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Buddy Quiz is one of the five House Party modes in Wii Party. It can be played by 3 or 4 players. One of them is selected to be the Buddy, and the others have to answer questions about him/her.


  • Use Wii Remotes for all players.
  • A minimum of 3 players is needed instead of 2.

Buddy Selection

One of the players is the Buddy, who won't compete for winning the game. The Buddy can be selected before the game, or there is an option of selecting the Buddy randomly.


There are 6 questions. Each time, the first to answer is the competitors, and then the Buddy. There is no time limit for the Buddy to answer, but the competitors have to answer within 10 seconds. If a competitor enters the same answer as the Buddy did, he/she gets a certain number of points, listed below. After 6 questions, the competitor with the most points wins.


There are 3 sections, each consisting of two (randomly selected) questions.

  • Questions 1-2: 2 choices, 10 points per question
  • Questions 3-4: 3 choices, 20 points per question
  • Questions 5-6: 4 choices, 30 points per question


  • This is the only House Party mode to not make use of the player's room, but rather make us of the players who are in the house.
  • This is the first of the quiz-type gamemodes of House Party.


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