Boxing is one of the five games featured in Wii Sports. The objective of Boxing is to reduce your opponent's Hairline meter and get a T.K.O. to win the match. In order to get a T.K.O. the player must weaken the opponent and then knock him/her on the ground. The opponent must stay on the ground for 10 seconds to win the round. The player has 3 rounds to accomplish this.


Gameplay involves holding the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like Boxing gloves and thrusting the controllers as if punching an opponent.

How to get Silver gloves

You can unlock the silver gloves when you defeat Matt with the normal gloves. Here is a secret trick you can do: before Boxing, you need to hold the 1 Button, and when the Boxing game starts, you'll have the silver gloves.

Matt with silver gloves.

CPU Miis by Level

Don't appear

Abby, Ai, Ashley, Emily, Fumiko, Haru, Helen, Jackie, Jessie, Julie, Keiko, Lucía, Maria, Misaki, Miyu, Naomi, Rin, Sakura, Silke, Steph, Yoshi


  1. Ryan: 50-149
  2. Takumi: 85-161
  3. Marco: 106-201
  4. Kentaro: 127-217
  5. Shinnosuke: 149-261
  6. Martin: 199-301
  7. Akira: 239-355
  8. Steve: 271-406
  9. Chris: 316-446
  10. Oscar: 349-485
  11. Hiroshi: 376-521
  12. David: 418-552
  13. Daisuke: 452-608
  14. James: 487-629
  15. Andy: 530-681
  16. Emma: 567-731
  17. Víctor: 596-756
  18. Shouta: 637-811
  19. Kathrin: 689-829
  20. Luca: 728-886
  21. Nick: 783-930
  22. Tatsuaki: 809-961

Sometimes Pro

  1. Mike: 856-1009
  2. Hayley: 886-1043
  3. Alex: 911-1086
  4. Anna: 962-1123
  5. Michael: 996-1164


  1. Ren: 1039-1202
  2. Tyrone: 1068-1230
  3. Pierre: 1106-1279
  4. Rachel: 1157-1321
  5. Theo: 1191-1361
  6. Saburo 1229-1401
  7. Sarah 1281-1434
  8. Eva: 1311-1473
  9. Yoko: 1369-1524
  10. Jake: 1392-1565
  11. Elisa: 1427-1647


  1. Matt: 1550-1649 


  • Try to get a clear shot to the front, then come around the side.
  • Move back and forth and when your opponent's fist moves in slow motion strike them.
  • Dodge whenever you can so you don't get hit.

Wii Sports Club

Boxing returns as a sport in Wii Sports Club with many changes. The outside of the ring has changed to seat more people and there are now assistants cheering for the playings beside the ring and before a new round starts, there is a cutscene where they give the Mii water and spray them. The first CPU is Matt and the champion is Pit.

The spraying can.


The outfits of the Miis have changed, Miis now wear boots, and now all Miis wear vests regardless of gender.

However, there's a slight difference between the vests depending on their gender:

- Male Mii's vest has a low-cut top, revealing the upper chest a little bit.

- Female Mii's vest has a round neckline, which completely covers their upper chest.

CPUs in order of level


Level 1: Matt, Zi-Kai, Joana

Level 2: Elena, Bernardo

Level 3: Jeff, Ilka

Level 4: Alice, Merrick, Xixi

Level 5: Mizuho, Barry

Level 6: Sophia, Mitsu, Adrien

Level 7: Ricardo, Joost

Level 8: Xiao-Tong, Pedro, Se-young

Level 9: Anne, Clara

Level 10: Xue-Ren, Hee-joon, Carlo

Pros - Stars

Level ★1: David, Polly

Level ★2: Jesús, Enrique, Laura

Level ★3: Kaori, Akira

Level ★4: Giulia, Hyun-woo, John

Level ★5 (These CPUs are faced at Level ★4, but when the player gets to Level ★5, they have to face the champion): Gerald, Rie

Level ★6: Dunbar, Massimo, Patricia

Level ★7: Donna, Olga

Level ★8: Maria, Frank, Irina

Level ★9: Claudia, Maximilian

Level ★10: Pit (Champion), Xiaojian, Pavel, Susie, Na-rae, Jianjun, Jin-ah, Bowen, Marit, Mark, Dylan, Cristina, André, Barbara


  • This was shown in the 2014 movie Boyhood, where Mason was staying with his stepfather.
  • This was also shown in The Big Bang Theory (season 1, episode 15), when Leonard and Howard are seen playing together.
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