Speed challenge

Canoeing is one of the 12 games of Wii Sports Resort. It consists of the Speed Challenge and VS modes.


When you play the game, your Wii Remote transforms into a paddle. You have to hold the Wii Remote like how you would hold to do Canoeing. The Remote is being held vertically with the sensor facing upwards.

Speed Challenge

The Speed Challenge is where the player races against time to reach the finishing point. The distance between the start and the finishing point increases whenever the player passes each stage.

The time limit also increases for each difficulty level.

Your licenses are:

Beginner: 200m

Intermediate: 300m

Expert: 400m

Your time limits are:

Beginner: 0m50s

Intermediate: 1m15s

Expert: 1m30s


The VS mode is where a 2-4 players challenge each other to break the bars as soon as possible.

First to 5 points wins.

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