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Cabana Lagoon
Cabana Lagoon.png
Cabana Lagoon

Sport(s) seen in Air Sports, Power Cruising
Game(s) seen in Wii Sports Resort

Cabana Lagoon (Blue Lagoon Hideaway in the PAL version) is a type of beachside cabin by the seashore. You can access it by Island Flyover or the last intermediate Archery stage. When you go near it, you can hear relaxing, tropical music.


  • The music played near this iPoint is the theme music of the game, in a different melody.
  • This is the only location on Wuhu Island that cannot be seen in all the games in the Wii Fit series. In Wii Fit, the beach doesn't appear at all, but reappears in Wii Fit Plus, but the Cabana Lagoon is still missing.

Island Flyover Information

  • Daytime: “Quiet and laid-back, this is a place to put your feet up and relax.”
  • Evening: “Nice and quiet, when the Power Cruisers aren’t racing.”
  • Night: “It’s even quieter here at night. Except for the occasional plane…”