• JustArandomUser1544922

    When I was playing Swordplay Showdown, I thought "Maybe I could replace the bosses with a non-boss in every stage."

    And I acctually completed it! Stage 20 was only took a try, but Cliff Reverse took like 5 - 10 tries, Fritz only ruined it once.

    Castle Reverse however, idk how many tries it took. Anyways the replacement bosses were all from the final 5 in each stage (besides Beach reverse which had the final 7 instead) Let's just get to it. I will also list their armor type/color.

    1. Giovanna (Green)
    2. Saburo (Green)
    3. Kentaro (Gold)
    4. Nick (Red)
    5. Ai (Green)
    6. Ursula (Red)
    7. Jackie (Red)
    8. Akira (Green)
    9. Holly (Purple)
    10. Chika (Purple)
    11. Midori (Purple)
    12. Andy (Purple thin)
    13. Tommy (Gold)
    14. Sakura (Red)
    15. Greg (Purple)
    16. Tyrone (Purple thin)
    17. Mia (Red)
    18. Megan (Purple)
    19. Maria (Black)
    20. Eduardo (Bla…
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  • YoungArtist79

    This story is actually based on a real video: (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

    Dunbar: Dad, why do you have that camcorder?
    Bruce: Oh Dunbar, you’ll see...
    Bruce: How was your day at school today?
    Dunbar: Good...
    Bruce: It was good? What happened at school today?
    Dunbar: Nothing...
    Bruce: Nothing, you sure?
    Dunbar: Yes!
    Bruce: Who the hell were you bullying today?
    Dunbar: Huh?
    Bruce: Well, who the hell were you bullying?
    Dunbar: This girl that rides my bus!
    Bruce: Why
    Dunbar: She accidentally bumped into me this morning!
    Bruce: She bumped into you this morning!
    Dunbar: Ooh yes!
    Bruce: You know I know when you’re lying right?
    Dunbar: She bumped into her, so I called her a b**** w****. She went and told on me.
    Bruce: So …

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  • MaiLightApple

    I have some roles here that were changed by myself

    Dio (Jojo) as the Carefree Guide

    Yuri (DDLC) as the Joyful Granny

    DeVito as the Sassy Child

    Weegee as the Worried Mother

    Bagukou or whatever and Reese (Animal Crossing) as the Lovey-Dovey Couple

    Homer Simpson as the Sarcastic Guy

    Bob Ross as the Dubious Mayor

    Chara (Undertale possibly) as the NIntendo Fan

    Joker (Persona 5) as the Serious Soilder

    Ugandan Knuckles as the Lax Soilder (YES, I'M DEAD SERIOUS, THIS HAPPENED)

    I forget who was the Right Side Soilder (I will edit if I remember)

    Bowser Jr. as the Left Side Soilder

    Hayley as the Dark Lord

    Takumi as the Carefree Guide

    Delilah as the Joyful Granny

    Oscar as the Sassy Child

    Desiree as the Worried Mother (Though I don't actually see them as a family)

    Nyan …

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  • MaiLightApple

    I've been wondering....

    I've been thinking about adding her to my party

    or, making her one of the Fab Fairies, as the Eldest Fairy (with Sophia being the Middle, and Marit being the Youngest) But I've also been thinking about Xiao-tong, with her also being the Eldest (with Sho being the Middle, and Xiaojian being the Youngest, but the problem? They have different nationalities)

    I've been thinking he could be the dark curse

    1. Chris (WSC)
    2. Takumi
    3. Shohei
    4. Tomoko
    5. Ai
    6. Na-rae

    Or one of my cpu miis, and i've been thinking about this one as well.

    I'm not sure if Keiko is okay with this or not, but I've been thinking about Xue-ren being her father, so I've been thinking about Xue-ren being the King, Keiko being the Princess, then I'll have Kentaro as the Prince of…

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  • MaiLightApple
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  • Penny The Nerd

    I seen that a bunch of people get mad if they get demoted. 

    Being an Admin only lets you close other threads, change username color, remove and protect articles. Don't overreact if u get demoted but look on the bright side! You may be added as an Admin again! And it kinda gives u a break to not be in control of the wiki. Because I am banned on a wiki and I'm enjoying my break. Having a role is important but don't be mad if it gets taken away. Because U may be added again. Please understand that it's not part of life. Because you won't be blocked for being demoted. It's doesn't matter.

    -Penny The Nerd

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  • King LF5

    New blog

    July 11, 2020 by King LF5

    Hey, should I now edit more and often?

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  • Banannawolves


    Grade 1: Araceli, Alphonse, Chris, Hee-joon, Marie, Olga, Pit, Rui, Victor

    Grade 2: Carlo, Mitsu, Ivo, Xiuping

    Grade 3: Anna, Dunbar, Jianjun, Merrick, Yunyun

    Grade 4: Bernd, Jesús, Joana, José

    Grade 5: André, Juliette, Laura, Se-young, Shu-Hui

    Grade 6: Bruce, John, Maria, Yuehua

    Grade 7: Hiromi, Hyun-woo, Irina, Kaori, Millie

    Grade 8: Enrique, João, Mi-sun, Sophia

    Grade 9: Cristina, Marius, Masako, Pavel, Xiao-Tong, 

    Grade 10: Adrien, Eduardo, Haruka, Kentaro


    Grade ★1: Clara, Faustine, Jeff, Rie

    Grade ★2: Frank, Jialan, Jin-ah 

    Grade ★3: Dylan, Rui-Lin, Skip, Xixi, 

    Grade ★4: Anne, Gerald, Guillermo, Joseph

    Grade ★5: (The…

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  • WuhuTourist

    Hello, thanks for checking this out! Just a reminder that there is a contest for people who read these blogs; you can find out more in this discussions post. Remember: please be reasonable when you guess; don't spam every CPU's name and expect me to consider it correct!

    Something I'd like to clarify is that you are allowed to guess any boss, not just the one for the next stage (that would be too hard). Just look out for Miis who aren't appearing and good luck!

    As of the release of this blog, no bosses have been correctly guessed. I will no longer be reviewing the comments of stage 21.

    Stage description: Battle up Heartbreak Peak in this second custom showdown stage! Although you won’t find any black armored enemies here, all gold armors are ex…

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  • Banannawolves

    (right outside the ICU)

    Benji: Dada?

    Massimo: Yeah, li'l tyke?

    Benji: It mama go be OK?

    Massimo: (sighs) I hope so. The block split her head open and knocked her out hard.

    Bentley: I ben hewe!

    Massimo: What?

    Bentley: I ben hewe!

    Massimo: You've been here? How?

    Bentley: Girls dook me do da ER.

    Massimo: And didn't tell me? HOW DARE THEY? What happened?

    Benji: He swawo tiny bug.

    Massimo: Oh no! Did they get it out?

    Bentley: Yee.

    Massimo: Oh good. Were the twin girls with you?

    Bentley: Yee.

    Massimo: Oh...I'm-a go one sec.

    (Massimo goes out of the waiting room)

    Bentley: Benchie, wan go in dere?

    Benji: Okie!

    (they go into ICU)

    Dr. Jianjun: WHOSE KIDS ARE THESE?

    Barbara: (wakes up from a rest on the hospital bed) Oh, um, mine. Ben and Bent, I don't think they allow to…

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  • Banannawolves

    Haruka: I've done it to Wuhu Island, and I'm doing the same to--WHATEVER THIS STUPID PLACE IS CALLED I DUNNO!

    Pit: Haruka, this isn't like you.

    ???: Oh, is it now?

    (Olga appears, except--not Olga)


    Pit: Honey! NO!!

    Dark Olga: YES! Oh, and also...what is this pitiful scene? Three shirtless males stuck in a tree with three lords hovering over? Haruka, go sweetie. Destroy.

    Haruka: You got it, ma'am.

    Pit: Olga, why?

    Dark Olga: Because! I never wanted to be your "sweetie" anyway. Behold! The ancient Mayan tower! (the Mayan tower appears, where we play Zig-Zaggurat) GOOD LUCK!

    Matt: How the heck did that get there? And what's "Zig-Zaggurat?"

    Enrique: You'll see.

    (the game begins, and Olga drops blocks)

    Pit: Woo! (dodges a block) AH! …

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  • WuhuTourist

    Hello, thanks for checking this out! Just a reminder that there is a contest for people who read these blogs; you can find out more in this discussions post. Remember: please be reasonable when you guess; don't spam every CPU's name and expect me to consider it correct!

    Bosses guessed so far: None

    Stage description: Fight your way across Red Iron Bridge in this custom showdown stage! Watch out, though, because despite this just being the first level, several aggressive gold and black armors make their appearance in this level.

    Start: west side of Red Iron Bridge

    End: on Palm Boulevard (you will not make it all the way to Cocoba Hotel)

    Note: I changed the gold armors to a brown color just to make it easier to read.


    • Standard gold armor: st…

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  • Penny The Nerd

    Okay so on February-March I always said stop calling people the worst because it was rude. But now today, I don't think u should call them the worst because that is pointless to this wiki, instead, you should just say the skill level without calling them the worst or bad. For example

    In Baseball, Emma is at 63-204. 

    Just put real info on there and same for using the word best. U should just put the skill level without talking about it. It's pointless. We should have Info on this wiki too. 

    Thanks for your understanding And wish me happy birthday

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  • King LF5

    hi guys im going to be a good boy in wii sports wiki because i am going to.

    ahh yes

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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously, on the Wuhu Games, the boat arrives at land, and Guillermo tells them that Kwaad is posessed, and it's Haruka that posessed him.

    (Meanwhile, in an unknown place...)

    Haruka: No, no, no! They know that Kwaad's a good guy! F***! How did they escape?! I thought I got everyone! Oh well, I can just send Kwaad himself down there to take care of them.

    (Back at Wuhu)

    Martin: Well, we gotta get going. We gotta try to get rid of the Kwaadies- Oh s***.

    Kwaad: So, I was told by Haruka that you somehow survived my wrath. This time, you have no escape! HAHAHA!

    Guillermo: Oh f***.

    Jeff: RUN!

    (Kwaad lasers Jeff, Clara, and Alphonse)

    Joseph: What are you even gonna do to us?!

    Kwaad: All of your other friends are stone. But since you guys escaped... Much w…

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  • Banannawolves

    Alice: Wait--they're (boom!)

    Barbara: What was that? (boom!)

    Massimo: Upstairs, I think.

    Barbara: My babies!!!!!!

    (all four twins start crying)


    Matt (WS): Oh no! It's coming from Wuhu! I gotta go!

    ???: Oh, and where do you think you're going, sonny?

    (Goliath appears out of nowhere)

    Goliath: Whew! Good to be back!

    Tutori: (out of nowhere) Leave them alone, O mighty villain!

    Goliath: Get lost, afro-head (sends Tutori away) 

    (you're welcome, Tutori haters, but this ain't over!)

    Goliath: Awesome job, Kwaadies and Goalies. You've ruined EVERYTHING (exactly what I want!)

    Matt: Wait...Kwaadies? Oh no. 

    Pit: Kwaadies!?

    Enrique: KWAADIES!? What are Kwaadies?

    Matt: You know how I've been with you all these years?

    Pit: Yeah.

    Matt: So, the real reason was…

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  • King LF5

    Welcome back to 2019

    Faustine: I dont like this guy named: Massimo. I want to call him out because of my opinion about him.

    (now next, faustine makes HATE video about him, and other things.)

    Faustine: And done. I don't like him a lot.

    (36 hours later)

    Massimo: I want to keep updated with youtube to see whats going on today.

    (Massimo checks and sees a YOUTUBE VIDEO THAT faustine uploaded)

    Massimo: funny video (clicks on it)

    Massimo: Nice false statements, and false accusations. This video is nice, that I wanted to report it to youtube.

    (massimo clicks that report button right away and dislikes)

    (later then)

    Faustine: Wow my video blew up! 429K views? nice! (faustine then gets a notification)

    Faustine: Huh? Why did i get a strike for harassment?

    (yes  my …

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  • JustArandomUser1544922

    Hello and welcome to the Wii Sports Quiz! In this quiz you need to try to memorize every mii that has the same name as another. (If you want) I'll show the results on another blog post and tell all of the people that commented and they will go in order depending on how they did. And if at least 2 people get the same rank, it will go alphabetical order! Next up will be champions! If you want to be featured in the resuts, comment below! Stay tuned for the results!

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  • MaiLightApple

    I just found these random lookalikes on the switch

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  • King LF5

    sorry but

    July 6, 2020 by King LF5

    this sometimes reminds me of 2019

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  • Keiko from WS

    Oh hecc yeah!

    July 6, 2020 by Keiko from WS

    I got Haru lucky badge!!!


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  • Dadpleaseno

    Previously, on the Wuhu Games, Ren, Rin, and Nick were lasered, leaving Midori and Rainer to be the only ones in that group left. They go to the boat to find out what's in it.

    Rainer: Hey, do I see another group heading towards the boat too?

    Midori: Yeah, I think that's... Martin?

    Rainer: Yeah, with Kentaro and Luca too!

    (In the boat...)

    Jeff: Uhh... there's some people heading to where we were gonna land!

    Joseph: No worries, we should be fine.

    Alphonse: Yes, we're still gonna land here. They could be useful for helping us find her...

    (The boat lands at the beach)

    Alphonse: Greetings, people of Wuhu. I am Alphonse, and these are my associates, Jeff, Joseph, Clara, and Guillermo.

    Midori: Wait, I think I know these people! I've seen them before! They'…

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  • Logomaster4567


    July 4, 2020 by Logomaster4567

    wii music is good

    dont @ me

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  • PedroM

    Considering that, how wide is its scope? I've seen a lot of Wii Party/U, Miitopia info and some Tomodachi Life (hey, there's an article even), also Smash Brothers, but what about the Miis from official Tomodachi artwork or Miitomo? What about the Miiverse mascot? What about the official Miis used by Nintendo employees, some of which have appeared in Miitopia and Tomodachi Life marketing?

    Bottom line is, in addition to being the Wii Sports Wiki, is this also a Mii wiki?

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  • Banannawolves

    So, before we begin, I'd like you to take a look at this comment on the blog I wrote below:

    I will be continuing Champions Inside, I was only writing a base plot for CozmikBrownies. Sorry for the confusion, Darrian.

    So, last time we left off, the Queen Peach was out at sea, and Jeff, Joseph, Bo-Jia, Daisuke WSC, and Matt WSC are going after "them." Let's see what happens next...

    (Back to the Queen Peach...two weeks after Father's Day)

    Daisuke WSC: Alas, I don't see them.


    Bo-Jia: Boss, perhaps they're not here...


    Jeff: Sire, you and them had six shots today and…

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  • Dadpleaseno

    If you're confused about the title, then I don't blame you. I had no idea what to title this lmao.

    So, let me explain. I have a few tier lists where I list what levels Miis would be if these sports were competitave/if they existed in the WS series.

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  • Memelord3000

    my blog

    July 2, 2020 by Memelord3000

    Why hello there lads my name is memelord3000 (onriginaly memelord6969) i am a half english and half pakistani and 1% irish and speaks in various accents person who loves memes and rage videos like poofesure. i play alot on my nintendo switch specificly playing games like smash bros luigis mansion and dragon quest 11 i also love to go on mame and play some old arcade games like street fighter snow bros and my favorite sunset riders i am also a huge fan of music espically video game music..

    I have 4 talents i have so far

    1. my first is my creativity of stories and ideas of a future animation i will be making in the far off future along with some animation shorts

    2.i can voice act and speak in various different accents like american, english, sc…

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  • You crab

    Hey guys. I’ve been gone for about 3 months and I lost my power.

    I’ve came to tell you that I quit because of two reasons.

    1: I shouldn’t have been talking to these many people overseas.

    2: I’ve been hated by most admins (Végégon especially) and I just don’t feel welcome here any more.

    So go ahead and respond in the comments.

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  • Brettbro14

    Miguel X Gwen

    June 30, 2020 by Brettbro14



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  • Dadpleaseno

    Art that I've made

    June 30, 2020 by Dadpleaseno

    So I decided to throw a bunch of art I made in this blog post for no reason.

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess
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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    If you have seen the Discord server for this wiki, you will know it has became a disaster for me recently. In fact, it has became so bad for me recently that I have considered leaving it and possibly never coming back. Me and HowILoveIt got into a fight. We have constantly been getting into fights lately, but this one is what caused me to think about leaving the server. The main thing that caused me to think about leaving is the fact that he called me a retard. To prove it to you guys reading this blog, there's an image right here.

    It just really made me want to leave the server and people shouldn't be saying this stuff anyway, especially admins. I don't understand why we just can't get along for once. He probably has anger issues judging b…

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  • Banannawolves

    So, me and CozmikBrownies are collaborating on a story, which is the return of Goliath...and his mom and cousin. This is a story on how Goliath really can show his power.

    I honestly need a better title than the Cursed Obstacle Course.

    (Rewind to Chapter 15 on Vincenzo the GPS)

    Anna: Yay! Goliath is gone and the Cycling race can go on!

    Vincenzo: And I can finally TEACH someone a LESSON here, right, Anna and Fritz?

    Fritz: Oh, shut up.


    Goliath: Mom? Little Georgie?

    Gertrude: Go-Go, is that you? I haven't seen you in years!!!! GIVE ME A (slo-mo) BIG MOMMY HUG!

    Goliath: Yeah, nice to see you too. Listen, I need you to get revenge on those son of b**ches CPU Miis.

    Gertrude: Go-Go, stop using that language in my house, I will put soap in you…

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  • YoungArtist79

    So, I was playing Wii Party U, and I discovered two things. One was a funny glitch when you decide what CPUs to play, and one was a different mode when playing a 1 vs. rivals minigame 1v2.

    So, first I was playing Minigame collection 1v1 (me vs. Rie), and then I expanded to 2 CPUs, and there were 2 Ries. This glitch I believe was because her Mii was chosen on the "randomizer" that determines who to play against, in spite of there already being a Rie to play against.

    Also, I was playing 3-player, against Bo-Jia and Araceli, and I switched to 3 CPUs, and there were 2 Bo-Jias. So this glitch can also occur in 4-player.

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    My plan

    June 29, 2020 by Hilvi Haslbäck

    My plan is, once my Tomodachi Island has brought 100th baby into the game, I'll deactivate the baby settings.

    When the 100th baby has been grown up, I'll delete the save data and starts with the new Tomodachi Life.

    All of my new residents should be Valeska (my OC mii) as my look-a-like, all of 10 Wii Music Mii with official names (including Michael Tutori, but I renamed it Sebastian Tutori to sounds more elegant). Then no more addings.

    Does it sounds like a good or bad deal?

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  • MintyCandyQueen

    originally posted on this wiki's Discord server. Might as well share them to you guys here.

    and don't forget to stan Eva and Jackie for clear skin and eternal good luck  ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ 。.。:∞♡*♥ ʲᵏ ˡᵒˡ

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  • CHExpert

    I feel like as if I don't have a place on this wiki. Even though I have met a lot of great people on this wiki, I'm done for now, because it's really not working out for me anymore.

    I want to give a big thanks to my 3 favorite users: MarcusLoveAnime, MaiLightApple, and Picklesispicky for just generally being nice people.

    I may or may not return after 2 weeks, but for now, I will not be contributing to this wiki. Goodbye.

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  • MaiLightApple


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  • MaiLightApple

    Trina is my Nintendo Switch PFP :3

    and I.... forgot to change her body, to be EXTRA thin

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  • Banannawolves

    So seeing a bunch of users put their Miis in their user blogs, I thought I might as well too. So here:

    This blog will be updated as I get more photos of Miis but I have made about 300 CPU Miis pretty much, but only 7 are seen here.

    What do you think? Faves? Least faves? Tell me in the comments and also read my other blog posts below if you haven't.

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  • Banannawolves

    Hey guys! I'm back with our third rap battle that you fans wanted. I hope you enjoy! First up is Alice!



    It's yo girl.

    I'm battling my sissy, wow

    Well hate to tell ya missy, ow

    You're rhymes are made by little sissies

    But isn't that what you are?

    I'm the one that slams it to you in the first round

    You're just the support, I don't need you to win the game now

    Thanks to all the out of bounds hits you make, we both lose

    At least people look directly in my eyes, while yours are the size of my dad's shoes

    Araceli, she should know better

    Just a ripoff of you, but only better

    What's the weather?

    It's raining cash light as a feather

    Yeah, I make rain

    You're just such a pain

    Barbara WSR will always be more game (than you)

    At least my name in the WS series …

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    You know what I have been seeing a lot?

    That people are saying that Olga is a clone of Miyu. And it's sick bu******. First of all, they are not even clones because they are not genetically identical!

    Okay, just kidding, that's not really the reason why they are not clones, but I still have a reason for it.

    It's not that people say that they look similar or anything, no, it's the fact that people think that she's a Miyu clone...


    And that's not even close to the main problem, because some people go to say that she's a clone of Miyu in SPORTS. Except for tennis, their skill levels are not even CLOSE! Let me explain this.

    Olga is at Grade 1 at baseball, while Miyu is the third b…

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  • YoungArtist79

    I was bored, so I made an all-new cast of WPU and Miitopia Miis, which have CPU skills, nationalities, and Miitopia Groupings! Without further ado, here is my new Wii Party U cast.

    So? What are your thoughts? Favorite new CPU? Least favorite new CPU? Any groupings you would change? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • YoungArtist79

    I know this is unrelated to Wii Sports, but I feel I should share this. So, sooner or later, I will be making and releasing a comics series, which is a spoof of Big Brother, Welcome to the House. 13 teenage contestants compete to win $1M, in 10 episodes. Each episode, someone is eliminated, until the Final 3 remain, and the jury of contestants (10th place-4th place) will vote on who deserves to win. In the future, a video on the characters will be released.

    • HOSTS:
      • Penguin: The show's host. Excitable, fickle, but cowardly and unused to adressing problems on the show.
      • Alien: Manipulative, persuasive, immoral in the game, "not here to make friends"
      • Ant: Screws up a lot, unconfident, but could be a contender.
      • Beary: Has a sad backstory …

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  • Cherry is alive

    agjbsjisinsnuunzhi help edit: is stopped now yay

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  • Banannawolves

    1,000 Edits!

    June 23, 2020 by Banannawolves


    Read my blog post below too!

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  • CHExpert

    For my first blog post, I will be roasting all Wii Party miis, basically what @Its Xavier Fernandez did. Alright, here we go!

    Abby: You sucked at Wii Sports!

    Abe: You're the second most powerful mii and you still look depressed? Your mouth barely even exists!

    Ai: You look like a boy and your name is two letters! (i know it's a japanese name but still)

    Akira: You suck at baseball!

    Alex: You come in third-to-last in cycling!

    Alisha: You are the worst ranked master mii!

    Andy: You suck at basketball!

    Anna: You are one of the 3 first opponents faced in Basketball!

    Asami: You are the shortest Wii Party Mii!

    Ashley: Your mouth is so huge that you could probably fit a microphone in there!

    Barbara: You look... interesting...

    Chika: You're the highest ranked an…

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  • Keiko from WS

    TL song I'm made

    June 23, 2020 by Keiko from WS

    A song I made Lel

    Song name: Those types of Wikians

    Style: Pop


    I hate those

    Vandals and spammers

    Harassers and socks

    They're such irritating


    Oh my I

    Hate all those jerk

    Mr. Mario and Blaze Bro

    Vandal sockpupets are the worst

    Let's keep our eyes open people

    and watch out for them!

    Hope you like it lol

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  • Picklesispicky

    Barbara was my enemy,Barbara was my nuisance, Barbara was my only mii that i hated most. well, not exacty, you see Barabara WAS the worst thing ever in TABLE TENNIS GOOD HEAVENS HELP ME DEFEAT HER. literally took me the whole day to defeat her it was a NIGHTMARE a literal nightmare she was sooooo weird about hitting the ball it was driving me insane. in showdown wasnt as bad cuz she was a good boss, and yes i said GOOD boss it felt right putting her as a boss, if she wasnt a boss, she will be the worst mii on the PLANET. but thank gosh she is a boss. in BASKETBALL she was kinda getting on ME all the time when i got the ball she literally followed me where ever i was it was pretty scary. her teammates were fine they were playing it fair and…

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  • Banannawolves

    At one point of my life, I was obsessed with knowing people's birthdays. I dunno why. But here's something I've never heard anyone talking about on here: birthdays. So I put some fanon birthdays down.

    Here was the original I posted this on (this is random):

    Naz: June 22

    Eduardo: August 19

    Jessie: March 19

    Shinnosuke: June 29

    Fritz: October 28

    Nelly: January 11

    Yuehua: January 13

    Chris: February 10

    John (WM): July 13

    Tomoko: February 15

    Matt (WS): July 1

    Alice and Barbara (WSC): January 28

    Rachel: December 5

    Shinta: November 2

    Miyu: May 24

    Midori: December 25

    Abby: March 17

    Barry: February 5

    Comment down below more ideas! 

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