• You crab

    More future plans

    February 20, 2020 by You crab

    Now that I decided I want to go to Japan, I’ve also considered joining the United States Marine Corps.

    So tell me what you think.

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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion: Part 3

    February 19, 2020 by Miitopia Guy


    Sarah: They're closing in, we need to do something!

    Miyu: Use the bows!

    James: Does anybody have experience with bows?

    (Nobody raises their hand)

    James: Great, I guess we're gonna die...

    Nick: Well we could at least try...

    Sarah: Ok, let's do this!

    (Sarah shoots an arrow from her bow, but misses)

    Sarah: Oh come on!!! 

    Miyu: Here, let me try.

    (Miyu shoots a bow, and takes out two minions at the same time)

    Miyu: Now that's what I call "Killing two minions with one arrow!

    Nick: Stop the chit chat, we're running out of room!

    (The miis continue to shoot arrows, taking out most of the horde)

    James: Oh shoot, we have no more arrows to shoot!

    Miyu: I got this!

    (Miyu takes out her trusty baseball bat, swinging it with all her might)

    Sarah: Jeez Miyu,…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Alisha: You know what, yeah, you do got this, Marisa. I'm just gonna run like a ***** while you're at it.

    (Alisha dashes off again)

    Alisha: Cela devient absurde. Tout le monde est venu me chercher! I got to find Ivo. IVO! WHERE ARE YOU?!

    Ivo *from afar*: Over here, Alisha!

    Alisha: WHERE?!

    Ivo: Here!

    (Alisha turns around and sees Ivo. She then runs to him)

    Alisha: What the heck happened?! Why was I outside the refuge?!

    Ivo: I dunno. Everyone thought you just left.

    Alisha: Why would you think that?

    Ivo: Hayley?

    Alisha: Oh, right. Can we just-

    Alphonse: HEYO!

    Alisha: MEEP!

    Ivo: You stupid american. I can see you haven't learned from last time, have ya? Lemme show you the true power of the Dutch!

    Alphonse: Bring it on, Old Man! BRING. IT. ON.

    (Ivo charges at…

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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Matt(WSR): Woah, that was weird. And... Who are you?

    Matt(WSC): I'm Matt

    Matt(WSR): No, I'm Matt

    Matt(WSC): We can both be Matt. But I can be the better one.

    Matt(WSR): Are you sure about that? Cuz I'm a two time Champion.

    Matt(WSC): Well... I'm the... The.... Boxing Champion!

    Matt(WSR): I don't believe you. You look too weak. If I could pick a boxing champion out of the crowd of you guys, I'd pick that blonde guy in the blue. The one with the strong jaw line.

    Matt(WSC): Pit? Wow. Good guess.

    Matt(WSR): I know my stuff.

    Matt(WSC): I am still good though...

    Matt(WSR): Stop lying. You are probably the beginner or something.

    Matt(WSC): ...No...

    Matt(WSR): Oh my god! You are just a rubbish, blonde version of me!

    Matt(WSC): I didn't bring you here to fight …

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    [after Kowaii was disappeared, a very disturbing silence appeared]


    [Fritz runs away, all alone]

    Steve : And then this lord wannabe will be catched by a monster.. [face palm]

    Susana : I can't believe we really needed to play in this stupid game...

    Misaki : [sigh]

    Marisa : okay, you all just don't need to being taken by the despair, we all needs to stay together. And everything will be fine!

    Chris from Wii Sports : first, we need something to use as a shelter!

    Elisa : yes... how about the hotel?

    Alisha : good idea! It would be perfect.

    Shohei : okay, whatever...

    [meanwhile with Fritz]

    Fritz : *in his mind : UGH, THIS PLACE IS TOO INTO THE DARKNESS...*


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  • Quirky Nerdy

    The WSR Miis all wake up in a dark room.

    ???: Wake up you losers!

    Misaki: Who are you calling a loser?

    ???: You.

    Misaki: F you!

    Ren: Misaki, there are more important questions to ask right now.

    Hiromi: Like what Ren?

    Ren: Uh, like... Who are you?

    ???: I'm Ray.

    Siobhán: Eh?

    Ray: You know, Ray. From Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U.

    Matt: Wait, you're the guy that stole the boxing gig from me!

    Ray: Yeah.

    Takumi: Can we just get something straight? Why did you bring us here?

    Ray: It wasn't just me...

    A curtain falls revealing all the Wii U CPU Miis

    Wii U CPUs: It was us too.

    Rachel: Who the actual F are you guys.

    Akira(WSC): We are the Wii U Miis.

    Emma: Da what?

    Araceli: Wii U Miis. Do you not know what that is?

    Marisa: Well, we've been pretty much excluded fr…

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  • Quirky Nerdy

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first blog post.

    I'm going to be doing a series called 'Wii: Survival of the fittest'. It is a hunger games style story. A fight until there is only 1 survivor. However, you will decide who lives and who dies via a poll I will put up in the community. 

    The plot is essentially that the WSC miis are jealous of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs for being more popular/well known than them. They set up a game to eliminate all the WSR Miis, except for the best one. Every chapter will consist of a WSC Mii forcing a WSR Mii to kill one of a selected 3 (selected by me) WSR Miis. You will decide who they should kill. The options will be the select 3 or no one, which will cause the Mii to be killed.


    Guest E is forced by Elena to …

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  • LilGreenYoshi

    Do you think You Crab should remain an admin? Leave your answer in the comments. Please elaborate and back up your thoughts on why you believe a certain way. Responses with not enough elaboration will not be counted. 

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    (Inspired by someone, who I just literally don't know his/her name)

    [its was a beautiful day in Wuhu Island, the residents were thinking about a game]

    Asami : I was looking for a kind of game actually..

    Shouta : do you know what kind should it be?

    [A very big silence appears..]

    David (WS) : ..........

    Steve : girl, you didn't say what kind of game is this

    Emily : :P


    Emily : meh, I just wanted to be more expressive, it wasn't a issue..  -_-

    Fumiko : anyway... let-

    [Suddenly some reds clouds were hiding the sun and the Wuhu Island]

    Oscar : holy oscar! What in earth is that??

    [A random character has been appeared, with black hair, a tall and skinny form of the body]

    Matt (WS) : …

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  • Sixtombfanner11

    First Duel - Abby vs Takumi

    The duel minigame is... Pop-Up Bandits!

    Abby: You ready, Takumi?!

    Takumi: I'm ready.

    The game has started!

    Abby: 12

    Takumi: 9

    Takumi: Abby, are you trying to cheat?

    Abby: No! What's the big deal?


    Sixtombfanner11: How?

    Takumi: Abby is jumping when she's not supposed to. I saw it all!

    Sixtombfanner11: Abby, GET OUT! You are disqualified for cheating!

    Abby: But I didn't-


    Sixtombfanner11: Takumi, you automatically win this round. Thank you for telling me.

    Takumi: Now problemo!

    WINNER: Takumi!

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  • Sixtombfanner11


    February 17, 2020 by Sixtombfanner11

    I am starting a blog post series named "Don't Get Last Tournament (or DGLT)", where 20 Miis will go face to face in a series of duel minigames! Here's how it will work. It's like a tournament bracket though a series of minigames. The winner of the duel minigame will move on to the next battle with the winner of the second battle, etc. until there is only one mii remaining! That Mii is the DGLT Champion!

    Here is the list of the Miis and battles they will face against: Abby vs Takumi, Alisha vs Eddy, Pablo vs Stéphanie, Abe vs Barbara, Sandra vs Vincenzo, Midori vs Susana, Tomoko vs Oscar, Saburo vs Yoshi, Tyrone vs Luca, and Ryan vs Jackie.

    If one of your favorite Miis got on here, congrats to you! Lucky chance, huh? The tournament might begi…

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  • You crab

    Mii Fashion Plaza

    February 17, 2020 by You crab

    This time I’m facing...

    Mónica(I like to call her Unknown Channel)



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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with the others)

    Miyu: Well? Someone open the door. Don't just stand there.

    (Léonie tries to open the door, but fails)

    Léonie: What the?! It's locked!

    Lucía: Usually it's like that when George is out and about.

    Léonie: What could he be doing outside at this hour? Stargazing?!

    Lucía: Maybe. Maybe not.

    Léonie: I find that answer vague and unconvincing, Lucía.

    Shouta: Forget it. Let's just get in by the window.

    (Shouta tries to open the window, but fails)

    Shouta: And it's locked too.

    Hiroshi: Great. Now what?

    Kathrin: Check the other windows.

    Léonie: Why? They're probably locked too.

    Kathrin: Are you sure?

    Léonie: OF COURSE I'M SURE! What kind of idiot locks only one window?!

    Lucía: Well... I guess we're sleeping on the dirt tonight.

    Léonie: God forbid…

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  • You crab

    Matt: Championship Boxer/God of Wii Sports

    Elisa: Tennis Player

    Ryan: Bartender

    Marco: Pizzeria owner

    Yoko: Prostitute

    Miguel: Sports announcer

    Luca: Teacher

    Ashley: Teacher

    Miyu/Abby: UFC (next opponent will possibly be Conner McGregor)

    Shouta: School Principal

    Oscar: Owner of the Oscars

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  • You crab

    Here are the standings

    February 17, 2020 by You crab

    This is how everything went while playing expert level.

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  • You crab

    Wii Party U Expert level

    February 17, 2020 by You crab

    I’m gonna play Wii Party U on Expert level. The Miis I want are...




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  • YoungArtist79

    Here are the QRs of the Miis from Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IIA2 Miis. Sadly, only the YA79 Miis will have QRs, since the IAA2 Miis I don't have on my 3DS.

    Use them in your own BrantSteele sims, put them in Tomodachi Life, Smash Bros, Miitopia, and more!

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with Matt, André, Yoko and a knocked out Gabi)

    Matt (WS/WSR): Get the... **** OFF ME!

    (Matt throws Yoko to the wall)

    Matt (WS/WSR)*in mind*: This isn't going the way I thought it would. I gotta get outta here!

    (Matt then runs out the window)

    Yoko: Hey! COME BACK!


    Yoko: Ugh, it's no use. He's too far gone. What a fraud.

    Gabi: Ugh... What happened? Why do I have blood on my forehead?

    André: Oh lord. I didn't think Matt hit Gabi THAT hard with the pan.

    Gabi: What? André, what are you talking about?

    Yoko: She doesn't even remember!

    Gabi: Remember what? What is there to remember?!

    André: Uh, nothing. Let's just go back to bed. You... probably feel a bit uneasy.

    Gabi: I do, actually.

    André: Oh, and Yoko?

    Yoko: What?

    André: …

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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion: Part 2

    February 16, 2020 by Miitopia Guy


    (George, Cole, Andy, Eva, and Marco wake up in the volcano)

    George: Ugh, what happened?

    Eva: Don't you remember? Rolia put us through a competition!

    Cole: Of course, we're in the volcano, let's get out of here before- GUYS LOOK BEHIND YOU!

    Marco: Wha-?

    (The miis look behind them, seeing several of Rolia's minions)

    Andy: Ah! We're surrounded by Rolia's minions!

    Eva: There is only one way out of here, and it is fighting!

    George: Attack!

    (Eva pulls out a basketball and shoots it at full speed, taking out some minions)

    Eva: Three points!

    George: My turn!

    (George puts his black armor on, fighting the minions)

    Marco: Let me join in!

    (Marco pulls out his sword as well, helping George)

    Cole: Don't forget me!

    (Cole pulls out his Black Armor, but tak…

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    I sent out a survey on Google forms asking what their favorite and least favorite sport in Wii Sports was, and I got six responses. Let's see what the results are.

    For people's favorite sports, boxing got two votes, and then swordplay, basketball, tennis, and baseball all got one. Here's what the users said:

    TheShinyLucarioMaster: Because I love how it gets more challenging and my favourite CPU Mii (Sakura) is the champion in it.

    MarquessMark: Basketball's MY sport in real life. It also has a unique way of playing and is in teams. I like that the teamwork aspect is clearer than Baseball and the intense atmosphere in game as you try to score/defend. And the Pros consist of people who play coolly! My wish for improvement: fixing the motion cont…

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  • You crab

    My opinion on your Miis

    February 16, 2020 by You crab

    CelestiaTheGreatPrincess: WHAT DO THEY MEAN???

    HowIloveIt: Your Mii looks like Mario.

    IAmAwesome2: If you’re a female, then what’s the point of making a Mii that literally has my Dad’s name?

    Minefa5: It looks like something you could easily make in Mii maker.

    Végégon: What is that?

    KingFire4IcePowerAAA: Your Mii is very interesting.

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  • MarquessMark

    Every time I post a significant thing everyone has an 80% probability of stopping activity. That makes me feel ditched. Is it bad timing? Am I so shocking? Are the higher admins discussing on discord my temerity to post uncensored opinions/choices/news? If I don't get helpful, informative comments on this blog I'll know.

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess


    February 16, 2020 by CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Is this a coincidence or... uhhhhhh, what? Is this really a coincidence..

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA


    February 15, 2020 by KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    Go to this link to fill out a quick survey.

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    What skill do they have? Tell me in the comments! (I didn't wanted to disturb you guys..)

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Cut to Theo, Saburo and Daisuke)

    Saburo: Theo, there are planes getting near us right now.

    Theo: ...Shoot them down.

    Daisuke (WS/WSR): Alright then. Saburo, your aim has to be perfect.

    (Back with the planes)

    Miguel: Spread out! If one of us gets shot down and exploded, we need to avoid a chain reaction.

    (The planes all seperate)

    Miguel: I need asistance on the left side of the Blimp.

    Leonel: Gotcha covered.

    (Miguel and Leonel start flying near the left side of the Blimp)

    Miguel: Irina, you and Anna can go to the right side.

    Irina: OK. Let's make this count!

    (Irina and Anna start flying near the right side of the Blimp)

    Vincenzo: Victor, you and I will go to the front of the Blimp.

    Victor (WSC): This plan better work out.

    (Vincenzo and Victor start flyi…

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    Norbert Otto Trebron was born in Mississippi, USA. His family doesn't care about him, not even grandparents. He's in only care under his aunt, which appears to be evil. After the school, he saw the male teenager shot down another female teenager in front of his eyes. He was unable to do anything but watch helplessly. He has to sleep under the bridge like a homeless people, because his siblings keeps "bullying" every night, and his parent doesn't care any word from him. He is very angry and has enough of his family. In the Internet café, he researches on the Internet which city he should live in. Until he has found this page. Upon further reading, he fell in love with Vienna and his dreams is, to fly Vienna. Unfortunately, he is only 14. No…

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with the others)

    Léonie: Wait, what are you doing? HEY, DON'T LEAVE YET! Open the trunk first.

    Shouta: Why?

    Léonie: Hiroshi! That's why! Are you gonna leave him there?!

    Shouta: Oh. Right. Sorry.

    (Shouta opens the trunk)

    Lucía: Jesus Christ, Hiroshi. You look like you saw a murder.

    Hiroshi: Well, you almost murdered ME with that rapid driving. Why were you going so fast anyway?

    Shouta: If I explained, it wouldn't make any sense. Now get outta the bloody trunk.

    (Léonie and Shouta pull Hiroshi out of the trunk)

    Léonie: Well, Kathrin? It was your idea to hide here. What now?

    Kathrin: We wait.

    Léonie: For what? Santa Claus? Chinese New Year? Summer?

    Kathrin: No. We wait until someone gets Theo out of our hair.

    Miyu: How is anyone gonna... How do you e…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    I was just browsing through YouTube, and I saw this video:

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  • Salty saint

    (6:45AM, Winter)

    (Abby sits on the docks)

    Abby: Nothing has happened, today, at least

    (Abby takes out her phone)

    Abby: I'm gonna check my texts to see if someone texted something interesting

    (Abby looks at her texts)

    Abby: WHAT THE F***??

    Abby: WHY DO I HAVE 56 TEXTS??!!

    Abby: ...oh

    Abby: it's freaking Elisa, all texts from Elisa

    Abby: and all of them are just "hello"

    • FlAsHbAcK wOoO*

    (While Abby sleeps, her phone beeps over and over)

    • EnD fLaShBaCk WoOo*

    (Abby texts Elisa)

    Abby (texting): hi, Elisa

    Elisa (texting) HI!!! MEET ME AT DOCK 3!!!

    (Abby glances back from dock 1 to dock 3 to see Elisa and someone else)

    Abby (texting) ok!

    (Abby runs to dock 3)

    Abby: who's that?

    Elisa: oh! that's Cole

    Cole: Hiya!

    Abby: are you dating? or are you just friends?

    Elisa: oh were…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Alisha: Don't you think constructing an Army is going a bit overboard?

    Ivo: I'm not the one that thought it would be a good idea to make a blimp fly around the island.

    Alisha: Gabi's idea, not mine.

    Ivo: Still, it's kinda dumb. How is a Blimp helpful in any way possible?

    (Back with Shouta and others)

    Miyu: ...Hey, is that a Blimp?

    Léonie: It's probably just the Whale Shark.

    Shouta: You're right. It seems to have someone's face printed on it though.

    (The face becomes more visible by the second)

    Léonie: Jesus, what a large forehead. That hairline ain't any better either.

    Shouta: Wait a second... that face... who is that supposed to be?

    Léonie: Whoever he or she is, he looks hideous.

    Miyu: What are you guys talking abo-*Gasp*

    Lucía: What? WHAT IS IT?! I …

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    If Takumi were a food, what would he be?

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    Who do you think is the most popular person on this wiki?

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  • HowILoveIt

    Miyu: Léonie?!

    Léonie: No, the Pope. OF COURSE it's me.

    Lucía: But how did you even get here?

    Léonie: It was quite easy, actually. I have two limbs on my body. They're called legs. I used them to-

    Miyu: Please don't act like that.

    Léonie: Right, sorry. The answer should be obvious though. I walked all the way here. Twas a long walk bu-


    Léonie: Oh, look. Dr. Kawashima.

    Shouta: Léonie? What are you doing here?

    Léonie: Look at my hand. A gun. Now look down and behind me. A dead Tyrone.

    Shouta: Well, ain't that just nice. Guess there's no point in leaving now, is there?

    Léonie: You need to clean you glasses, man. The hospital's still on fire.

    Shouta: Oh, right. To the car we go!


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  • Sixtombfanner11

    I'm returning!

    February 14, 2020 by Sixtombfanner11

    That's right, after months of not being on this wiki, I have decided to come back for a visit. So basically, I'll try to be more active, get more social, and be part of the Wii Sports Wiki community.

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  • Miitopia Guy

    The Invasion: Part 1

    February 14, 2020 by Miitopia Guy


    (Lucia and Yoshi walking to the pool)

    Lucia: Hello Miss Yoshi! I'm ready for my next lesson!

    Yoshi: Okay, Lucia so first thing we are going to go over is- WHAT IN TARNATION IS THAT!!

    (A Hole opens up below Lucia, dropping her inside)

    Lucia: AHHHHHH

    Yoshi: LUCIA!!!

    (Soon, holes start forming below everyone, making them fall in)

    Yoshi: Wha- What is happening?!

    (Hole forms below Yoshi)

    Yoshi: NOOOOOO

    (Yoshi wakes up in some sort of lair)

    Akira: Wake up Yoshi!!

    Yoshi: Akira? Where are we?

    Akira: I don't know but everybody on the island is here!!

    ?????: Well, Hi everyone!!

    Akira: Huh?

    ?????: I'm Rolia, the Evil Wuhu God!

    Shohei: Why did you trap us down here?!

    Rolia: Well, I'm putting you guys through a little competition...

    Abby: A competition?


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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    I got my profile picture from

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  • You crab

    Welp! Welcome everybody! I'm You crab and I'm your new host.

    Today we're gonna be ranking up the opinions of CPU Miis during the 2020's decade.

    Matt(1st Place)

    Takumi(2nd Place)

    Fritz(3rd Place)

    Miyu(First Place)

    Lucía(Second Place

    Ryan(Third Place)

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    Recently I have noticed that almost all the pictures on Rin's page are gone. People said that they had to remove fanon pictures, but for some reason they are doing this for only Rin's page, not for other pages.

    Comment down below if we should put the pictures back.

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  • Minefa5

    About cpu mii story

    February 13, 2020 by Minefa5

    I know the cpu miis story are good but i don't know why the cpu mii story it will be better with mii players

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck


    February 13, 2020 by Hilvi Haslbäck

    After 10 months, I can finally added the image of my personal mii (on this wiki).

    And I would LOVE to comment your opinion about this image. :D

    His name is Hilvi.

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  • You crab

    Admins Strictness.

    February 13, 2020 by You crab

    Keep a note, some of these may be exaggerated.

    • You crab
    • IAmAwesome2
    • Minefa5
    • InsertMemeHere

    • Hyperus18
    • MarquessMark
    • The Plant Developer
    • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    • HowIloveIt
    • YoungArtist79
    • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    • Végégon
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  • YoungArtist79

    For S5 of Mii Survivor, YoungArtist79's Miis and IAmAwesome2's Miis face off, and fight for the million.

    Misy received intense criticism for not using her advatages when she could have, as well as her inability to maintain the alliances she formed. She received no votes to win. Rick was praised for his strategic ability, but was criticized for his poor challenge ability and social game. Rylee won due her great challenge ability and social game, but was criticised for her bad judgement in certain situations.

    Wilbur won the fan favorite award, with Rick and Dave as the runners-up. Rachel discussed the alliance with her and Dave, Siebold discussed his medevac, Misy discussed her alliances, Cathy discussed accidentally telling a secret, and Rick…

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  • You crab

    Glass Joe: Pierre

    Von Kaiser: Marco

    Disco Kid: Alex

    King Hippo: Hiromi(Champion)

    Piston Honda: Tatsuaki

    Bear Hugger: Ian

    Great Tiger: George

    Don Flamenco: Takumi(Champion)

    Aran Ryan: Gabriele

    Soda Popinski: Víctor

    Bald Bull: Saburo

    Super Macho Man: Miguel

    Mr. Sandman: Matt(Champion/Final Boss)

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  • Banannawolves

    Alisha                            11-15    

    Gabi                              26-30

    Shinnosuke                    41-45

    Miyu                              51-55

    Mike                             66-70

    Steph                            76-80

    Martin                           90-95

    Jake                            101-105

    Steve                          115-120

    Pablo                          130-135

    Kentaro                      145-150

    Andy                          165-170

    Eddy                          185-190

    Eduardo                     200-205

    Gwen                         215-220

    Shouta                      235-240

    Julie                          256-260

    Hiromi                       275-280

    Hiroshi                      296-300

    Fritz                          311-315 …

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  • Banannawolves

    Vincenzo the GPS

    February 10, 2020 by Banannawolves

    (SCENE 1: All the CPU Miis are lined up for another cycling race. James is starting the race)

    James: Y'all ready?

    All CPU Miis: Yasssss!

    Anna: Oh heck ya I'm gonna kick some Pirate Booty.

    Fritz: We'll see, Anna. Wait 'till I kick your Pirate Booty

    Anna: In your dreams, sonny boy.

    Fritz: Excuse me?


    Anna: But...


    Fritz: (whispering) Exactly what I'll do 

    Anna: Shut up (slaps Fritz in the face)

    Fritz: Make me.

    Anna: Grrrr...

    James: Now repeat after me

    Miyu: After me.

    James: Har har Miyu. You know what's funny? You getting disqualified. NOW LISTEN UP!

    Miyu: (whispers to Midori) Sheesh, what a grouch.

    Midori: Yeah (chuckles but James can't hear her)

    James: I will…

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  • MarquessMark

    Goodness! With so much bold letter removal and badge trivia removal, I would've thought that one of you would have earned the Gerald badge!

    P.S. I know why you admins did it.

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  • You crab

    I made the decision

    February 10, 2020 by You crab

    I’m gonna go with... option 2!

    Sike! Option 1!

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    I see a Natsuki (my computer account) during the morning, and she seems pretty nice, unlike the other sockpuppets (who are, you know, rude and mostly doing vandalism for doing some nasty actions on pages), Natsuki is basically a nice girl who tried to help peoples (expect the haters and peoples who are vandalised pages) as she can as possible.

    She also said, if I wasn't here, then she could take my place, does this means Natsuki is a very nice sockpuppet user.

    We might check on her, whatever it is.

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  • MarquessMark

    On the subject of my WS/R "Living Legends" on my userpage, something's not been right and I have to reveal it.

    I only started liking Miyu more than Abby because I felt coerced by HowILoveIt's ways. A term that captures the intimidation I felt may be... "dragooned". A more specific term for how I view it would be "browbeaten".

    HowILoveIt wasn't being directly intimidating but his unique style of voicing his opinions on the Miis back in 2019 was scary and full of attitude. I thought attitude was as cool as Sonic The Hedgehog (YMMV on this simile) but Alberto effectively deconstructed that trope. He was blunt and strict, no nonsense, and pretty realistic. He had a lot of snark up his sleeve too, ready to roast and toast any naysayers/disliked M…

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