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Wii Sports Club - Boxing Training - Plate Smasher (Platinum)
Video is by AP89. Wii Sports Club - Boxing Training - Plate Smasher (Platinum)

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Boxing is one of the 5 training games available for play in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club. These training games take place in an unnamed gym.

There are three different training modes for this sport for each game:

  • Wii Sports: Working the Bag, Dodging, Throwing Punches
  • Wii Sports Club: Plate Smasher, Picky Puncher, Fowl Dodgeball

In Wii Sports, the trainer is Matt, the boxing champion.

Working the Bag

Example of a Working The Bag gameplay.

Working the Bag has the player punching bags in an attempt to knock as many bags off its chains as possible. Each bag comes one at a time and each has a health meter, and once the meter is depleted, then the bag comes off its chains. And usually a stronger bag comes down (a good tip as long as you have good grip is to shake the controller as fast as possible)

  • Bronze medal = 15
  • Silver medal = 25
  • Gold medal = 35
  • Platinum medal = 40


Example of a Dodging gameplay.

In Dodging, players have to dodge the balls that are thrown by Matt. Each ball dodged by the player adds one point to their score, while hitting a ball subtract one point. If you hit a ball with your fist you still lose one point. Sometimes, Matt throws two balls at once.If the player hits more balls than dodging balls, their score will be zero instead of a negative number.

  • Bronze medal = 50
  • Silver medal = 65
  • Gold medal = 80
  • Platinum medal = 85

Throwing Punches

Example of a Throwing Punches gameplay.

In Throwing Punches you have to punch target mitts held by Matt. Players try to hit the mitts, but be careful because you must avoid hitting Matt. Each mitt punched adds one point, while each time the player hits Matt, one point is deducted. If the player hits the trainer more than the mitt, their score will be zero instead of a negative integer.

  • Bronze medal = 30
  • Silver medal = 45
  • Gold medal = 60
  • Platinum medal = 70

Names inside the parentheses "()" are the names in European (PAL) version of the game.

Plate Smasher (Pro Puncher)

IMG 20200331 183006.jpg
Example of a Plate Smasher gameplay.

In Plate Smasher, the objective is to punch through a set of floating plates in various order until the timer runs out. Sometimes, the player might encounter plates that take more than one punch to break.

In order to get the platinum medal, the player must score at least 1000 points.

Picky Puncher (Speed Bag)

IMG 20200331 184238.jpg
Example of a Picky Puncher gameplay.

In Picky Puncher, the player must punch moving punching balls in the correct hand position.

The player must earn around 900 points to get the platinum medal.

Fowl Dodgeball (Duck and Dodge)

IMG 20200331 184455.jpg
Example of a Fowl Dodgeball gameplay.

In Fowl Dodgeball, robotic ducks will shoot out balls towards the player. The player must avoid them in order to multiply their points. Some ducks only shake their butts to taunt the player.

The player can punch a target in front of them to get bonus points. The player can hit it at any time, but dodging up to 20 balls will result in more bonus points.

  • If the player dodges 5-9 balls, the points will multiply by 2, resulting in 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18 points.
  • If the player dodges 10-14 balls, points will multiply by 3, resulting in 30, 33, 36, 39, or 42 points.
  • If the player dodges 15-19 balls, points will multiply by 4, resulting in 60, 64, 68, 72, or 76 points.
  • If the player dodges 20 balls, the player will earn 100 bonus points.
  • If the player is hit before he hits the target, it will reset back to 0.

450 points are needed to get the platinum medal.


  • In Plate Smasher, you can see portraits of Pit, the Boxing Champion in Wii Sports Club.
IMG 20200402 113632.jpg
Pit's portraits as mentioned in trivia section.
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