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If you're looking for the training modes, go to Boxing (training).

Boxing is one of the five games featured in the Wii Sports series. The player must knockout their opponent win the match by lowering their health meter to where it is empty. If either player/CPU can't K.O the other during the three rounds, a decision will be made post-match to determine who the winner will be based on their performance.


The player must hit their opponent to deal damage, while also being defensive and evasive by blocking and dodging. They deal more damage if they hit their opponent in the head, and vice versa. They must lower their opponent’s health meter until it is all black/empty. When knocked out, the opponent must stay on the ground for the player to win, they have three rounds to do this. It is possible to get a draw in this sport. This requires the CPU (or other player) to knock out the player while also being knocked out at the same time. They also need to have the same countdown.


  • Hold the Wii Remote vertically, with the Nunchuk attached and swing them forward to strike and sideways to dodge.

Matt with silver gloves.

CPU Miis by level


  1. Ryan: 50 to 150 (Beginner)
  2. Takumi: 52 to 178 (Vice-Beginner)
  3. Kentaro: 54 to 224
  4. Marco: 79 to 265
  5. Shinnosuke: 125 to 298
  6. Martin: 159 to 329
  7. Akira: 198 to 374
  8. Steve: 230 to 413
  9. Chris: 270 to 453
  10. Oscar: 305 to 495
  11. Hiroshi: 356 to 523
  12. David: 390 to 573
  13. Daisuke: 430 to 614
  14. James: 470 to 653
  15. Andy: 505 to 695
  16. Emma: 550 to 740
  17. Víctor: 590 to 773
  18. Shouta: 630 to 816
  19. Kathrin: 670 to 853
  20. Luca: 705 to 895
  21. Nick: 750 to 933
  22. Tatsuaki: 790 to 975

Sometimes Pro:

  1. Mike: 830 to 1013
  2. Hayley: 870 to 1053
  3. Alex: 905 to 1095

Usually Pro:

  1. Anna: 950 to 1133
  2. Michael: 988 to 1173


  1. Ren: 1030 to 1213
  2. Tyrone: 1068 to 1253

    Tyrone in a post-match tiebreaker decision

  3. Pierre: 1105 to 1289
  4. Rachel: 1150 to 1333
  5. Theo: 1190 to 1373
  6. Saburo: 1229 to 1413
  7. Sarah: 1268 to 1453
  8. Eva: 1305 to 1487
  9. Yoko: 1350 to 1527
  10. Jake: 1388 to 1565
  11. Elisa: 1425 to 1648 (Vice-Champion)


  1. Matt: 1550 to 1649

Reward for beating the Champion

The player(s) can unlock the Silver Gloves when they defeat Matt. To use the silver gloves, they need to hold the 1 button, before a match they will have them on when the match begins.


  • The player(s) should try to get a clear shot to the front, then come around the side.
  • When dodging, their opponent's glove will move in slow motion, where there is an opportunity to strike. Dodging in general helps.

Gender differences

All males are shirtless and wear boxing shorts with their favorite color and a white stripe. All females wear white tank tops and wear with the same attired shorts as the males.

Wii Sports Club

A typical boxing match in Wii Sports Club

Boxing returns as a sport in Wii Sports Club with many changes: The outside of the ring has changed to seat more people and there are now assistants cheering for the athletes. Before a new round starts, there is a cutscene where they give the Mii water and spray them. The first CPU is Matt and the Champion is Pit.

Gameplay differences:

  • The player and their opponent can end up in a dizzy state after receiving a certain amount of punches to the head. During this state, their guard is dropped and all they can do is dodge.
  • Either the player or their the opponent will get up or not is random. In Wii Sports, whether they or their opponent will get up or not is influenced by how hard they were hit in a row.
  • The health meter also depletes with every hit they give their opponent. In Wii Sports, their opponent needs to meet hidden criteria for their health meter to deplete.
  • The transitions between rounds also changed: Instead of going straight to the next round, they'll show the three coaches shaking bottles of water before round 2 and spraying both Miis before round 3. After that, a the referee Mii will hold up a sign saying what round it is.

Normal pose (0 knockdowns received)

Arms Stretched (1 knockdown received)

Slouched over (2+ knockdowns received)

CPU Miis by level


Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:


Level ★1:

Level ★2:

Level ★3:

Level ★4:

Level ★5 (These CPUs are faced at Level ★4, but when the player gets to Level ★5, they have to face the Champion):

Level ★6:

Level ★7:

Level ★8:

Level ★9:

Level ★10:

Reward for beating the Champion

The player will be given the Flaming Gloves upon beating Pit.


When the game starts, Pit (The Wii U Boxing Champion) will usually try to attack you first, once he tries to punch, punch him immediately right after, be careful not to do a hook or an uppercut because he will attack you right after you do so, and could lead to you either getting dizzy ingame or a knockdown. Always try to punch him when he tries to attack you, even if he is dizzy.

Gender differences

The outfits of the Miis have changed, they now wear boots, and now all of them wear vests regardless of gender, though males have a section of their vest lowered and females having a more heightened one. All CPU Mii vests are colored grey.


  • There are only nine females that play Boxing in Wii Sports. Those being Emma, Kathrin, Hayley, Anna, Rachel, Sarah, Eva, Yoko, and Elisa.
    • There are no males in Wii Sports that don't play Boxing. This means there are 39 CPU Miis that play, and there are 21 CPU Miis that don't play.
  • On the replay, the Miis are off the ground a bit.

    Nick appears to be off the ground here. Notice how there is a gap between his legs and his shadow.

  • In Wii Sports, after the player defeats the champion, they will face random opponents.
  • In Wii Sports, the maximum confirmed skill level a player can achieve without hacking is 3124.
  • In Wii Sports Club, the Mii's boxing gloves can go through their head.

    Mike having one of his boxing gloves inserted into his head.

  • The spectators in Wii Sports Club will always be randomly generated Miis.
  • In Wii Sports Club, the player and their opponent will sit using different poses, depending on where the punch landed and what punch was used.
  • Misaki was originally made to be a Pro in Wii Sports Boxing, as shown in a video by IGN. However, she was later scrapped.
  • If the player punches their opponent just when the clock turns to 0:00 and they get knocked down (Or in Wii Sports Club, just when the bell rings), the announcer will not say "Down!" or start to count to 10. Instead it will go to the next round or the decision with the opponent knocked down.
  • In Wii Sports Club, if the player skips the replay when a Mii is being punched or just before they are punched, their eyes will not blink while screen fades.
  • Even though Ryan appears as the first opponent the player faces off against, he is not actually the lowest-skilled CPU Mii in Boxing whereas according to Internal Data; the 21 CPU Miis who are absent from it are ranked lower than him in terms of Boxing Skill Level.
  • Boxing is is one of the 3 sports in Wii Sports that use Mii Parade Miis, the other 2 sports being Tennis and Bowling. They replace the generated Miis in the audience.
  • Below are CPU Miis in Wii Sports that do not appear:
  1. Yoshi
  2. Fumiko
  3. Keiko
  4. Miyu
  5. Ai
  6. Misaki
  7. Rin
  8. Abby
  9. Ashley
  10. Emily
  11. Steph
  12. Helen
  13. Lucía
  14. Julie
  15. Silke
  16. Naomi
  17. Maria
  18. Jessie
  19. Jackie
  20. Sakura
  21. Haru
  • Below are Miis from Wii Sports Club that do not appear, but appear as coaches:

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