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Bridge Burners
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Wii Party U


2-4 players


"Players have to work together to earn enough points in minigames to move ahead in Bridge Burners. Cooperate with you fellow players to go for the goal!"

Bridge Burners is a minigame mode in Wii Party U. The objective is to team up to work out minigames and reach the goal. There are three difficulties: Beginner, Standard, and advanced. There are five stages in all.

This game mode lasts around 15 minutes acording to the game.


The players are given three hearts from the get-go, giving them three chances to play if they fail a minigame. These players will have to go through minigames in order to progress in the game. These Minigames have a set of challenges you have to complete in order to advance futher.

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All players must work together to complete the challenges. In every single challenge, the game will add up all the players' final results and see if it's reaches the objective.

These three Miis cleared it because 29 + 47 + 53 = 129, which is more than 45.

If it does, they push down the bridge and move foward to the next minigame.

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If it doesn't, they lose one heart and don't move forward. As said before, they have a total of three hearts, so failing 2 more times will be an instant game over.

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If the players fail to complete the challenge, the game will give them a chance to get past the challenge they failed by giving them a choice to play another minigame. However, you cannot select the minigame, so doing this might end up giving you a harder challenge than the last one if you're unlucky.

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This game can end one of two ways.

The first way it can end is if all Miis successfully make it to the end.

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If this happens, the game will decide the best player by adding all of the player's points in all minigames. Whoever got the most points overall counts as the best player. Note: this does not count as being the winner.

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The second way this game can end is if all the hearts are lost. This counts as a loss for all players.

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  • The music playing while you play is a remix of Wii Party's Solo Mode.
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