• CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    I would like to see if there's more Miis you likes or don't like in my list. Just tell me in the comments (I just want to know. That's all)

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  • IAmAwesome2

    My school is getting worried about the coronavirus.

    How has the coronavirus affected you?

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  • Banannawolves

    Steph: So, Tomoko, what's your "big idea?"

    Tomoko: You're gonna have to read the next--


    Tomoko: Oh, sorry. Can't get over that line.

    Anna: So, ya gonna tell us?

    Alisha: Or not.

    Tomoko: Okay, okay. Right after the commercial break.


    Steph: Oh, come on! Was that really necessary?

    Tomoko: No, I just wanted to say that.

    Alisha: WE'RE NOT EVEN ON TV!

    Anna: Tomoko, spit it out!

    (Tomoko spits on the ground)

    Anna: No, stop being so literal, tell us already!

    Tomoko: Okay, okay. So, first of all, I know a guy who can get us out. We can use a rope to climb the cliff, and then we  wait for Miguel and Gwen to pull us to safety.

    Steph: Sure!

    Tomoko: One problem...he's not a Mii.

    Anna: So? We don't need…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Median Skill Level

    March 11, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    I am going to try to add Median Skill Levels of all the WSR CPU Miis in this blog. (Median Skill Level is the middle of all the CPU Mii's skill levels lined up in order, from least to greatest. If there is an even amount of skill levels, I will just take those and divide them by 2.)

    More TBA

    1. Nelly [1303]
    2. Midori [1258]
    3. Misaki [1063]
    4. Tyrone [1004]
    5. Elisa [967.5]
    6. Yoshi [853]
    7. Akira [839]
    8. Tatsuaki [686.5]
    9. Steph [628]
    10. Sandra [568]
    11. Fumiko [303.5]
    12. Cole [103]
    13. Megan [73]
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  • Miitopia Guy

    81 Players Left...

    (All the miis appear in an arena)

    Holly: Huh, what? Where are we? 

    Stephanie: Holly? Thank goodness you're here!

    Holly: Phew... I knew you were safe.

    Tyrone: We have no time for reunions, we have more serious things to worry about, everyone's here!

    Miyu: Everyone? Wow, I guess something important is happeni-

    Rolia: WELCOME!

    Yoshi: Wah! Do you always have to approach us so loudly?

    Rolia: Yes.

    Yoshi: Good reason.

    Rolia: Ok, you all are in my next challenge, and it is a boss battle!

    (A magma golem appears in the middle of the arena)

    Rolia: You must all work together to fight this thing.

    Steve: We have to fight this thing with our bare hands? It's practically made of lava!!

    Rolia: Of Course not, silly! I'll give you weapons!

    (Rolia gives ev…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    So I went to my local GameStop, and was looking for Super Mario Maker, Wii Party, Wii Party U, and other games that I might like. Also for another controller (because my Wii Remote's wrist strap broke... kind of)

    Turns out, they didn't have Wii Party or Wii Party U. So I got this instead.

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  • Connor Findlay

    This is a redo because my 1st one didn't get that much attention.

    Ryan: Wii Sports

    Fumiko: Wii Sports Resort

    Miyu: IDK

    Kathrin: Wii Sports

    Martin: Wii Sports Resort

    Mike: Wii Sports

    Steve: Wii Sports Resort

    Naomi: IDK

    Chris: Wii Sports Resort

    Keiko: Wii Sports

    Emma: Wii Sports Resort

    Takumi: Wii Sports

    Rachel: Wii Sports

    Ashley: IDK

    Elisa: Wii Sports

    Nick: Wii Sports

    Lucia: Wii Sports Resort

    Theo: Wii Sports

    David: Wii Sports Resort

    Sarah: Wii Sports

    Tatsuaki: Wii Sports

    Emily: IDK

    Helen: Wii Sports

    Steph: Wii Sports

    Hayley: Wii Sports

    Julie: Wii Spors Resort

    Haru: Wii Sports Resort

    Kentaro: Wii Sports Resort

    Silke: Wii Sports Resort

    Ren: Wii Sports Resort

    Luca: Wii Sports Resort

    Tyrone: Wii Sports

    Saburo: Wii Sports

    Yoshi: Wii Sports Resort

    Jessie: Wii Sports Resort

    Yoko: W…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Credit to TheShinyLucarioMaster.

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  • Minefa5

    (Before you reading this Story this is original idea by crazy is crazy from youtube)

    (Mohamed dosen't do anything and Barbara came here)

    Barbara(WSC): Hi Mohamed

    Mohamed: *sigh* what do you want Barbara ?

    Barbara: i want to kiss you

    Mohamed: NO!!!!

    Barbara: but... why ?

    Mohamed: Because i don't like you

    Barbara: can i do something to change your mind?

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: i do everything for you

    Mohamed: NO!

    Barbara: please?

    Mohamed: ok then

    Barbara: AAAAAAAAHH

    (Mohamed writing something for Barbara)

    Barbara: you serious bruh?

    (Mohamed made evil smile and Barbara got shocked)

    Barbara: deadline is 3:00 pm ?

    (Barbara looking in to clock and it's 2:35)

    Mohamed: i think you should hurry up

    Barbara: i do it and if i win... then i'm gonna kiss you

    Mohamed: you going…

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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Haixiang: So Abby, who's it gonna be?

    Abby: I...Uh...

    Tomoko: Don't you dare f---ing kill me!

    Abby: This is wrong.

    Haixiang: Now Abby!

    Abby: I...I can't!

    Haixiang: Well then...

    Haixiang snaps his fingers.

    Abby: Aaaaah...

    Abby glitches away

    Sarah: What happened?

    Abe: Where did she go?

    Haixiang: She was deleted, she no longer exists.

    Tomoko: What the what?!?

    Abe: She's dead essentially.

    Tomoko: Oh...

    Sarah: So what now?

    Haixiang: You'll just have to wait and see.

    Misaki: Woah! What the actual F just happened?

    Masako: The wonders of teleportation.

    Misaki: And who are you supposed to be?

    Masako: Masako.

    Misaki: That's way too close to Misaki for my liking.

    Masako: I'm sorry, but I can't help that.

    Misaki: Just tell me what I'm supposed to do that's meant to be the en…

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    I never thought, in my whole time of hating Poofesure, I thought he will never get a redeeming quality from me, but I was wrong. This is my redeeming quality to Poofesure, for using my tier list, but that does not mean I stopped hating him. Kudos to you, Poofesure.

    Here's the video of him using the tier list:

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  • IAmAwesome2

    A few questions

    March 6, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    How many of you have

    1. A Wii?
    2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
    3. An SD Card?
    4. Tired of playing the same old, same old levels in New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
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  • Unknown Channel

    Ji-hoon: Incheon

    Se-young: Seoul

    Mi-sun: Jeju

    Hyun-woo: Busan

    Na-rae: Seoul

    Hee-joon: Gwangju

    Jin-ah: Daegu

    Pian-Pian: Kaohsiung

    Rui-Lin: Taipei

    Cheng-Han: Tainan

    Zi-Kai: Taipei

    Bo-Jia: Taoyuan

    Xue-Ren: Hsinchu

    Shu-Hui: Keelung

    Xiao-Tong: Taichung

    Xiaojian: Beijing

    Bowen: Qingdao

    Jialan: Hangzhou

    Xixi: Harbin

    Yuehua: Kunming

    Yunyun: Guangzhou

    Xiuping: Nanjing

    Haixiang: Chengdu

    Jianjun: Shanghai

    NOTE: For Japanese Miis, some of their hometowns have been stated officially by Nintendo through Streetpass Mii Plaza promotional videos.

    Kentaro: Matsuyama

    Sho: Aichi prefecture (Possibly in Nagoya)

    Masako: Tokyo

    Akira: Hyogo prefecture (Possibly in Kobe)

    Yuya: Kanagawa

    Mitsu: Fukuoka

    Kazuhiko: Sapporo

    Hiromi: Nagasaki

    Mizuho: Niigata

    Rie: Hiroshima

    Daisuke: Kumamoto

    Haruka: Osaka


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  • SlyCooperFan1

    New Wiki Manager

    March 4, 2020 by SlyCooperFan1

    Hello, Wii Sports Wiki! My name is SlyCooperFan1 (call me Sly!) and I'm the new Wiki Manager for your wiki. I act as a liaison between this community and Fandom Staff and I'm here to provide assistance wherever needed, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Help (Discord)

    March 4, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    I just made a new account on Discord but I can't post any messages...

    Could one of you please give me permission to do so?

    (even though I'm not planning on being active on discord for now)

    My username is IAmAwesome2#3036 on Discord

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  • You crab

    Yep. Another Kiddo related blog. Should we IP block Kiddo so he can't vandalize ever again? Any answer without details will not be counted. Post your answer in the comments.

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  • HowILoveIt

    I have created a Tier List for the Swordplay Showdown Bosses so that everyone can lay out their blatant opinions on the choices for bosses. To make one yourself, go to

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  • YoungArtist79

    26. New. Miis.

    March 3, 2020 by YoungArtist79

    On my Wii U, I made 26 Miis on my Wii U, and this set has more balanced nationalities. (5 American, 5 Puerto Rican, 5 Mexican, 3 Canadian, 5 British, 3 Japanese.) Of course, they have CPU Skill in Smash and Wii Party U.

    Favorites? Least Favorites? Shippings?

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  • GarfieldTC


    As we know, this wiki has far too many bureaucrats. Having lots of admins is one thing, but as there are currently 27 users with bureaucrat rights, (!) (several of whom were promoted long ago by the wiki's first admins who are long gone) I'm putting this consensus down to have Fandom Staff remove bureaucrat rights from all who have been inactive the last 3+ months - however, they will still keep their admin rights, unless they've been inactive more than a year. (Most of the ones who have been gone a year are already demoted) If they somehow become active again, they can earn they ways back under the process we've all gone thru.

    That said, here is the list. While it's still too many bureaucrats leftover, ridding these who have been little ac…

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Everyone gets in the Cabin)

    Léonie: What the f*** are we hiding from?!

    George: If I told you, it wouldn't make any sense.

    Léonie: Look, I've seen a ton of weird, unbelievable s*** throughout my life. Whatever it is, I-


    Léonie: Qu'est-ce que c'était au nom de Dieu?!

    George: I'll give you a hint... Its species appeared in Wii Play Motion.

    Miyu: ...Gophers?

    Lucía: What can those little midgets do? Besides stealing crops.

    George: No, not that!

    Léonie: Ghosts?

    George: NO!

    Miyu: Then that leaves out... Oh, you gotta be fu-


    Miyu: Way to cut off what I was saying, you b****!

    Shouta: I told everyone that bringing dinosaurs to Wii Play Motion was a bad idea, but did they listen? NO!

    Léonie: I didn't live in Wuhu Island by that time. I only know …

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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Greg: Ok, now I've worked out how this damn gun works, I can kill one of you

    Haruka: You don't have to kill one of them Greg.

    Greg: Hey, don't you try tricking me into getting myself killed. You don't have to make it obvious that you hate me!

    Haruka: Hey, I thought you said you didn't listen. 

    Greg: Well I listened to you.

    Haruka: Ok, ok.

    Greg: The thing is, I don't know who to kill. But I know one thing. I ain't getting myself killed.

    Jake: Stop waffling and get on with it already.

    Greg: Shut up no-eyebrows Jake!

    Julie: You shouldn't be so rude Greg!

    Greg: He started it, and you should stop acting like my mum. You can't tell what to do. YOU'RE NOT MY MUM MRS PLASTIC SURGERY GONE WRONG!

    Steph: Stop acting like a 3 year old Greg! 

    Greg (mimicking Steph…

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  • HowILoveIt

    1. Bernd and Juliette (20 balanced)

    2. Delilah and Mark (19 balanced)

    3. Kazuhiko and Yuriko (18 balanced)

    4. Carlo and Xiuping (16 balanced)

    5. Bowen and Mitsu (15 balanced)

    6. Sho and Ji-hoon (12 balanced)

    7. Millie and Dylan (11 balanced)

    8. Hee-joon and Hiromi (10 balanced)

    9. Ivo and Bernardo (9 balanced)

    10. Adrien and Donna (8 balanced)

    1. Pavel and Chris (20 balanced)

    2. Xixi and Jialan (19 balanced)

    3. Steven and Haruka (18 balanced)

    4. Patricia and Ricardo (17 balanced)

    5. Erick and Merrick (15 balanced)

    6. Anne and Marius (14 balanced)

    7. Masako and Se-young (13 balanced)

    8. Victor and Irina (12 balanced)

    9. Cheng-han and Rui-Lin (11 balanced)

    10. Maria and Guillermo (10 balanced)

    1. Sara and Enrique (17 ba…

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  • Végégon

    Best Pairs

    1. Master + Master
    2. Master + Master
    3. Master + Beginner
    4. Master + Expert
    5. Expert + Master
    6. Expert + Expert
    7. Expert + Expert
    8. Expert + Advanced
    9. Advanced + Expert
    10. Advanced + Advanced

    Worst Pairs

    1. Beginner + Beginner
    2. Beginner + Beginner
    3. Beginner + Master
    4. Beginner + Standard
    5. Standard + Beginner
    6. Standard + Standard
    7. Standard + Standard
    8. Standard + Advanced
    9. Advanced + Standard
    10. Advanced + Advanced
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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster


    February 29, 2020 by TheShinyLucarioMaster

    I am Scottish and I have never been in America before. What XTech said is offensive and if he continues his offensive behaviour, he will be blocked off the wiki indefinitely with no warning.

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  • You crab

    OK, so we all know how we used to be enemies. He used to be my least favorite admin as a matter of fact.

    But now that I use Discord I've gotten a taste of who he really is. And we did,"Stuff" together, so yeah.

    I now see him as a better person that I do now.

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  • YoungArtist79

    Here are the QRs of the Miis from Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again. Sadly, only the YA79 Miis will have QRs, since the IAA2 Miis I don't have on my 3DS.

    Miitopia, BrantSteele, Wii Party U, Tomodachi Life, and more!

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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion: Part 6

    February 27, 2020 by Miitopia Guy

    82 Players Left...

    Holly: Stephanie, how long do you think we'll be walking in this cave?

    Stephanie: I don't know, maybe hours, or minutes

    Holly: Let's just hope we find the end soon

    (The two keep walking, and stumble upon an opening)

    Holly: I think this is the way out!

    Stephanie: No, but there is lava?

    Holly: I think the cave is somehow connected to this volcano.

    Stephanie: But, how do we get across?

    Holly: We can jump across the rocks and get to the other side!

    Stephanie: Let's Go!

    (Both miis start jumping across the rocks)

    Holly: This is so fun! 

    Stephanie: Yeah! I hope nothing happens to-

    (The rocks below Stephanie crumbles, she the grabs another rock and is now dangling)

    Stephanie: HOLLY! HELP!

    Holly: Oh no... I'm coming!

    Stephanie: I'm slipping!!!


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  • Banannawolves

    Vincenzo the GPS Part 2

    February 26, 2020 by Banannawolves

    Narrator: And now, a flashback to the end of Chapter 1...

    Vincenzo: Cliff in half a mile.

    Anna: WHAT!!?

    Vincenzo: Turn around, Anna.

    Anna: (sees cliff ahead) NOOOOOO!!!!!! FRITZ LOOK OUT! 

    Fritz: Must be another one of her tricks...

    Anna: Fritz, I'm serious, brace yourself!

    Fritz: Uh-uh. (sees cliff ahead) AAAAHHH!


    (Anna and Fritz brace for impact and fall off the cliff)

    Anna and Fritz: AAAAHHHHH!

    (CHAPTER 2: Anna and Fritz are about to land after falling off a cliff)

    Anna and Fritz: AAAAHHHHHH!!!

    (They both land awkwardly into a nearby lake. They both get out and dry themselves)

    Anna: Ooh, my back! (winces in pain)

    Fritz: Ooh, my-

    Anna: I don't know what you're about to say, but don't say it.

    Fritz: Ok (winces in pain)

    Anna: Ugh, …

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  • HowILoveIt

    Alisha: Stupid freaking twats. Who do they think they are, making a mockery of themselves? Acting like ******* lunatics?! I swear, if I stayed one more minute in there, I was about to lose it fully. I absolutely hate-

    Shu-hui: HEY! THERE YOU ARE! I was wondering were you went. How 'bout we finish what we started?

    (Alisha seems unmoved by it)

    Shu-hui: Um... This is the part where you're supposed to scream like a little kid... YO, ALISHA!

    Alisha: ...

    Shu-hui: ...Alisha?

    (Alisha is still unbothered by it)

    Shu-hui: Well... Ain't gonna lose a free chance. Time to-

    (Just as Shu-hui got close enough to Alisha, Alisha grabs her by the neck tightly)

    Alisha: What? Time to what? 'Cuz it certainly ain't time to die for me, duck lips.

    (Alisha then uses the othe…

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    Beginner Mii (2/12)

    • Saburo
    • David (Wii Sports Club)

    Standard Mii (4/12)

    • Anna (Wii Sports) (x2)
    • Ai
    • Helen

    Advanced Mii (0/12)

    • Error 404: No Miis Found!

    Expert Mii (1/12)

    • Jake

    Master Mii (5/12)

    • Sakura
    • Stéphanie
    • Rie (x2)
    • Clara
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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    This time, Mao, Maika and Rose are now not considered as a vote..

    Now you guys should vote the Miis who didn't have any votes yet (and there's the second part of my non exclusive Mii too)

    Masayoshi : 0

    Barbara (yes, she's having the same name the WSR and the WSC has.) : 0

    Naku : 0

    Kanashi : 0

    Rebecca : 0

    Jeremy : 0

    Kyokan : 1

    Crystal : 1

    Barbie : 0

    Shine : 1

    Piiro : 0

    Fakku : 2

    Shai : 0

    Awaremi : 0

    Kowaii : 0

    Dadakko : 0

    Poteto : 0

    Ikatteiru : 0

    (the votes ends the April 1st)

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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion: Part 5

    February 24, 2020 by Miitopia Guy

    87 Players Left...

    Rolia: All the votes are in!

    Marco: I really hope they don't pick me!

    Rolia: I will drop half of you in the lava. One. By. One

    Misaki: HALF!? I thought it would just be one person

    Rolia: Looks like the residents of Lupu Island didn't like you, Rainer.

    (Rainer's platform breaks, sending him to the lava)


    Rolia: But, the residents liked you, George.

    (George disappears, teleporting back to the island)

    Rolia: Shohei and Anna, you two are eliminated too.

    (They both drop in the lava)

    Rolia: Marco, you're safe

    (Marco teleports back to the island)

    Rolia: Mike, you are eliminated

    (Mike drops in the lava)

    Rolia: Eddy and Maria, you two are safe

    (They both teleport back to the island)

    Rolia: The final person safe is...


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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Skip: Asami, what is taking you so long?! If you don't kill one of them in the next 30 seconds, you're dead meat!

    Asami: Woah, weren't we friends a minute ago?

    Luca: Yeah dude, chill out.

    Shinta: Ugh.

    Hiromi: I think I speak for all of us Luca, when I say you need to stop acting like a hippie. You ain't a hippie.

    Luca: I'm just keeping up with the trends.

    Hiromi: You mean trends from 1970.

    Asami (In mind): Hippie guy, sarcastic girl, guy who just says 'ugh' or me. Who should I kill? Or not kill? I wish Luca would shut up about his hippie crap. And Hiromi, jeez, why so sarcastic? But Shinta, his face. So.. so... Ugh!

    Skip: Asami: You have 10 seconds.

    Asami looks at the gun in her hand and flips the safety off.

    Skip: 5...4...

    Asami raises the gun, her …

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  • You crab

    Kiddo update

    February 23, 2020 by You crab

    So you all know how I was all like,”Kiddo didn’t do anything let him do what he wants!” and,”Stop blocking Kiddo! Let him Vandalize!”

    Very dumb right?

    I’m still gonna be respectful to him, but I’ll still block him, demote him, and do whatever the heck I need to do to keep Kiddo of the Wiki.

    And I even bribed him with admin rights, just to get him to stop doing what he’s doing. But then let me bring up one word,”BackStab”. I believe if I did that he would block all of us because we stopped him from doing what he wanted. And he can change everything!

    So Imagine you’re a user going to Wii Sports Wiki(This would be after he became an admin) and you want to find information on Claudia’s skill levels, but instead of skill levels, you see something l…

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  • You crab

    Mario: Végégon

    Luigi: TheShinyLucarioMaster

    Jeffy: Spiky Eared Pichu

    Black Yoshi: You crab

    Bowser Junior: Minefa5

    Bowser: LilGreenYoshi

    Joseph: KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    Cody: (Ok, to be honest I don’t know any one here who is h*m*s*x*u*l, so I’m not gonna say anybody.)

    Brooklyn Guy: MarquessMark

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  • YoungArtist79

    I'm doing YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis again, fighting for the million. I cannot upload the IAA2 Mii pics =(, so I'm using a pic from MM wiki.

    Tula received much criticism for hiding behind larger threats, as well as her poor work ethic and challenge ability. She got no votes to win. Francesca was criticized for her attitude throughout the game, but praised for her challenge ability. Only Evan voted for her to win. Bryan won out in the end for his challenge and strategic play, as well as being a "student of the game".

    At the reunion, Nugget won Fan Favorite, with Johnny and Emelia as the runners-up. At the hot seats, Bryan discussed being the first male winner, Samantha discussed her evacuation, Nugget discussed her idol play at F9, Brooke discus…

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  • MarquessMark

    I have a Mii identity now! I fit in! I'll just swank (show off) it now:

    Super stunning, isn't he? Incredible, right? But, really, we should credit Nolan for his epic creation. Neat guy. Plus, he is the best person I could turn to, having the device and bright attitude; I lacked the former, so without him this wouldn't have been possible. Once again, thank you Nolan! 

    What do you guys actually think of the Mii, if you haven't said already? Tell me in the comments.



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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    "____"= Name of Grown-Ups Baby

    I'll add some more if a baby has fully grown up.

    And if you want a Mii down there in your Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, just let me know, so I can add the QR codes for you (and anybody else).

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  • You crab

    The Ultimate Battle!!!

    February 22, 2020 by You crab

    Who would win this battle? Tell me in the comments.

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  • You crab

    My updated Tier list

    February 22, 2020 by You crab
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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion (Part 4)

    February 22, 2020 by Miitopia Guy

    88 Players Left...

    Rolia: Hmm, not many contestants have been dying recently... time to spice things up!

    (Rolia snaps his fingers, teleporting Eddy, Fumiko, Shohei, Mike, Anna, Maria, Marco, Misaki, George, and Rainer to his lair.)

    Shohei: Huh? We're back here!?

    Anna: Hey Rolia! We didn't even get eliminated! What happened!?

    Rolia: Well, you're in my first challenge... 

    Mike: Challenge? We never heard you say anything about a challenge!

    Marco: Yeah! And now my friend Eva is all alone!

    Rolia: Alright, Alright, Let's get to this challenge

    Fumiko: (Whispering to Rainer) This is turning into survivor.

    Rolia: You will go up on these platforms, and the Islanders from Lupu Island (Wii Sports Wiki users) will vote on who will live, and who will die!

    Misaki: …

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  • InsertMemeHere

    A pic of my mii

    February 21, 2020 by InsertMemeHere

    finally got it to work

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Huckleberry Finn

    February 21, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    So we were just reading Huckleberry Finn in school, and here is a story I came up with. This is told from the viewpoint of Huckleberry Finn.

    Note: the first part is copied directly from the book.

    Well, I catched my breath and most fainted. Shut up on a wreck with such a gang as that! But it warn’t no time to be sentimentering. We’d got to find that boat now—had to have it for ourselves. So we went a-quaking and shaking down the stabboard side, and slow work it was, too—seemed a week before we got to the stern. No sign of a boat. Jim said he didn’t believe he could go any further—so scared he hadn’t hardly any strength left, he said. But I said, come on, if we get left on this wreck we are in a fix, sure.

    Then I saw a glowing light coming from…

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back at George's Cabin, everyone is eating breakfast)

    Miyu: So after that, me, Lucía and Pavel went to Shohei's house. The **** that happened when we got there. Let's just say I got mad

    Lucía: The minute I saw this woman go full lunatic on Shohei, I thought she was a totally different person. Every insult came out with no hesitation. Shohei was like "I didn't mean it. I swear!" and Miyu, being your typical latino, said "escucha ahora, canto de estupido. Mi madre no gasto 59 dolares en la mentira de especial tuya para que tu le robes. ¡59 DOLARES PERDIDO PORQUE DECIDISTES A JODER A MI MADRE CON LAS TUYAS!" Pavel was on the floor, crying of laughter through the whole thing.

    George: Did Yoko get the money back?

    Miyu: She only got 22 out of the …

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  • Minefa5


    February 21, 2020 by Minefa5

    For you all

    Note: unknown channel as female mii and mark as male mii

    Update: i forgot to put Quirky Nerdy

    Update 2.0: i put InsertMemeHere Hilvi Haslbäck and Miitopia guy

    Update 3.0: i put dadpleaseno

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Ivo then starts fighting Bruce and Barbara. Bruce swings at Ivo, but then gets kicked in the chin. Then Barbara tries to hit Ivo, but fails as he dodges it. Then he punches her in the nose, making her fall to the ground)

    Ivo: Yeah, that's right. DON'T **** WITH ME! YEAH, BABY!

    Alisha: Ivo, calm down. You're acting like you just won the lottery.

    Ivo: It certainly feels like it. BOOM SHAKALAKA!

    Alisha: IVO, CAN YOU STOP?!

    Ivo: OK, fine. Let's just go back to the-

    Marisa: You stupid *****, Alisha.

    Alisha: What?

    Marisa: What gave you the big idea to run away like that?!

    Alisha: Well, first off, I didn't want Duck Lips Shu-hui laying a finger on me, so what did you want me to do? Did you wanted me to just stand there like some nerd thinking I'm quirky…

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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Ryan: Don't kill me! Please!

    Lucía: Don't kill me either! I'm to young to die!

    Hayley: Stop whining Lucía. It'll make him want to kill you more than he already does. 

    Lucía goes quiet

    And Ryan, don't go begging, that's pathetic.

    Matt points the gun at Hayley, then Ryan, then Lucía.

    Matt flips the safety off and fires two shots at Hayley. The first hits her in the shoulder and the second hits her in the chest.

    Everything glitches for a few seconds, and then Hayley is gone.

    Ryan: Where did she go?

    Matt(WSC): Well, she died, and then her file was removed from the game.

    Lucía: Why did you kill her Matt?

    Ryan: I thought you would have killed one of us like she said.

    Matt(WSR): That's exactly why I killed her. She was being a stone cold *****. Also she look…

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  • You crab
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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    This time, I just had to...

    Yes.. Heathers Mcnamara. I will be as this character for now..

    Please don't hate me for my profile picture...

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  • You crab

    I just made this Awesome Mii

    February 20, 2020 by You crab
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