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Charge! is the eighth of the nine games found in Wii Play. It is unlocked after attempting the seventh game, Fishing.


The game takes place on a trail to a Mii farm. The Mii must ride the cow to ram into the scarecrows and hit the kings (scarecrows that bob back and forth with crowns on their heads) for even more points. If a second Mii is here, there will also be a missing brown cow.

Players tilt their Wii Remote to accelerate and change direction. Try to avoid the grass area as you will slow down. Trees are also an obstacle.

The game ends when 90 seconds have passed, or the players reach the end. If you do not get to the end, you will get 0 points, and it is possible to get 300 points or more if you can get there in time.


  • Shake the Wii Remote to accelerate.
  • Tilt the Wii Remote to move left and right.