• YoungArtist79

    Here is the third set of Mii Big Brother Contestants.

    After reading the bios in the infoboxes, use the poll to tell who you would align with in the game. Also, tell your thoughts in the comments!

    Poll is here:

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  • Jonasabbou13

    Beginner Miis:

    Line 1:Miyu, Jessie, Julie, Chika, Mia, Sarah, Megan, Chris, Barbara, Steve 

    Line 2: Ryan, Fumiko, Marco, Rin, Jake, Sandra, Gabi, Marisa, Asami, Alisha

    Standard Miis:

    Abby, Alex, Miguel, Gwen, Helen, Maria, Ai, Siobhán, Tomoko, Luca

    Takashi, Hiromi, Cole, Kathrin, Ursula, Giovanna, Kentaro, Martin, Susana, Shinnosuke,

    Advanced Miis:

    Haru, Ian, Sota, Vincenzo, Yoshi, Anna, Elisa, Oscar, Emily, Michael

    Misaki, Fritz, Daisuke, Greg, Keiko, Rachel, Hayley, Emma, Steph, Jackie

    Expert Miis:

    James, Patrick, Tatsuaki, Shohei, Mike, Holly, Ren, Gabriele, Silke

    Nick,  Hiroshi, Shouta, Eva, Yoko, Takumi, Andy, Stéphanie, Abe, Ashley

    Master Miis

    Saburo, Nelly, Tommy, Naomi, David, Shinta, Midori, Theo, Rainer, Eduardo

    Lucía, Matt, Hiromasa, Sakura, …

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  • Keiko from WS


    September 20, 2020 by Keiko from WS

    Me and Nick broke up in tomodachi life... DANG IT TOMODACHI LIFE! Y U DO DIS TO MEH

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  • MarioLuigiFanTheTeen

    Ren's badge

    September 19, 2020 by MarioLuigiFanTheTeen

    I just created this so I can get Ren's blog post badge.

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  • Wii Are The Champions

    Wii Sports Saburo Suzuki: Sapporo, Japan Haru Tomaru: Kyoto, Japan Matthew (Matt) Sullivan: Chicago, Illinois, USA  Abigail (Abby) Garcon: San Francisco, California, USA James Smith: Birmingham, England, UK Sarah Williams: London, England, UK Michael Fischer: Frankfurt, Germany Silke Müller: Munich, Germany Pierre DuBois: Paris, France Juliette (Julie) Laurent: Marseille, France Marco Caprio: Rome, Italy Elisabeth (Elisa) Romano: Venice, Italy Víctor Rodríguez: Madrid, Spain Evalyn (Eva) Gomez: Seville, Spain

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  • YoungArtist79

    Here is the second set of Mii Big Brother Contestants.

    After reading the bios in the infoboxes, use the poll to tell who you would align with in the game. Also, tell your thoughts in the comments!

    Poll is here:

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  • YoungArtist79

    Here is the first set of Mii Big Brother Contestants.

    After reading the bios in the infoboxes, use the poll to tell who you would align with in the game. Also, tell your thoughts in the comments!

    Poll is here:

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  • YoungArtist79

    So, I'm making a new BrantSteele sim, Mii Big Brother!

    21 Miis will compete in a house with no contact with the outside world. This means no phone, internet, social media, or news. Houseguests compete in many challenges, in order to win power and luxury. In the Final 2, all houseguests who placed 13th-3rd will vote on who should win Mii Big Brother, and the million dollar prize (I decided to adjust the prize total from real Big Brother).

    5 Miis will form an alliance unknown to the other houseguests, known as the Wiki 5. Since this is an INTERACTIVE simulator and Jade is the protagonist, she will automatically be a member, while I will use four polls based on which houseguest you would want to form an alliance with if you were on (Mii) Big Br…

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  • Jonasabbou13

    Protected Articles

    September 15, 2020 by Jonasabbou13

    We used to have fully protected articles which we may still have , but this cannot work, since only 10-15 people here can edit them. Should we make rules less strict?

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  • Jonasabbou13

    I will maybe create an emulator for WS/WSR/Wii Party/Mario Kart Wii

    The Data for skill levels will be on a viewable google sheet only:

    Please tell me what names of 100 new CPUs you want to replace the old 100.

    At the moment I have 20 Females (12 WS-WP/MKW females, 8 WSR-WP/MKW females) and 80 Males(48 WS-WP/MKW males, 32 WSR-WP/MKW males) on my Code

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  • IAmAwesome2

    My updated opinions.

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  • Jonasabbou13

    Ranking Page

    September 10, 2020 by Jonasabbou13

    Please read my profile and on my ranking, tell me what miis are missing?

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  • MatthewGo707

    All my own-made CPUs

    September 10, 2020 by MatthewGo707

    Note: All Miis mentioned are fictional. Share your thoughtdls about my Miis being mentioned in this blog.

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  • Penny The Nerd

    Im Very Sorry

    September 9, 2020 by Penny The Nerd

    Sorry i was inactive for a week, Im grounded, I did not kill myself, And i didnt do anything bad, just a ordinary grounding.

    Im eating rn which means i can use my PC.

    And i may do it in the future if things get worse.

    And i will do something bad to myself. If you give me 20 reasons why i shouldnt, then i wont do it

    Love Annabelle. 

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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    I have another announcement and it's that the Wii Sports Quiz series is temporary cancelled. The reason of that is because I really don't know what to do for my next quiz and I usually do other stuff like working on my wiki I made or playing Geometry Dash etc.

    I currently don't have a release date when I come back.

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  • You crab

    Welcome to the series where I compare the Users in the community by video game/movie/TV show characters, judged by personality and power.

    • Liu Kang: HowIloveIt
    • Kung Lao: KingFire4IcePowerAAA
    • Johnny Cage: Kung Pierre
    • Reptile: WuhuTourist
    • Sub Zero: TheShinyLucarioMaster
    • Shang Tsung: Willama35
    • Kitana: IAmAwesome2
    • Jax: Dai4ly
    • Mileena: Unknown Channel
    • Baraka: MarquessMark
    • Scorpion: You crab
    • Raiden: Végégon
    • Sonya Blade: Candy
    • Erron Black: Sabotager
    • Quan Chi: SlyCooperFan1
    • Goro: Average Vandals
    • Shinnok: Kiddo
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  • Jonasabbou13

    CPU Movie

    September 6, 2020 by Jonasabbou13

    This is my movie: Wuhu Island

    DAY 1

    Matt: Where am I? Anyone here?

    Ray: It looks like your train on it's way to Switzerland has crashed in wuhu island.

    Matt: Seems Strange, am I still alive?

    Ray: I'm Dreaming to make a boxing class.

    Matt: We can make one together.

    Abby: Yay! I can't wait to spend my holidays here!

    Ashley: It will be so fun!

    Oscar: It's beautiful!

    Matt: Anyone wants boxing lessons with me and Ray for 20 euros/hour?

    Ashley: We're signing up Abby and Oscar.

    Matt: Sounds good. Abby, Oscar, wait in the changing room and put these clothes on.

    Hiroshi: I would like to sign up Theo and Haru for a boxing lesson.

    Matt: Ok, that's amazing, you two, put your clothes on and wait in the changing room please.

    Hiroshi, Tommy, Eduardo, David: Let's Celeb…

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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    Sorry for the one day delay for the results guys, for some reason only 2 people guessed in the comments. However, this is the 1st time there wasn't a tie. The reason for my delay is that I am going to be less active on this wiki so the voting ending period, results, and the quizzes itself will go and this time voting will end in 15 days, results will come 7 days after the voting ending and the quizzes will now be 10 days after the voting period.

    The only two that guessed were people are here at the bottom of this text.


    Dadpleaseno (3/3)


    Wuhutourist  (1.5/3) On question 2, they got the answer right but the reason wrong, idk how to think about it though. So I gave them half of a point. Though Wuhu said they were probably gonna do bad.


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  • Polanimate III


    Lucía: Greater Toronto Area

    Mike: Kingston

    Víctor: Chatham-Kent

    Ryan: Greater Sudbury

    Kentaro: Sault Ste Marie

    Marco: North Bay.

    Shinnosuke: Timmins


    Matt: Hull/Gatineau 

    Pierre: Île Montreal

    Ren: Québec City 

    Greg: Sherbrooke

    Mia: Trois-Rivières

    Midori: Saguenay.

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  • KajiroArts2019

    My Wii Sports OCiis

    September 5, 2020 by KajiroArts2019

    So here are my Wii Sports OCiis that I made, hope you guys like it

    If you guys have any questions, let me know and I will respond as soon as I can, thank you

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  • Picklesispicky

    These are the miis I cant possibly live without  Reasons why?  Holly: She is always there for me when I play wii party and I want to go advanced she is ALWAYS the first to come up. FunFact about my user name Pickles is from holly her favorite food is pickles from MY TL island.  Ren: Without Ren I probably wouldnt have been what I am today, I was a selfish jerk when I was 11 years old, I was so mean and picky all the time thats where Pickyispickles came from because of that reason why I cant live without Ren, Ren changed my attitude to a more pleasent attitude. Its complicated to say  WSC Matt: My first crush I ever had for 2 years straight and Matt always warmed my heart everytime I see him.    Mizuho: She was the only female mii that made…

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  • Weegee2689

    Summertime Drawing contest

    September 2, 2020 by Weegee2689

    Hello there so, I made a drawing contest some days ago and I need you to do this again for the end of summer! So I'm sending you another one before fall arrives. You can draw or photoshop Rules

    1. You can put them in a summer background (Beach, Waterpark or Pool)
    2. Bonus: if you add Myrte, Sylvan, Thessy and Danique in your picture, you're going to be featured in the gallery!
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  • Wii Are The Champions

    Previously on Tomodachi Life: A New Life

    ??????:Hi, my name's

    Now here's part 2. *dabs


    Narrator: Really, how stupid are you? That guy IS you.

    Look-alike: That's why I'm your look-alike.

    Saburo: Wait, no one said anything about look-alikes...

    Narrator: You're hungry!

    Saburo: Wait, no I'm no...

    • stomach grumbles

    Saburo: Wait, that wasn't me! 

    Narrator: It was, because I made you.

    Saburo: WHAT?

    Narrator: Anyway, Subaru's look-alike...

    Saburo: Saburo.

    Narrator: Don't care. Why don't you go get some food for our hungry friend?

    Look-alike: Got it.

    Saburo: There's not even a fricking food store!

    • Food Mart pops up

    Narrator: Come again?

    Saburo: Okay, but what can I do here?

    Narrator: You can starve.

    Saburo: T…

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  • Wii Are The Champions

    Narrator: Here sits a little island in the middle of the ocean...

    Narrator: The place is all yours. It just needs a name!

    ??????: Hmm... maybe...

    Narrator: How about Apple Island?


    Narrator: Maybe 3DS Island?

    ??????: Oh heck no! Not that! How about...

    Narrator: How about...


    Narrator: Okay.

    ??????: Hmm...I got it! Sunset Island!

    Narrator: Sunset Island... That's a great name!

    Narrator: Oh? Here comes a new islander in a Blue Subaru.

    ??????: Heh. Wait! *goes to the garage WHERE DID MY SUBARU GO!?

    Narrator: What he didn't realize was that the new islander in that Subaru... was him.

    ??????:Wait a second, you little b-

    • teleports to the port

    ??????: Where am I?

    Narrator: Why, you're in …

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  • Weegee2689

    Weegeepedia now open!

    August 31, 2020 by Weegee2689

    Well I decided to create a wiki here here's a link!

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  • 9I796T66

    Here's what I think the cast should be:

    Nick as The Scout

    Tyrone as The Soldier

    Takashi as The Pyro

    Matt (WS) as The Demoman

    Kentaro (WS) as The Heavy

    Ren as The Engineer

    Hiromasa as The Medic

    Saburo as The Sniper

    Martin as The Spy

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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    I am a founder of a wiki called Geometry Dash Map Packs Wiki, Please help me to make it, I would be happy if you did but you don't have to. It is about Geometry Dash map packs and Geometry Dash map pack levels. Here is the link to the wiki:  (Acctually, you will be able to edit once all of the information and all of the articles are released.)

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  • Weegee2689

    Favorite pics.

    August 28, 2020 by Weegee2689

    Coming soon.

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    "_" = Name of Grown-Ups

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  • Weegee2689

    My ocs (new)

    August 28, 2020 by Weegee2689
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  • YoungArtist79

    I wanted something fresh for the 9th season of Mii Survivor. So I have an all new cast this season. This season, 16 Miis fight to win this game. The format is a little different this time, such having a Final 2 rather than a Final 3. Who are you rooting for? Let me know in the comments below!

    At the Final Tribal Council, Donna was criticized for not doing much and coasting across the game, as well as her tantrums and fits. J.J. was praised however, for winning challenges, making moves, and being socible. Overall, J.J. won in a 6-1 vote against Donna.

    At the Reunion, Mikayla won the fan-favorite award, with J.J. and Masaru as the runners-up. Jake and Miyu discussed their showmance, Mikayla discussed her alliance with J.J., Lawrence discussed …

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  • Weegee2689

    My OCs

    August 27, 2020 by Weegee2689
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  • Weegee2689

    Drawing Contest!

    August 26, 2020 by Weegee2689

    Hello there random user! Welcome to this blog post! Today we're gonna see if you could draw this Lucía picture here! You can also photoshop the picture!  Here are the rules:

    1. You must add all of the characters (If optional)
    2. You must include Sylvan (on the left) and Myrte (on the right)
    3.  Bonus: if you add Maurits, Rik, Thessy, and Danique in your drawing, The drawing will be featured in my gallery!

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  • WuhuTourist

    Recently I thought of this question: If you played the sports from WS/WSR IRL, what would your actual skill level be?

    Here are mine (this is just an estimate, as I don't play many of these sports):

    Tennis: 970-1000 (PRO) (I play this IRL)

    Baseball: 250-350

    Boxing: 125-225

    Swordplay: 611-615 (this one might be a bit of a stretch)

    Basketball: 146-150

    Table Tennis: 806-810 (I play this IRL)

    Cycling: 30th out of 98 (PRO) (maybe) (I do this IRL)

    Thanks for reading! Leave yours in the comments below.

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  • YoungArtist79

    So, for fun, I made 10 more Mii Survivor contestants/OC Miis, and each have names, jobs and WP difficulties, and ages.

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  • 9I796T66

    Party Phil: Okay Miis, let's start the day with a few new math problems. What is 5x2? C'mon Miis, don't be shy just give it your best shot.

    (Takumi raises his hand)

    Party Phil: Yes, Takumi?

    Takumi: 12.

    Party Phil: Okay, now let's try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete idiot. Anyone? C'mon, don't be shy.

    Nick: I think I know the answer Party Phil!

    Matt: Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh!

    Nick: Shut up Bald Man!

    Matt: Hey! Don't call me bald, you f***ing Four Eyes!

    Party Phil: Matt! Did you just say the F word?!

    Matt: Four Eyes?

    Nick: No, he's talking about f***. You can't say f*** in school, you f***ing bald punk.

    Party Phil: NICK!

    Matt: Why the f*** not?

    Party Phil: MATT!

    Luca: Dude, you just said f*** again!

    Party Phil: LUCA!

    Ryan: F***.


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  • WuhuTourist

    So I know I did this a while back, but my tierlist has changed recently, so I decided to redo this as well.

    It's worth noting that although Rainer is lower than Eduardo, it's for a very specific reason which is not Wii Party. I dislike Eduardo more in general, so that's why he's on this and not Rainer.

    Please let me know what you think and leave yours in the comments!

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  • Wii Are The Champions
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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    Hello whoever is reading this blog, if you didn't know or forgot, I started a Wii Sports quiz blog. After I published it, I was really suprised that people acctually commented on my blog. I was thinking of making results and more quizzes and here we are in quiz 3. This time the topic is the mii's baseball teammates. Since I think the Wii Sports Club miis' teammates are randomized, I will not include them for this quiz. Anyways, there are 3 questions. Voting ends on 9/2/2020 results will come on 9/4/2020. Quiz 4 will come on 9/7/2020. Anyways, here are the questions. Do not look at their articles.

    1. Which mii is on Keiko's team and has the same favorite color as her?

    A. Naomi B. Jake C. Yoko D. Hayley E. Kathrin F. Julie G. Tyrone

    2. Which m…

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    My OC Miis

    August 22, 2020 by Hilvi Haslbäck

    Idea brought from CelestiaTheGreatPrincess, MaiLightApple and Dadpleaseno.

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  • WuhuTourist

    Note: FULL CREDIT goes to HEYimHeroic for discovering and extracting this information. I am merely putting it out here for people who are not on Discord.

    For those of you who aren't on the Discord server (which you should join, btw), yesterday Alice was able to convert the data files for Wii Sports Boxing to determine the placements of the Miis who don't appear in boxing. As Alice explains, the way it works is more like places in a race, from 0 to 59. Matt, being the champion, is listed as placement 0. Ryan, the beginner, is listed as place 38. That's where they cut it off. But below that, they actually have all the female Miis who don't appear as opponents. Haru was at place 39, one place away from being an opponent.

    Here is the order in wh…

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  • Dezzy Antonio

    Images Disappearing

    August 22, 2020 by Dezzy Antonio

    I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but everytime I upload an Image on a wiki, they always get removed. I dont know if there considered fanon or not, but I don't know. I been seeing Miitopia photo's on wikis lately and whenever I post them, they get taken away. It also keeps happening whenever I upload a Wii Party U image or a screenshot of the CPU's. Like, I had just uploaded a Miitopia photo of Enrique as the Pop-Quiz guy, and a couple of hours later, it was gone. I'm not trying to be rude, but I keep seeing Miitopia photo's from other people, but when I post, they keep getting taking away, am I doing something wrong?

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    Beginner Mii (4/11)

    • Chika
    • Haru
    • Mia
    • Sarah

    Standard Mii (3/11)

    • Anna (Wii)
    • Tomoko
    • Barbara (Wii)

    Advanced Mii (1/11)

    • Holly

    Expert Mii (2/11)

    • Theo
    • Susana

    Master Mii (1/11)

    • Stéphanie
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  • WuhuTourist

    Hello, thanks for checking this out! Just a reminder that there is a contest for people who read these blogs; you can find out more in this discussions post. 

    HI PLEASE READ THIS: A lot of people have been commenting Miis that have already appeared or Miis that have been guessed already as their guesses. Just like real showdown stages, bosses in my custom stages do NOT appear in any other stage. Also remember that you are allowed to guess any boss, not just the one for the next stage.

    No bosses were correctly guessed in the comments of Stage 24. The first 5 bosses, as well as Pablo and Andy, cannot be guessed.

    Note that this stage introduces a new color of armor, Turquoise Armor. You can read more about it here.

    Stage description: Fight on the hil…

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  • Dezzy Antonio


    August 21, 2020 by Dezzy Antonio

    Why aren't my images working?

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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    Once again, everybody got all of the questions right, also, I have an announcment to make, when we get past Quiz 10, Quizzes 11-20 will have 6 questions instead, the maximum questions I will have is 10. Here are the people that commented/guessed ccorrectly in the comments besides me.



    The Plant Developer

    WuhuTourist (Special thanks to this user for pointing a mistake I made)


    The 3 questions are:

    1. Which people are champions and beginners.

    Answer: C.Pit, E.Elisa, and G.Matt (Wii)

    2. Which people are normal champions

    Answers: B.Elisa D.Anna (Wii)

    3. Which Champion is the only to be not only a champion, but also a vice beginner, a pro class beginner, a vice champion, and a swordplay showdown boss?

    Answer: Anna (Wii)

    The rel…

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  • MaiLightApple

    Wii Ociis

    August 14, 2020 by MaiLightApple

    Now for some Wii Ociis! 

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  • YoungArtist79


    August 12, 2020 by YoungArtist79

    I got the Mii Survivor Party to work! Thanks so much to Heroic for making the mod. I am gonna have so much fun with this enhanced version of Wii Party!

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  • Dadpleaseno

    I got the idea to make this from MaiLightApple and CelestiaTheGreatPrincess.

    I changed my mind, I'm not including skill levels. Ignore the title.

    Also, some Miis' hair colors are different than their face images, since the originals were made on the Switch.

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  • MaiLightApple

    My Ociis (Wii U/3DS)

    August 11, 2020 by MaiLightApple

    Here are some of my Ociis 

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