A Champion is a player who is the final CPU faced in a sport, whose skill beats the rest. Also, in Wii Sports Resort, a rock guitar will be added when in the VS screen music when facing the Champion. They have the highest skill level in a sport. After the Champion is beaten, the Mii that the player faces in Wii Sports is the Champion again, and in Wii Sports Resort the opponent is chosen at random.


Lucía, an example of a Champion.

List of Champions and their sports

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Club

An Example of a Champion

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If you ever get to one of the champions on Wii Sports Resort or Wii Sports Club, there will be the word Champion on their side of the screen, but in Baseball in Wii Sports Club, it will say Champions.


  • In Wii Sports, when the player's Mii defeats the champion in a sport, a message will be posted to the Message Board saying that the player's Mii defeated the champion.
  • All champions in Wii Sports Club have the same mouth.
  • The champions of Tennis and Boxing are also your coach in the trainings.


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