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Castle Reverse






Yoko (Level 881-885)




Green Armor (last appearance)

Gold Armor

Red Armor

Purple Armor (last appearance)

Purple Armor Thin

Black Armor

Other variant



Cliffs Reverse


Volcano Reverse


Green Armored

Gold Armored

Red Armored

Purple Armored

Purple Armored Thin

Black Armored

Black Armored Boss



  • Alex, Ashley, Chris, Eva, Hiroshi, Mike, Ryan, Saburo, Shinnosuke, Shohei, and Sota do not appear in this stage.
    • But out of all of those Miis, only Alex, Chris, Ryan and Ashley have appeared in the normal variant.
  • This is the last stage to have any Green Armor Miis (Mia is the last one).
  • This is the fourth stage to feature every color of Armor, the third being Waterfall Reverse, the second being Castle, and the first being Ruins.
    • This stage is also the only stage to have every type of armor, including Purple Armored Thin.
  • This is the second stage to have Small Black Armors, the first being Cliffs Reverse.
  • This stage has the 3rd most Black Armored enemies, tied with Mountain Reverse.
  • Castle Reverse and Beach Reverse are the only reverse stages to have a different number of Miis than their original stages.
  • Abby, James, Martin, Mia, Miyu, Nick, Shouta, Ursula, and Ai make their last appearance in Swordplay Showdown on this stage. Nick, Shouta and Martin's last appearance are as Red Armored enemies, Ai, Abby and Ursula's last appearance are as Purple Armored enemies, Mia's last appearance is as a Green Armored enemy and James and Miyu's last appearance are as Gold Armored enemies.
  • Unlike most other stages, where only a few gold armored Miis are aggressive, all gold armored Miis in this stage are extremely aggressive and share a moveset with the black armored Miis. This stage shares this trait with Beach Reverse.
  • Also, all Black Armors are extremely aggressive too. This stage shares this trait with Cliffs Reverse.
  • All the Non-Boss Black Armored Miis wear Small Black Armor.
  • Your first opponent in this stage will always be either Abby, Takumi, Andy, or Víctor.
    • If your first opponent is Takumi, he will try and hit you as soon as you get in range. You have to be very quick at changing the direction of your defense if you want to beat him.