• Elisa Wuhu

    only wii sports/resort since i never played club sorry

    She's barely even better than anyone else in the Top 10. Infact, Fritz seems to beat her a LOT when I play. But thats probably just me.

    I lost a few times to him but a lot less than others, it seems.

    Seperating because I can. He wasn't too bad. It took me a few tries but that was really just shock.

    She's almost as good as me! Needs to try a little harder, but almost there! You mostly just need to time correctly.

    Here I am! A lot like Sarah, but just a bit better. Because you know...

    Beating him took many tries, because he constantly played coward.

    I hate Baseball. It's the worst sport by far. Some people actually beat her real easy. I did not. She's hell to fight.

    Fighting her took so many tri…

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  • Imdoingthis

    How to avoid akira

    April 8, 2020 by Imdoingthis

    To avoid Akira , you have two options: go for a perfect game (Cole -Gwen -Tatsuaki-Ursula-Hayley-Haru-Shinnosuke-Misaki-Ai-Shohei-Champion , it's not too hard)


    You could take this alternate route, which invloves 6-1 games: however, you can only get 6-1 and 6-0 games in a specific order. Get perfect games until you reach Misaki. Purposely get a 6-1 game. That will lead you to Steve. You have one of two choices. Get a 6-1 game, and end up at Asami, or you could get a perfect and end up at Theo (but for getting to lucia without trouble for theo, you'd have to get a perfect game). When you end up at Asami, go for a 6-1 game (otherwise you end up with Siobhán if you get perfect, Greg if you get 6-2, Kathrin if you get 6-3 {which by the way…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Per User blog:Végégon/Categories, the following categories are being deleted on April 8, 2020:

    • Mii
    • Add Category Badge Miis‏‎
    • Bronze badge Miis‏‎
    • Cinquople Badge Miis‏‎
    • Double Badge Miis‏‎
    • Edit badge Miis‏‎
    • Edit category badge Miis‏‎
    • Gold badge Miis‏‎
    • Miis that appear on every kind of badges‏‎
    • Quadruple Badge Miis‏‎
    • Secret Badge Miis‏‎
    • Sietople Badge Miis‏‎
    • Silver badge Miis‏‎
    • Special badge Miis‏‎
    • Triple Badge Miis‏‎
    • Wiki Love badge Miis‏‎
    • Wii Mii
    • Wii U Mii
    • Nintendo
    • Top 10
    • Top 15
    • Top 5

    I am manually performing the deletion, while my bot account, User:Zone of Endless, is removing them from the pages they're on. I'm keeping this blog post here as a record for the edit histories of those pages and the deletion logs.

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  • YoungArtist79

    If any of the WSR Miis became spirits in Smash Ultimate, would they be a primary or support spirit? How good would they be? Let me know in the comments!

    Use this page to help you make Miis into spirits:

    Spirit Type Support Slots Trait Class
    Elisa Grab 0 Can be enhanced at Level 99

    ★★☆☆ Advanced

    Elisa & Sarah Grab 0 Ore Club Equipped ★★★☆ Ace
    Ryan Neutral ⬡⬡⬡ Initial Damage 30% ★☆☆☆ Novice
    Eva Attack ⬡⬡ Jump ↑ ★★☆☆ Advanced
    Matt Shield ⬡⬡⬡ Sword Attack ↑ ★★★★ Legend
    Nelly Attack ⬡ Speed ↑ ★★★★ Legend
    Theo Shield ⬡⬡ None ★★☆☆ Advanced
    Miyu Neutral ⬡⬡ Weight ↓ ★☆☆☆ Novice
    Misaki Grab ⬡⬡⬡ Jump ↑ ★☆☆☆ Novice
    Takumi Attack ⬡⬡⬡ Battering Items ↑ ★☆☆☆ Novice
    Chika Shield ⬡⬡⬡ Speed ↑ ★☆☆☆ Novice
    Rachel Neutral ⬡⬡ Can be enhanced at Leve…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Nintendo eShop

    April 7, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    So how would I purchase WSC passes for the Nintendo eShop?

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  • Dadpleaseno

    10 Miis I made

    April 7, 2020 by Dadpleaseno

    Here's 10 miis I made, tell me your opinions on them in the comments. (Idea from HowILoveIt , he did the same thing yesterday with his own Miis)

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    There are 4 things there are lots of going yesterday:

    1. HowILoveIt posted 30 images of Miis he made.
    2. Minefa5's and his brother's birthday.
    3. Result of Admin Poll came out.
    4. InsertMemeHere posted lots of comments because he ... how should I put this ... *freaked out*.

    What do you think so?

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  • HowILoveIt

    10, adding up to 30.

    April 6, 2020 by HowILoveIt

    Who do you hate and who do you like/love?

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  • HowILoveIt

    Here's 10 more.

    April 6, 2020 by HowILoveIt

    Who do you hate? Who do you love?

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  • HowILoveIt

    10 Miis I made.

    April 6, 2020 by HowILoveIt

    Anyone you hate? Anyone you love?

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  • Hyperus18


    April 6, 2020 by Hyperus18

    Well, my duty was done destroying Pierre, so I'm retiring to Idea Wiki.

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Rank my miis!

    April 6, 2020 by Dadpleaseno

    (Credit to YoungArtist79, I got the idea from him)

    Using this link, you can rank all of my Miis.

    Screenshot the image and put it in the comments!

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    (Inspired by YoungArtist)

    here's the link right above. (I'm pretty sure than HowILoveIt will be happy about it, because most of my casting are redheads or grey hairs.)

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  • YoungArtist79

    You can rank my Miis here with these tier lists. Screenshot the rankings and share them in the comments.

    Group A:

    Group B:

    Group C:

    Group D:

    Hope you enjoy gettin 'em ranked!

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Hello, Wii Sports Wiki. Your administrators and bureaucrats have decided to put together a poll to see who among them should maintain their administrator and bureaucrat rights, since this wiki has a large number of them.

    The results of the polls are in, and they are as follows:

    1. Végégon
    2. HEYimHeroic
    3. IAmAwesome2
    4. HowILoveIt
    5. LilGreenYoshi
    6. MarquessMark
    7. TheShinyLucarioMaster
    8. YoungArtist79
    9. Zerousage
    10. Spiky Eared Pichu

    All other users not on this list will no longer be admins.

    1. HEYimHeroic
    2. Végégon
    3. Spiky Eared Pichu
    4. LilGreenYoshi
    5. Zerousage
    6. Unknown Channel

    All other users not on this list will no longer be bureaucrats.

    I will be demoting the other users not listed here within a couple of days, I just want to make sure everyone's aware of the changes before they take effec…

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  • Minefa5

    Today is

    April 6, 2020 by Minefa5

    Me and my brother birthday

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  • Poppyislife

    Referee: Sandra

    Personal Trainer (Vinenzo's role): Miyu

    98th: Cole

    97th: Stephanie

    96th: Alisha

    95th: Barbara

    94th: Hiromi

    93rd: Pablo

    92nd: Tyrone

    91st: Midori

    90th: Andy

    89th: Sarah

    88th: Helen

    87th: Asami

    86th: Ren

    85th: Shohei

    84th: Maria

    83rd: Shouta

    82nd: David

    81st: Takumi

    80th: Marisa

    79th: Yoshi

    78th: Emily

    77th: Lucia

    76th: Luca

    75th: Nelly

    74th: Haru

    73rd: Gwen

    72nd: Susana

    71st: Misaki

    70th: Silke

    69th: Mia

    68th: Pierre

    67th: Yoko

    66th: Chris

    65th: Jessie

    64th: Chika

    63rd: Jackie

    62nd: Elisa

    61st: Eduardo

    60th: Nick

    59th: Patrick

    58th: Daisuke

    57th: Keiko

    56th: Rin

    55th: Micheal

    54th: Gabriele

    53rd: Marco

    52nd: Holly

    51st: Theo

    50th: Ai

    49th: Anna

    48th: Giovanna

    47th: Eva

    46th: Shinta

    45th: Abe

    44th: Victor

    43rd: Hayley

    42nd: Gabi

    41st: Matt

    40th: Akira

    39th: James

    38th: Fumiko

    37th: Naomi …

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  • Dadpleaseno

    (In Kwaad's lair, the eliminated contestants are having a conversation)

    Alex: Well, hopefully nothing bad happens to us in here.

    David: Patrick, when we're released, you're going to be sorry.

    Patrick: PFFFT! HA! NO I WON'T! HAHA!

    Silke: Oh yeah you will! David's gonna do a round of boxing!

    Patrick: Maybe you should shut it, Silke! No one likes you!

    Daisuke: Hey, guys? My legs are getting really stiff...

    Steph: You're just aging, Daisuke!

    Vincenzo: Wait, no. I feel it too!

    (Mike looks down)


    (Yoshi also looks down)

    Yoshi: OH NO!

    Hiroshi: SOMEONE HELP!!!!

    Eva: AAAAAAH!

    (Daisuke, Mike, Vincenzo, Yoshi, Hiroshi, and Eva turn to stone)

    Nelly: AAAH! They turned to stone!

    Patrick: Well, they deserved it.

    (Patrick, Steph, …

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  • YoungArtist79

    What song do you think could describe a CPU Mii in your opinion. Comment to let me know!


    Rachel- Fancy- Iggy Azalea (She kind of reminds me of Iggy Azalea)

    Abby- Did it on 'em- Nicki Minaj

    Akira- Closer- The Chainsmokers

    Cole- Gym Leader Battle- Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Fumiko- Beethoven's 5th Symphony 

    Haru- The Three Little Pigs

    Matt- Get out of the way- Ludacris

    Misaki- I Love It- Icona Pop

    Eva: Bring me to Life [Evanescence]

    Mike- WSR Canoeing Theme

    Jessie: WSR Bowling theme

    Gwen: Crash Balls (Wii Party)

    Nick: Night Drive (All American Rejects)

    Gabi: Real Gone (Sheryl Cow)

    Saburo: I Am Electric (Heaven's Basement)

    Ryan: Life is a Highway (Rascal Flatts)

    Miguel: Pilotswings Resort title screen

    Steph- Anaconda- Nicki Minaj 

    Shinta: Minecraft theme


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  • Connor Findlay

    Which CPU Miis would portray which Mario characters.

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with the others)

    Miyu: ...Hiroshi is not coming out of there.

    Lucía: You think I can't see? My vision came back already.

    Miyu: Yeah, well, I'm just saying that I'm getting a tad bit worried that he's probably--

    (Hiroshi gets out of the robot)

    Miyu: Nevermind. There he is.

    Lucía: What took you so long?

    Hiroshi: Well, one thing's for sure, Steph obviously doesn't think about space on a location.

    Miyu: Steph? Hiroshi, what are you going on about?

    Hiroshi: Nothing of concern. Just get in the wheelcha--oh no...

    Lucía: Oh no what? What's wrong?

    Hiroshi: The... wheelchair's broken.

    Miyu: So we're stranded is what you're trying to say?

    Lucía: Yeah, we're basically stuck here now.

    Hiroshi: Well, no, actually. We could try something...

    Miyu: Like what?


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  • Banannawolves

    (all form circle around ruby)

    Vincenzo: I drank my coffee and now it's getting dicey! I gotta go use the little boys' room! (runs to restroom)

    (Two minutes later...)

    Anna: Let's just take the jewel and go! (grabs jewel but gets trapped in cage)



    Vincenzo: Ah! Let it all out! (urinates) Hey! Cut it out Can't a man have his privacy?

    Narrator: No can do. We gotta record your daily life!

    Vincenzo: Even when going to the bathrrom?

    Narrator: In fact, yes.

    (Back to Anna and the crew)

    Mike: Anna! We'll get you down as soon as we take out Nick and Miyu!

    Sakura: I got this! (runs to Nick)


    Sakura: Yes. I am a woman. The one you love.


    Sakura: Why thanks! (blushes bashfull…

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  • Salty saint

    (Summer 2:34 PM)

    CHhc chhc pipipi..

    CHhc chhc pipipi..

    (Jake is walking close to the toppled monument when he gets hit in the face by dirt)


    Chika: Hrmm?

    Chika: AUGHH!

    (Chika digs a tunnel to the left)

    Jake: Who the heck?

    (Jake jumps down the hole following Chika)

    Jake: Nyehhh...

    (Chika enters a black modernist living room)

    Chika: Yes. Peace, All alone. Yes.


    Jake: Hrmm? Light?

    Jake: Chika? In a underground house?

    (Chika sees Jake)

    Chika: AGHHH! PERSON!

    (Chika runs away)

    Jake: ...Uhhh...

    Chika: HA! I got away from him!

    (Jake leaves the hole and to his house)

    The end.. of this chapter.


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  • YoungArtist79

    I think he's underaged. You have to be 13 to use FANDOM and BrantSteele, and he said he's too young. I blocked him until further notice.

    Proof can be found here .

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  • Spiky Eared Pichu


    As of recently a few users have noticed that some galleries don't seem to be appearing for people. This is likely caused by a glitch that happened when changing the format of the galleries. We will be working on the issue and will give an update when the situation is fixed!

    In addition, there's been some confusion in terms of the images that are allowed in galleries. Over the past few months, we have come to the decision that the gallery sections will need to be decluttered, and we will slowly be working on this.  While this may cause some pages to look emptier than before, this decision was made because we strive to be a formal wiki, so the information on a page is more necessary than the images. With that being said, here's what is a…

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  • Banannawolves

    (From Chapter 12)

    Miguel: Hey, what;s that glowing inside of that mountain?

    To be continued...


    Tomoko: Miguel's not seeing things once and for all

    Miguel: It's not my fault I can't see well!

    Anna: Shh! Hear that drum beating? 

    (drums beats are heard from distant place)

    ???: Melerika lioso megioso!

    Fritz: That certainly isn't German!

    Steph: Ooh, maybe it's gibberish (speaks Gibberish)

    ???: How dare you mock our sacred language!

    Alisha: Oh look. Steph caused us trouble.

    Steph: Oop, my bad. And I--

    ???: Password please!

    Steph: Password123!

    ???: WRONG!

    Tomoko: Melerika lioso megioso?


    (all enter through a hole in the mountain)

    Anna: Look! It's a ruby!

    Fritz: We're rich!

    Ian: We're wealthy!

    Tomoko: Shh, we are imposters here, you know t…

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Neko : meow, the vote has been passed... so there's 13 votes :) and firstly, a lucky one has no vote.

    Haru : I do not want to be eliminated...

    [Haru falls on the floor, without injury]

    Haru : ??? :O

    Neko : It was you, my dear... now, into the one who has votes.

    Gabi : .............

    Kathrin : I think than I will at least survive.

    Neko : meow.. you're wrong =)

    [BIP! BIP!]

    Kathrin : my collar! OH SHOOT!

    [Neko literally transform Kathrin into a immobile solid model, and she takes the appearance of Kathrin]

    Kathrin (Neko) : meow, here I am with a new cosplay, like it? Isn't it?


    [Michael vomits on the floor]

    Kathrin (Neko) : now.. into the votes. So, Gabi, is not eliminated. She only have o…

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  • HowILoveIt


    (Ivo bumps into Sota and Ai)

    Ai: Well, hello there.

    Sota: How art thou?

    Ivo: Ah f***! It's these "elegant" pieces of crap.

    Ai: Language, man.

    Sota: We haven't done nothing to you.

    Ivo: Other than getting in my way.

    Ai: Oh, Fufufu! You crack us up.

    Sota: Perhaps it was YOU who got in OUR way.

    Ivo: Yeah, of course. What's with the dead body on your shoulders?

    Ai: Oh, this?

    Sota: It's just a dead Elisa.

    Ai: With a knife on her head.

    Sota: Fully dead.

    Ai: Hey, that rhymed.

    Sota: Without intention too.

    Ivo: Well, this is gonna take a while.

    (Back with the others)

    George: Who are you?

    ???: You should know.

    Léonie: Why are you here?

    ???: You should know.


    ???: Try asking something then. …

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Neko : hello there, little victims :3

    Sarah : why are you calling us like that??

    Neko : because I really like that, meow..


    Neko : how about I'll copy your body~?

    Steve : the hell!! F### NO!

    Neko : as I expected from the victim's answer!

    Jake : you seems to be a furry, right?

    Neko : I am a cat, meow!

    Anna : ummmmm... seems logic..

    Neko : anyway... to the vote! I gonna use six peoples by the alphabetical letters.. Ready or not. The cage wont let you escape for so long, until there's no votes on your~~

    [six cages appears it takes Gabi, Haru, Ian, Jackie, Kathrin and Luca]

    Luca : oh gosh, why??

    Jackie : if you eliminate me, you will regret it...

    Neko : nobody cares about your feelings, Jackie.. also…

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously on The Wuhu Games, Gabriele searches for a group and he can't find one. Kwaad's elimination was also a chapter late.

    Kwaad: Results time!

    Keiko: Oh no, I'm so worried...

    Kwaad: You shouldn't be. You got zero votes. They seem to like you.

    Keiko: YAAY! 

    Helen: Kwaad, get your damned lawyer ready! Unless I'm safe.

    Kwaad: Well, if you're gonna sue me, you'll have to wait, because you're eliminated with 1 vote!


    (Kwaad laseres Helen)

    Shinnosuke: Just so you know, we're not her friends. I don't even think her lawyer likes her.

    Daisuke (from his cell): He's right!

    Everyone there: SHUT UP!

    Daisuke: Awww..

    Kwaad: Where were we? Oh right. Shinnosuke!

    Shinnosuke: Oh god...

    Kwaad: You're safe. You got no vot…

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  • Banannawolves

    Goliath: Ah, well, the moment you've all been waiting for, the big cheese, it all comes down to this. Without further ado, the winner of the million dollar prize issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....

    Nick: I'm nervous.

    Sakura: You? Nervous? C'mon, I'm the champion, they hate me.

    Goliath: Issssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

    Miyu: Will you just rip the envelope, Goliath?

    Goliath: (pants rip) Oh, well there is the envelope. Luckily my mom bought extra pants.

    (Sakura, Nick, and Miyu crack up)

    Sakura: LOL, that is like so OMG.

    Nick: Sakura, cut the slang.

    Sakura: Geez, I like so h8 u right now.

    Nick: SNAP OUT OF IT! (Sakura goes back to normal)

    Sakura: Sorry, dunno what came over me.

    Miyu: It's cool.

    Goliath: (rips envelope) Huh? Micky? Oh, well, there goes …

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    Previously on Mii Apartments,

    (Mia helps Jackie up and opens the door)

    Jackie: Woah

    Mia: I know right

    Jessie: Welcome! I'm also gonna be your roommate... Just don't touch my stuff. Ok? Ok.

    Jackie: Umm.. Ok, I guess

    Jessie: Good! By the way my name is Jessie

    Jackie: Hi Jessie. (Whispers to Mia) Something wrong with her?

    Mia: (Whispers back) Lived with her for two years, I love her, but I have yet to figure that out.

    Jackie: Haha, ok Sherlock

    Mia: Come on in!

    Jackie: Well I guess I get the bed that doesn't have skulls on it

    Mia: (nervously laughs) yeah... SO WHY'D YA MOVE HERE!

    Jackie: Because I'm 21 and my parents said and I quote, we don't want your rachet booty in our house anymore.

    Mia: Wow. Just wow

    (Someone knocks on the door)

    Jessie: I'll get it!


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  • Jayden and melanie678

    I'm the champion of all sports and my Wii motion plus is not ready yet

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously on The Wuhu Games, the top 6 best Wii Sports Miis (minus Eva) were sent to save their basketball teammates. Nelly, Patrick, and their teams were eliminated.

    Abe: Naomi! I'm back!

    Naomi: What the hell happened? I heard screaming coming from Maka Wuhu!

    Abe: I think Theo's basketball team was up there. Someone must have fallen in the lava.

    Naomi: Oh no! Hopefully not!

    (Meanwhile, Gabriele is still alone looking for a group of Miis)

    Gabriele: How have I not found anyone yet? There's, like, so many groups!

    (Off in the distance, Gabriele sees Mike, Vincenzo, Yoshi, and Daisuke)

    Gabriele: Well, they're people I wasn't hoping to see, but I've been searching for so long!

    (Suddenly, a Kwaadie appears and lasers the far away group)

    Gabriele: Oh come…

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Kyokan : anyway... for the second day... you guys needs to be ready...

    Rainer : why do we needed to?

    Kyokan : there's a lot of danger.... please be careful..

    Vincenzo : of course we might be careful.

    Pablo : whatever you say.

    Kyokan : good luck...

    [Kyokan goes somewhere else]

    Ashley : that was.... uhhhhhhhh....

    [suddenly, a earthquake appears]

    Emma : holy jesus!

    Emily : Let's get out of here quickly!!

    [everyone goes out of the hotel, the hotel is now destroyed.]

    Tommy : ugh... why did we do this??

    Elisa : Because this is a goddamn survival game! We might to survive as long as everyone does!

    Sandra : I have no bad thought to believe her..

    Gabi : Let's try everywhere we could go!

    [every Miis are dispersed each other in a different place]

    [With Oscar, Sakura…

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Now, let me say some things before I show the placements for all the Mii Survivor seasons I've done so far. First of all, thank you to LutakiP (for telling me how to get the images to work) and YoungArtist79 (his survivor seasons on the My Miis Wiki gave me the idea to do this) Their seasons are on the My Miis Wiki. Secondly, I will only be posting the first teams from both seasons, and the final results. I won't be saying how many votes they got or if they left due to an injury, and I won't say what the challenge was. Only the results and the original teams. Thirdly, in the second season and onward, the 5 worst players from each team will be returning for the next season, and the top 5 best will not return. Fourthly, I'm not 100% certain …

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  • HowILoveIt

    Miyu: ...Something's off about this.

    Hiroshi: There's like 59 things off about this. Where do you wanna start? I'd start on the obvious.

    Miyu: First off, the left side of the dinosaur's nose is scratched.

    Hiroshi: And?

    Miyu: It's showing metal. That's never inside an actually dino, now that I think about it.

    (Inside the dinosaur)

    Steph: AW, S***! THEY FIGURED IT OUT!

    Hiroshi: So you're saying it's a robot?

    Miyu: Seems like it. I mean, what else could it be?

    Lucía: Well, what are we--

    Steph: F*** this!

    (The dinosaur, now proven to be a robot controled by Steph, opens its jaw more)

    Lucía: WAH! NO!

    Hiroshi: Nope. Not on my watch!

    (Hiroshi gets up and jumps on the nose)

    Miyu: Wow. For someone in their late 50s, you sure know how to jump.

    Lucía: My question i…

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  • Banannawolves

    (We now see Anna and her crew continuing their search)

    Steph: Are we there yet?

    Alisha: Nope.

    Steph: Are we there yet?

    Tomoko: Not even close. 

    Steph: I'm hungry.

    Fritz: Go eat fish. That's what my dad taught me.

    Anna: Fritz, your dad is gross. He said coffee comes from the fungus that beans grow on from sewage.

    Fritz: He said what?

    Steph: I'm hot!

    Fritz: Take your freaking shirt off!

    Steph: Ew, no! That's for boys! I ain't running around naked!

    Tomoko: Steph, naked is when you have no clothes on, but if you have pants on, it's not naked.

    Steph: Whatevs (crosses arms like she's cool)

    (all roll eyes except Steph)

    (Meanwile, we see Eva and Mike running from brainless bsketball zombies Tyrone and Tommy)

    Eva: (pants) I can't run much longer!

    Mike: Maybe Micky'…

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Kyokan : so the vote has been putted... with.. 8 votes.

    Chika : hmm!! ;-;

    Abby : Do NOT eliminated me please!

    David : shut it idiot! Barbara might have the most of votes, like it happen to Mishima.

    Barbara : dude, you're breaking the fourth walls.

    David : oh shut it!

    Fumiko : I do not think than I might be eliminated, I am a useless anti pro..

    Eddy : don't be so hard on yourself, dumb###

    Kyokan : the votes are in..

    Kyokan : ........ Abby, Chika, Fumiko.

    Abby : ?

    [their cages let those three out, three of them are failing, Chika fly (yes, I consider her as a little dragon) and she goes to the ground, while Abby and Fumiko are falling on the floor, without injuring.]

    Abby : we are safe.. hopefully.

    Kyokan : yes... you three are safe, nobody voted you guy…

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    Jackie: Ahhhhhhh. A new town for a new Mii

    (Dad joke drums play in background)

    Jackie: What? That was good!

    (Jackie gets tapped on the shoulder)

    Jackie: What?

    Yoko: Welcome. My name is Yoko, the landlord of the Aquacorde Apartments! What's your name?

    Jackie: J-Jackie. My name is Jackie

    Yoko: Ok, Jackie, Follow me and I will see if you have a request for an apartment

    Jackie: Okaaaaaaaaay....

    (Yoko pulls Jackie by her arm unwillingly to this big apartment building)

    15 minutes later

    Yoko: Ok! You will move into the apartment 195, next to Megan and Emily.

    Jackie: Thank you so much.

    Yoko: Rent is 28 dollars a month!!!!

    Jackie: 192, 193, 194, 195. Here it is!

    (Jackie uses the key to open the door. And the door opens.)

    ???: Hello new roomie!!!!!

    Jackie: Ahhhhhhhh…

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  • Unknown Channel

    Title says it all.

    Plus, a comment from a user but about Abby x Beef Boss:

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  • YoungArtist79

    For S8 of Mii Survivor, there will be Exile Island, and there will be four teams divided by age and gender combined. This reuses the S2 cast. Who will prevail, and who will get cut first?

    At the Final Tribal Council, X was criticized for not making as much significant moves as Reed, as well as his bossy attitude, and got 0 votes to win. Gretchen did well with jury questioning, but could not counter Reed's strategic game, and only Simon voted for her. Reed won, due to his great strategic game, niceness, making to the end despite making it far in season 2, and being less sardonic.

    At the reunion, Reed was Fan Favorite, with Hope and Simon as runners-up. Reed discussed his pair winning again, Hiromichi discussed being out early, Molli discussed…

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  • Banannawolves

    (Eva and Mike are walking across Maka Wuhu, where no bikers are at the moment+|)

    Eva: How did you turn into a zombie.

    Mike: Wanna take a guess?

    Eva: Sure. Goliath.

    Mike: Yeah, but also the 5 cyclers after the top 5.

    Eva: You mean--

    Mike: Yes. Pierre was repeating "Ooh la la, baguettes," and Lucia kept saying "ME EAT PING PONG BALLZ FOR LUNCH," and Martin said something about a sword swallower.

    Eva; What about--

    Mike: Miguel and Ian? I dunno, they could be anywhere. But for all I know, they weren't chasing me and Micky.

    Eva: Micky?

    Mike: Oh, I forgot. So, t make a long story short, Micky is my twin brother, who got turned into a zombie as well. My mother and father divorced, and my dad took Micky, but my mom lied about my father being killed by Golia…

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    (Sorry, I forgot than exist.. I'm sorry)

    [Everyone wakes up, it was 7AM]

    Anna : what a beautiful day...

    Emily : yes it is :)

    Saburo : Emily, such of a f###ing dumb hypocrite.

    Emily : [shrug] it could be worse.. anyway, where's the man with tall height?

    Alisha : I supposed he died or something.

    [suddenly, the door opens]

    ??? : sorry to disturb you all.... :(

    Vincenzo : what in earth is this girl? She looks like a sad girl.

    ??? : I am a lost galaxy...

    Miguel : who are you actually?

    Kyokan : Kyokan... I am the headmaster of this game... Kowaii told me to imprisoning six of you on the majority vote...

    Midori : wait... does it means...

    Kyokan : yes, your friend Daisuke, Fritz and Matt disappears from this island... sorry to tell you this... I know it's diffi…

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously on The Wuhu Games, Tyrone basically goes super-sayan and obliterates a Kwaadie. Then, Abe disappears.

    Abe: Gah! Where am I?

    Nelly: I don't know! I'm too old for this!

    Tommy: Kwaad, why are we here?!

    Theo: Oh no.

    Patrick: I just realised, We're in the top six best Wii Sports players.

    Abe: Does that have anything to do with this? And where's Eva?

    Tommy: I think she got eliminated.

    Kwaad: You're right, Tommy! She was eliminated. And you, fat guy with the beard!

    Patrick: Hey!

    Kwaad: You guys are the top six best Wii Sports players, minus Eva because she's eliminated!

    Nelly: What are you going to do now?

    Kwaad: You have to save your friends!

    Patrick: What, the eliminated ones or the safe ones?

    Kwaad: Your best friends!

    All: WHAT?!

    Kwaad: All of your…

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    Yes, I needed to. I gonna about to do some of those miis such as Midori, Emily (please do not make her like she was like Kelly from K-12, or even a bully, or even Veruca Salt from Charlie and the chocolate factory, or worse, DO NOT MAKE EMILY A LA HEATHER FROM TOTAL DRAMA please.), Keiko, Chika...

    If you want to participate, please tell me.

    But please do not steal Emily, Keiko, Chika or even Midori please, otherwise it would be the disaster..

    Anyone can come, I wont force you guys to do it.

    List for every characters backstories :

    Me : Midori, Emily, Keiko, Chika, (maybe Asami or Gabi)

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    You happens to saw a new Nintendo Direct (Mini), don't you?

    In the trailer of the upcoming game "Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics", there were some Wii Sports Club Miis on the player's profile, but renamed. From now on I'm making a list of, what I've found.

    Wii Sports Club Mii names - names in the trailer

    Millie - Arya

    Skip - Drew

    Sara - Mari

    Léonie - Cindy

    Polly - Ellie

    Clara - Monica

    Dylan - Andrew

    Bo-Jia - Rob

    Massimo - Ryan

    William - Luke

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  • Banannawolves


    Goliath: What's that, Mikey boy? Ah, yes, you wanna see who you can eat. 


    Goliath: Oh, you forgot to have breakfast? Well, there goes someone's dreams of the NBA, down the drain, or should I say down the digestive system. HAHAHA I'M HILARIOUS!!

    Tyrone: You're so bad at puns that the audience threw overripe fruit at you!

    Goliath: Oh, tough guy, huh? Funny you mention that, wanna go first? 

    Tyrone: NO!

    Goliath: Oh (clicks tongue) that's too bad. Well, tough luck, you got the most votes, so byeeeeeeee!

    Tyrone: I--NOOOOO!


    Goliath: Mike says that Tyrone wasn't even close to being better than LeBron.

    Tommy: And me?

    Goliath: Wasted garbage of a Basketball cha…

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously on The Wuhu Games, Lucia, Sandra, Sota, Shinta, and Barbara were eliminated.

    (Meanwhile, Haru, Miyu, Misaki, and Tyrone are walking by the Entrance to the Ruins.)

    Tyrone: See, the reason why people don't like me is because I seem really agressive.

    Haru: They don't know you outside of sports! You're actually such a softie.

    Tyrone: Yeah, they only see me in my "sports mode." That's when I'm agressive and serious.

    (Kwaadie appears behind them)

    Misaki: AAAH! HELP! A KWAADIE!

    Tyrone: Huh? OH NO!

    (Kwaadie lasers Misaki)

    Tyrone: NOOO!

    (Tyrone enters sports mode and starts levitating)

    Tyrone: STAY. AWAY. FROM. MY. FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Tyrone blasts a hole through the Kwaadie with a basketball)


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  • Dadpleaseno

    Wii Sports OCs

    March 25, 2020 by Dadpleaseno

    These are the Miis mentioned on my user page, and some of them were made for the Switch Sports Wiki. (Todd, Jas, Albert, and Archie)

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