like this is Waterfall Reverse.
  • The boss of this stage, Fritz, is the first boss to block himself from damage immediately after failing to attack. This type of behavior is also seen in the next two bosses, those being Yoko and Matt. Gold Armored enemies already have this kind of behavior since Bridge Reverse.
  • The start of this stage (the front of the castle) is the end of the next stage.
  • If you knock a Mii off the cliff, instead of falling, a balloon will quickly blow up and make them float away!
  • Ryan and Shinnosuke make their last appearance in Swordplay Showdown on this stage. Both of them appear as Purple Armored enemies.
  • This stage has the same pattern as Waterfall Reverse, both having brown, green and red/purple armors in the same spot.