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Board Game Island
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Wii Party


1-4 players

Board Game Island is a 4-player game mode in Wii Party.


The player(s) must get to the end of island while facing challenges along the way. At first, the play a 4-player Minigame which determines the order in which they will go (If there is a tie, a die roll decides the order.)

Dice process

The player who places first gets a gold die which consists of numbers from one to six, second place gets a silver die which consists of the numbers one to three, third place receives a bronze die which consists of the numbers one and two, and fourth place gets the standard die which makes them go one space. If the player gets doubles (simply known as "double" in the European version, meaning the die and bonus die are the same number, such as two sixes), the crowd starts clapping, and the player gets to roll another die.


Space bonuses and penalties aren't cumulative, meaning that if a space sends you to another space, that space does not do anything, with the only exception is the -4 space caused by a volcano eruption.

Name Image Design Effect
Blank Space
Regular Space.jpg
A white square with a gray cornerless border, then a white cornerless border, then a gray cornered border Nothing happens.
+4 Space
4 Space.jpg
A white cornerless square with a blue +4 and blue arrow on it, then a blue cornerless border, then a white cornerless border, then a blue cornered border Moves the player up 4 spaces.
+5 Space
5 Space.jpg
A white cornerless square with a blue +5 and blue arrow on it, then a blue cornerless border, then a white cornerless border, then a blue cornered border moves the player up 5 spaces.
+6 Space
6 Space.jpg
A white cornerless square with a blue +6 and blue arrow on it, then a blue cornerless border, then a white cornerless border, then a blue cornered border moves the player up 6 spaces.
-4 Space
-4 Space.jpg
A white cornerless square with a red -4 and red arrow on it, then a red cornerless border, then a white cornerless border, then a red cornered border Moves the player back 4 spaces.
Tornado Space
Tornado Space.jpg
A white square with a picture of a tornado on it inside a yellow border Rolls two dice: one with the other players' faces and one with different numbers of spaces (-4, -5 or -6) to go back. The face and number it lands on takes the person and moves them back the amount of spaces by a tornado. Does not affect people who are in the volcano or at the start.
UFO Space
UFO Space.jpg
A white square with a picture of a UFO on it inside a yellow border Rolls a dice with the other players' faces on it. The face it lands on switches places with the person who rolled the die. Does not affect people in the volcano or on the same space.
1 vs. 3 Minigame Space
Minigame 1 vs 3 Space.jpg
Minigame with the phrase 1 vs 3 underneath it in green and surrounded by a dark green border. The player plays a 1 vs 3 minigame against the other 3 players. If the solo player wins, that player moves 10 spaces. If the other 3 players win, nothing happens.
1 vs. 1 Minigame Space
Minigame 1 vs 1 Space.jpg
Minigame with the phrase 1 vs 1 underneath it in green and surrounded by a dark green border. Player can choose a player to play a 1 vs 1 minigame against (not in the volcano), and if the person who landed on that space wins, they move seven spaces and the loser must go back seven spaces. If that player loses or if it's a draw, nothing happens.
Challenge Space
Challenge Space.jpg
A white star with a pink border. Gives the player a challenge. If they pass the challenge, they will go to how many spaces they have left for that round, if they fail the challenge, bad things will happen. (NOTE: The Challenge Space does not count as a space)
Dinosaur Space
Dinosaur Space.jpg
A Pterodactyl on one side and a T-Rex on the other. Rolls a dice containing a Pterodactyl & a T-Rex. If it lands on the Pterodactyl, the player moves ahead 10 spaces, but if they land on the T-Rex, they must go back 4 to 9 spaces. (NOTE: If it lands on the T-Rex, it will only effect the person who rolled the dice, not the people if they are close to the Dinosaur Space)
Blue Statue Space

Blue Statue Space.jpg

A blue statue. The blue statue throws the player ahead 16 to 18 spaces. This is often considered the biggest gain.
Red Statue Space
Red Statue Space.jpg
A red statue. The red statue throws the player back 18 spaces. This is often considered the biggest loss.
Volcano Space
Volcano Space.jpg
Volcano icon. The volcano erupts and turns all of the action spaces outside the volcano into -4 spaces. These -4 spaces are cumulative. After three turns, the board will go back to normal.
Skull Space
Skull Space.jpg
Skull with half a bone on each corner making an X. Sends player into the volcano (the same happens if the player fails the 4th challenge).
Shout Space
Shout Space.jpg
The design is a green background with a white zigzag bubble. It is only seen in the volcano. Returns player to the island.
Back to Island Space
Back To Island Space.jpg
Not technically a space, but it is a light green light. Only seen in volcano and is at the end of it. Returns player to the island like the shout space.


In Board Game Island, there are challenges along the way:

  1. Dragon Wall
    • This challenge consists of a dragon wall with a statue in it. The player must roll at least a four to break the dragon statue. If they roll a one to three, the statue will hit them with a fireball and they will have to do it again until it is beaten.
    • Odds of completing: 50%
  2. Crates or Barrels
    • The player gets to decide which path to go across the waterfall. One is crates and the other is barrels. After they pick one, they will see if they made it pass or not. If something on the path the player chose breaks, they will have to swim to the next part of the island meaning their number of spaces will become zero.
    • Odds of completing: 50%
  3. Volcano or Not
    • This challenge is where the player is required to roll at least a three to avoid the volcano. If the player rolls a one or two, they get thrown into the volcano.
    • Odds of completing: 66.7%
  4. Spike Ball
    • In this challenge, the player has to roll at least a five to break the dragon statue. If they roll a one-four, the statue will throw a spike ball and the players who have passed the fourth challenge must run back eleven spaces in order to not get hit by it. Then the spike ball returns to its original place and the number to pass decreases by one. (It will go down to two.).
    • Odds of completing:
      • 33.3% when number is 5
      • 50% when number is 4
      • 66.7% when number is 3
      • 83.3% when number is 2
  5. Final Challenge
    • In this final challenge, the player is required to get at least a six to destroy the statue and win the game. If they get a one to five, their turn ends. On their next turn, they will get a bonus die if they're in the first three places on a Minigame
    • Odds of completing:
      • 75.9% with a golden dice
      • 57.4% with a silver dice
      • 52.8% with a bronze dice
      • 16.7% without a bonus dice

Order of spaces


  • start
  1. +5
  2. empty
  3. empty
  4. empty
  5. empty
  6. empty
    • Rope Leap Challenge
  7. empty
  8. empty
  9. +6
  10. empty
  11. +4
  12. 1 vs 3 Minigame
  13. empty
  14. empty
  15. UFO
  16. +4
  17. empty
  18. empty
  19. empty
  20. tornado
  21. -4
  22. empty
    • Dragon Wall Challenge
  23. empty
  24. empty (The red statue will throw you here)
  25. 1 vs 3 Minigame
  26. blue statue
  27. skull
  28. blue statue
  29. empty
  30. empty
  31. blue/red dinosaur
  32. +5
  33. volcano eruption
  34. tornado
  35. empty
  36. +6
  37. 1 vs 1 Minigame
  38. UFO
  39. empty
    • Crates or Barrels Challenge
  40. empty
  41. +5
  42. red statue
  43. blue/red dinasour
  44. empty (The blue statues will throw you here)
  45. 1 vs 3 Minigame
    • Volcano or Not Challenge
  46. empty
  47. +6
  48. 1 vs 1 Minigame
  49. empty
  50. +5
  51. empty
  52. +4
  53. UFO
  54. empty
  55. empty
  56. empty
    • Spike Ball Challenge
  57. +6
  58. 1 vs 1 Minigame
  59. empty
  60. empty
  61. +4
  62. empty
  63. tornado
  64. -4
  65. empty
  66. skull
  67. tornado
  68. empty
  69. empty
  70. empty
  71. UFO
  72. -4
    • Final Challenge
  • finish


Main article: The volcano
  • Start
  1. +4
  2. empty
  3. +4
  4. shout space
  5. empty
  6. empty
  7. empty
  8. empty
  • back to island


  • The lowest roll you can get with two dice is 3, not 2. If you get a 2 with two dice, it will count as "Doubles", making it better than rolling a 3, unless you roll another 1.
  • If there's a tie for last, the game will randomly pick who chooses the minigame.
  • If a CPU player lands on a 1 vs. 1 space and chooses to duel another CPU, the human player can choose if they want to watch.
  • If you have multiple Wii remotes you can use them to select your own Miis to play in the game, then pause the game select "Autoplay". Then select your Mii or Mii's, and have a CPU control your Mii or Mii's.
  • If you are playing as 4 players and set P2, P3, and P4 to CPU using "Autoplay", they will be always set to Beginner Difficulty.


  • When a player is in the volcano, their dot on the map will become transparent and won't move until they get out of it.

    Alisha, Sarah, Shinta and Fritz are on the same space (currently not visible), but the game picks Alisha to pick the minigame.

  • If a player notices closely enough, when their Mii is about to go to the 4th challenge, the place where the block pushes you is shown to be a long way to the ground, not the volcano.
  • The player(s) gets/get this message when landing on a tornado space while everyone is still at the start or in the volcano.
    20200504 070816.jpg
    • The same goes with landing on a UFO space while everyone is in the volcano or on the same space as they where they cannot switch places with anyone in the volcano or on the same space.
  • When the volcano erupts, there is no visible change inside of it.
    • However, if the next round begins before the board returns to normal, the volcano will be spewing ash and its smoke will be darker than usual when the round number is displayed.
  • In the introduction sequence, the Miis appear to be floating.

    As seen in this specific angle, it can be seen that Elisa and Lucía are off the ground.

  • It is seen that a dinosaur is swimming in a pool of water near the bridge on the island. However, when a player is thrown by a blue statue, it is not there.
    Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 5.19.34 PM.png
  • The blue dinosaurs can be seen flying around, but the red ones are nowhere to be seen.
  • In certain events of this party game, the Miis don't have a shadow (Getting thrown by the blue statues, running all the way back while a spiked ball follows them, etc.).
  • If the player(s) wins/win and the volcano is still active, the island will go back to normal for the victory screen.
    20200719 093445.jpg
  • The Miis will always go for the crates when they land on the second blue/red dinosaur space and get the red dinosaur chasing them.
  • On rare occasions, the blue dinosaurs will appear inside the volcano. This is a bug that doesn't usually happen in the game.
    20200512 073215.jpg
  • At the beginning, it can be seen that the shadow of the Mii who is taking their turn is darker than the others.

    See how Sakura's shadow is darker than Tommy's shadow.

  • Even if the Tornado won't affect them, all players will still stand to the side of the space they are currently in.
    • Same happens with the UFO.
  • The Miis that are in the space the player(s) is/are going to will become transparent once they get thrown to that space backwards or forwards.
    20200506 080001.jpg
    • When everyone is on the same space, it only happens to the people in front.
      20200512 080145.jpg
  • If a player gets thrown back by a tornado and stops one space in front of another player, their Mii will act shocked and jump.
    • This won't happen if the player thrown back ends up two spaces in front of another player; It only happens when they are one space away. If this happens, they will just look up and then watch as the player affected by the tornado falls to the floor.
    • If the same thing happens, and there's more than one player on a space, they will stand on opposite ends of each other.
      20200512 075440.jpg
  • If everyone makes it to the end, they will all stand to the side while someone takes their turn.
    20200512 181232.jpg
  • If it the volcano is erupting, the players who did not set it off will move off of their spaces.
  • If the player(s) manages/manage to get out of the volcano when everyone isn't standing on a space in respect to another failing the Spike Ball Challenge, one of them will become transparent.

    Pit is transparent in this picture while Miyu and Olga aren't.

  • When the player(s) gets/get high enough on the island, their feet will go through the floor, but only when it's not their turn.
  • In the PAL version, the 1 vs 3/1 vs 1 Minigame spaces will say "Minigame" on the spaces, while in the NTSC versions, it will say 1v3 or 1v1.

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