Asami as the boss of this stage.

Cliff is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Asami. This is the eighth stage.

The next stage is Castle.

This is a normal stage.

This stage has 70 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Cliff Reverse.


Green Armored

Purple Armored

Black Armored Boss


  • This is the second stage that does not feature Red Armor Miis, the first being Bridge.
  • This is only of the only two stages that do not feature Gold Armor Miis, the other being Waterfall.
  • This stage has 58 Green Armor Miis, the most of any stage.
  • This is the last stage where a non-boss Mii makes their first appearance. (Greg)
  • The end of this stage (Front of the Castle) is the start of the next one.
  • Like It's reverse variant, If you knock a Mii off the cliff, instead of falling, a balloon will quickly inflate and float the Mii away.
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