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Cole as the boss of this stage.

Bridge is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Cole. This is the first stage.

The next stage is Lighthouse.

This is a normal stage.

This stage has 35 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Bridge Reverse.

This is the easiest stage, since this is the first stage you'll play.


Green Armored

Gold Armored

Hiroshi and Misaki are the only Gold Armored Miis in this stage that don’t defend themselves.

Black Armored Boss


  • Not including bosses, this stage, along with Beach Reverse, has the smallest amount of types of enemy Miis, having only two different types.
  • It is possible to get past the bridge and get to where you would be in the stage's reverse variant.
  • This stage, along with its reverse variant, is the one of the stages close to the town in Wuhu Island.
  • If you knock a Mii off the bridge, instead of falling, a balloon will quickly inflate and float the Mii away.
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