Saburo, an example of a CPU.

A CPU is a Mii that the player doesn't control. They are usually played against in 2-player sports, but they can also be found in the sports crowds. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.

Wii Sports

In Wii Sports, 60 pre-made CPU Miis can be your opponents: 30 males and 30 females. They appear as opponents in Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing. In this last sport, not all female Miis appear. In Bowling, they can appear if you don't have enough Miis in your Mii Plaza or Mii Parade, playing in the other lanes.

Wii Sports Resort

In Wii Sports Resort, in addition to the 60 CPU from Wii Sports, there are 40 new CPU Miis, 20 males, and 20 females, making a total of 100 CPU Miis that can be your opponents (This creates an equal amount of males and females, being 50/50). You play against them in Swordplay, Table Tennis - Match, Basketball - Pickup Game, and Cycling. Again, they appear in Bowling, alongside your Miis, regardless of whether you have enough Miis in your Mii Plaza or Mii Parade. They also appear as spectators in various sports, such as Table Tennis and Basketball.

Wii Sports Club

In Wii Sports Club, 111 new CPU Miis replace the CPU Miis from Wii Sports Resort, sporting some new features included in the Wii U's Mii Maker's updated feature set. Some of these Miis only appear as teammates in Baseball and don't compete in any other sport.

All CPU Miis from Wii Party


From worst to best:

All CPU Miis from Wii Party U



All the 211 CPU Miis from Wii Sports/Wii Party series.


  • CPUs from the Wii console appear to have been saved in the system's internal memory but are hidden from the user's system. It may suggest why they disappear from audiences and other graphics if they have more than 20 made Miis.
  • Unlike the Wii U CPUs, the CPU Miis from the Wii do not appear in any other game (other than Nintendogs, SSBWiiU, and SSBU, only as background characters in those games) outside of the Wii series.
  • In Baseball, CPU Miis will play on a human player's team if they don't have enough Miis in their Mii Plaza or Parade, but the human player will still control them rather than the computer like how they usually are. The player can also use them if the player plays as a guest.
  • CPUs are also promotional Miis, appearing in other games, artwork, and promotional images. They likely are assets from a central resource within Nintendo and not explicitly created for Wii Sports.
    • They aren't used in the art for the 3DS game Tomodachi Life and the mobile social app Miitomo. Those use their own set, apart from exceptional overlaps like Massimo.
    • The 3DS game Miitopia will auto-assign the townspeople's roles with the Wii Sports Club Miis if Spotpass is turned off.
    • Miis from Wii Sports Club are seen in some promos and advertisements for games where Miis can be used, such as Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • CPU Miis are not impossible to recreate and can be made with reasonable effort and a lot of time. However, the Wii U CPUs are more complex to create than the Wii CPUs since the Wii U has more features.
  • Aside from being played against in Wii Party, CPU Miis can also appear as spectators, background characters, and game/minigame elements (For example, a Mii on the Bingo card or a Mii that cheers or boos for a player). However, this largely depends on how many Miis the player has in their Mii Plaza.
  • If the player doesn't have enough Miis in their Mii Plaza, the CPU Miis will become spectators in games like Cone Zone and Wind Runner in Wii Play: Motion. They will also be able to help them in Spooky Search and Veggie Guardin'.
  • The Miis' internal ID sorting organizes the Difficulty Ranking in Wii Party. Starting from Saburo (00) up to Marisa (99), the pattern follows Beginner, Standard, Advanced, Expert, Master, and after reaching Master, it loops back to Beginner. It repeats 20 times until all 100 Miis are ordered in that way.
  • None of the Wii Sports Club Miis have a frown.
  • Age groups, which include Child, Young, Middle, and Old, are only used for the Wii U CPUs, and they can be found in the Miitopia data files. No game that Wii CPUs appear in shows their age group.
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