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HEYimHeroic 3DS FACE-074 Claudia.JPG
Title N/A
Gender Female
Favorite Color Brown
Country Flag of Britain.png Britain
Level Tennis: Level ★9

Baseball: Level ★9

Boxing: Level ★9

CPU Rank Expert Difficulty

Claudia is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. She is ranked #4 out of the Wii Sports Club CPUs, by overall skill level, tied with Massimo. Her Total Skill Level is 310. She is ranked #3 in rankings, with Maximilian and Mark being the only CPUs above her. She is tied with Xiaojian.

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing, Claudia is a very high Pro, being at Grade ★9.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Claudia is in Expert Difficulty.

Names in Different Languages

Japanese: クローディア (Kurōdia)


  • According to the Wii Sports Club files, Claudia's Internal ID is 074.
  • She appears as a Staff Ghost for Hyrule Circuit in Mario Kart 8, and she is known as Nin★Claudi, since the name can only store up to 10 letters.
    • According to Claudia's Mario Kart 8 profile, Claudia's nationality is British.
    • However, she was replaced by Mitsu in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • She appears as an Octoling in Splatoon 2.
  • In the data files of Miitopia, she's listed as Young.
  • Claudia is right-handed.
  • She, Donna, Xiaojian, and Mark are the only CPU Miis to have the same level in all three sports in Wii Sports Club.
  • Her Mii data file shows that even though Claudia doesn't wear glasses or have facial hair, she doesn't use the default values for them; her glasses are one stage smaller. Her facial hair is one stage bigger, and two stages higher. This might be a remnant of an earlier design for Claudia.
    • Apart from the glasses, this could suggest that she was originally going to be a male Mii, because no female Miis have any facial hair.
  • She is the best female Mii in terms of rankings and Total Skill Level.
  • Her height value is default (64) and her weight value is set to 33.
  • In a Super Mario Maker 2 Screenshot, Claudia appears 5th in the Course Maker Leaderboard. Apparently, the Italian flag appears next to her name, despite Claudia being British. This could probably be a mistake.


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