• IAmAwesome2

    About Discord

    January 19, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    I have a few questions about Discord.

    What do you guys do on there?

    How does the "voice chat" work?

    I'm just wondering, since I'm not on Discord.


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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess

    (This blog is basically personal, if you don't like it, then I'll be very sorry for that, just please, don't hate me for this...)

    Don't even ask me why I am changing the picture of Celeste from Danganronpa to a Alcremie, I just love Alcremie in Pokemon Sword and Shield okay? ;-;

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  • Elisa Wuhu

    New Profile Picture

    January 18, 2020 by Elisa Wuhu

    Credit to Joey Prenda for making this

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  • SuperStar Channel

    Taiwanese Miis

    January 18, 2020 by SuperStar Channel

    I have Taiwanese Miis on my Taiwan Sports Club Mii List.

    • Pian-Pian
    • Rui-Lin
    • Cheng-Han
    • Zi-Kai
    • Bo-Jia
    • Xue-Ren
    • Shu-Hui
    • Xiao-Tong
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  • MarquessMark

    These hold my opinions for the Miis from Wii Sports Club. Currently this is a WIP.

    Differences from this and the one on my userpage:

    • This uses WSC Miis, the other uses WS/R Miis. Also, there are 111 in WSC, 100 in WSR.
    • This uses emoticons 'cos I'm feeling fun and wanting to look cool. The other used simple words
    • My hatred for the WSC Miis is more extensive and so my comments will be quite harsh and more punitive than the lighter WS/R tier. There is one more tier for sure dislike here and one less for sure like. Candidly, I prewarn you that no tier here except the one holding my best will ever supersede the "Living Legends". Heh, maybe even only the top 12 in the best WSC Mii section will override that.
    • There will be less analysis on skill, unfo…

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  • IAmAwesome2

    About Mii Wiki

    January 17, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    Okay, so I recently asked TortoiseCat5 about redirecting Mii Wiki into this one, so if there are any weird fanon pages, please delete them immediately. (I was planning on Mii Wiki being as factual as Wii Sports Wiki, so why do we even need Mii Wiki if we can just redirect it into Wii Sports Wiki?)

    Sorry, guys, if this is causing some problems.


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  • YoungArtist79

    For S3 of Mii Survivor, I'm doing a David vs. Goliath theme. The "Davids" are 10 underdogs who work to achieve their goals, while the "Goliaths" are 10 topdogs who use their advantages in life to easily achieve their goals. The odds seem stacked for the Goliaths, but every David has a secret weapon, and every Goliath has a fatal flaw.

    Who are you rooting for? Favorite Davids, favorite Goliaths?

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  • YoungArtist79

    Here. They. Are. Some Mii QRs for MSBVW. This blog will reveal their occupations, and and instead of alphabetically, they are listed in pair order starting with Pair 1 (Ariana and Hope) and ending with Pair 10 (X and Nova)

    Anyway,== Have fun with them! Use them for put them in Tomodachi, BrantSteele sims, Wii Party U, Miitopia (I'm planning on adding them to Miitopia's Mii central too), Animal crossing, whatever!

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  • Gabuboi

    ok boomer

    January 16, 2020 by Gabuboi

    ok boomer

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  • Great Soup!

    User's Favorite Miis

    January 16, 2020 by Great Soup!

    Here, I'm going to list the user's #1 favorite Miis because I'm straight up bored. (WS/WSR/WSC)

    Great Soup! (Me): Gwen (WSR), Mitsu (WSC)

    HowILoveIt: Miyu, Lucía (WS/WSR), Pavel (WSC)

    CelestiaTheGreatPrincess: Midori (WSR), Anne (WSC)

    TheShinnyLucarioMaster: Sakura (WS/WSR), Rie (WSC)

    MarquessMark: Gabriele (WSR), Rie (WSC)

    YoungArtist: Misaki (WSR)

    If you want to be on this list, write your #1 favorite Mii from both the Wii and Wii U in the comments.

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  • CelestiaTheGreatPrincess
    • it's was a beautiful day in this island, it was sunny, as always, and the view on the sky was very beautiful, such of a paradise island when we can do sports, we can say that*

    Ursula : what a beautiful day.

    Rin : I know right? It means this gonna be a good day today!

    Keiko : It depend what happen, girls..

    Ursula : Hey Keiko, I didn't know you wanted to come here.

    Keiko : nothing wrong in this situation. As always.

    Gabi : anyway, who want to play video games with me?

    Ursula : Me, if you want to.

    Gabi : alright then, I didn't wanted to force someone..

    • Gabi and Ursula goes somewhere else, to play at video games*

    Rin : so anyway, I wonder what the other are into...

    Keiko : they will be fine, don't worry..

    • meanwhile, at the restaurant of the Wuhu Island*


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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    : (

    January 14, 2020 by KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    I am deleting my account. I got blocked for not respecting someone’s opinions. The rules say nothing about this. I find it funny that I got blocked for this but I didn’t get blocked another time I disrespected someone’s opinions. I do kind of understand why I got blocked, but shouldn’t have YoungArtist at least given me a warning? If he would have given me a warning then it would be fine. He just blocked me straight away. And I also could not edit my talk page for some reason. After I got blocked, I thought that my life was over. I was so sad and I still feel like crap to this day. So, due to the hard life I have been going through in the wiki, I am going to have to say goodbye to all of you and delete my account. I just can’t continue thi…

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  • You crab

    I made a new wiki.

    January 14, 2020 by You crab

    Even though I already said this in the community messages, but there are some people like TheShinyLucarioMaster who never uses it, so I’m gonna make this more open.

    As I said in the title, I made a new Wiki called Wii Sports SUPER Fanon wiki. This is the Wii Sports wiki that allows you to do anything you want. Vandalism is allowed.

    But I obviously can’t do this alone, so I’m gonna need some help. You guys can help if you press this link. Read more >
  • You crab

    First barely anyone commented on my previous blog. Then me and Great Soup! have an argument. And then KingFire4IceAAA got blocked.

    I don’t think he deserved it but I might be a bad admin now...

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  • YoungArtist79

    Here. They. Are. Some Mii QRs.

    Have fun with them! Use them for put them in Tomodachi, BrantSteele sims, Wii Party U, Miitopia (I'm planning on adding them to Miitopia's Mii central too), Animal crossing, whatever!

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  • HowILoveIt

    Matt (WS/WSR): So, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which do you prefer?

    Alisha: One of each please. OH!

    (Matt swings his left fist charging onto Alisha, trying to hit her. Alisha quickly dodged in a speed of a car)

    Alisha: WHOA THERE MATTHEW! That was a bit uncalled for.

    Matt (WS/WSR): That makeup's uncalled for.

    Alisha: Well, my husband says I look cu-OH JESUS!

    (Matt then proceeded to hit Alisha with his right fist, only to miss in an instant)

    Alisha: OK, screw this.

    (Alisha dashes onto the living room to quickly grab the phone and call for help)


    Alisha: God forbid I'd fight the Boxing Champion!

    (Alisha then grabs the phone to call for help, only to have it shot off her h…

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  • MarquessMark

    Anti-Poofesure: adj. Having contempt for Poofesure and in opposition against him and his methods.

    I am anti-Poofesure now because:

    1. His anger has become a tool. It feels like he only gets angry for attention and not for legitimate reasons. It feels staged and abused.
    2. There is no hold on his vocal anger anymore. Not only is that earrape fuel but it is also makes him appear immature, uncontrolled, neurotic and unhealthy. You've got to wonder how much lifespan he's lost.
    3. Of his physical anger. He thinks he can just smack and buffet every Wii Remote's juices out and keep getting new ones. How many more Wii Remotes are left in this world, you uncontrolled freak? He appears increasingly violent and crazy with each whack of the remote and, relating to…

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  • Great Soup!

    When it comes to Swordplay Showdown, it usually has its ups and downs... Mostly downs. I'd say it's because of the bosses. Some of them look out of place, like Fritz or Shinta. I'm gonna say who SHOULD'VE been Bosses in Swordplay Showdown (Only on the stages in which I think there should be a change).

    Bridge: Ryan (Since he actually looks more serious than Cole and has been the starting opponent in Swordplay Duel, why not make him the first boss?)

    Forest Reverse: Jackie (When it comes to Jackie, I always pictured her to be a strong woman for some reason, ready to fight, so why not?)

    Ruins Reverse: Abe (Unlike Shinta, the guy actually looks serious and strong and... Well... He IS strong. Checked the rankings lately?)

    Waterfall Reverse: Hayley (…

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  • You crab


    January 12, 2020 by You crab

    I’m considering getting rid of the trivia that says Miis don’t have nationalities. It’s honestly probably just a way of saying Miyu has a Japanese name but lives in France. It doesn’t make sense. So this is what I’m thinking of doing.

    Please comment below whether or not I should do this, and/or comment who’s idea was it to do this.

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  • Great Soup!

    Alisha, Lucía and Miyu

    January 11, 2020 by Great Soup!

    Alisha: Imagine being 3rd best in something alone, only behind a freaking blonde, good for nothing jerk.

    Miyu: Exactly.

    Lucía: Can't imagine it.

    (Alisha and Miyu look at Lucía a bit mad)

    Lucía: ...What? I'm not THIRD best in something. I'm THE best in something. I get hated by it tho.

    Miyu: So do I. It's their fault that I keep catching the ball. Sakura ******* sucks at pitching fairly, so if you manage to hit a splitter from her, don't expect me to let it go easily. Most splitters go to where I'm placed when they are hit.

    Alisha: I get hated beyond that. "Alisha, you're boring", "Alisha, you're annoying", "Alisha, that makeup makes you look ugly". HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE AND GIVE ME A ******* BREAK?! IT'S BAD ENOUGH I HAVE FRITZ SAY "I'…

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  • Great Soup!

    Alisha and Fritz

    January 8, 2020 by Great Soup!

    Fritz: What the hell is your problem?!


    Fritz: Don't point fingers a-

    Alisha: SHUT THE **** UP AND LISTEN! Who was going to get Vice-Champion in Cycling? Me. Who wanted to live a peaceful life in this god forsaken island? Me! But people like you, Tyrone and Matt always ruin it for everyone. YOU ROBBED ME OF THE HAPPINESS I COULD'VE HAD!

    Fritz: Well, maybe you should be better a-

    Alisha: DON'T START THAT **** WITH ME! I HAVE BEEN CRYING MYSELF TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT THANKS TO THAT! Not everyone can be literal legends at sports like Sakura is in Baseball or Tommy in Basketball. Megan and Ryan had been depressed for a ******* year and a half because of THAT CRAP!

    Fritz: What do they ha-

    Alisha: Let. Me. Finish. The. ***…

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  • YoshiIsTheBest472

    If we write all of the CPU Mii names from the Wii Sports Series, then every letter in the English Alphabet is present, including the tricky letter Q from Enrique. Here is a list of all of the letters ranked from most common to least common, and how many times they appear:

    1. A (165 times)
    2. I (133 times)
    3. E (97 times)
    4. R (85 times)
    5. O (78 times)
    6. N (77 times)
    7. S (60 times)
    8. L (54 times)
    9. U (53 times)
    10. H (48 times)
    11. M (46 times)
    12. K (38 times)
    13. T (37 times)
    14. C (29 times)
    15. D (27 times)
    16. Y (26 times)
    17. J (22 times)
    18. B (19 times)
    19. G (19 times)
    20. P (18 times)
    21. V (11 times)
    22. X (9 times)
    23. F (6 times)
    24. Z (5 times)
    25. W (4 times)
    26. Q (1 time)

    • There are 1,167 letters total.
    • The average number of times a letter appears is 45.
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  • You crab

    About future plans

    January 7, 2020 by You crab

    When I turn 18, I might move to a new country outside of the USA. Where should I go?

    My ideas are...

    • Tokyo
    • Egypt
    • China
    • Quibec
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  • Great Soup!

    Here, I will express my opinion on the Bosses.

    Cole - Stupidly defensive for some reason and takes a freaking century to attack. A HUGE boulder in my way, and I don't like it. 3/10

    Gabi - Good choice for a Boss and nice to see that we got the first female Boss to be the first to be a little bit aggressive. She attacks quicker than Cole, so that's an improvement. 8/10

    Miguel - I do like that he attacks quicker than Cole, but explain to me why he holds his sword like an idiot the minute he gets near me. Don't put your sword that down low, Miguel. That looks SO wrong. 6/10

    Alisha - BEST BOSS IMO! I like that she attacks twice if you let her hit you. Plus, it's nice to know that she's the Boss on the stage where I usually get to see her in Cycling…

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  • Miitopia Guy

    Tomodachi Ep. 3

    January 6, 2020 by Miitopia Guy

    It's been a while so let's catch up. We have more couples blossoming! Asami and Takumi have fallen in love with eachother and Frisk (Undertale) and Shohei have fallen in love with eachother. Elisa and Akira were in a fight, but made up shortly after. Kolby and his best friend Abdallah have taken a vacation in Europe! Kolby also made Cappuccino with a frying pan. (Weird, Right?)  Former Tennis Teammates Matt and Miyu have now met eachother and have become friends. That's it for now! 

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  • HowILoveIt

    I can draw. Look at my art here.

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  • YoungArtist79

    I'm doing a BrantSteele Survivor simulator AGAIN with more Miis, based on the Blood VS Water season with 20 miis. The concept is castaways competing with and against their loved ones. The yellow "Galang" tribe are the ones who applied for the pairs of loved ones and are the "bigger" fans of the shows. The Tadhana tribe are the ones who are more casual fans.

    Alex received overwhelmingly negative feedback for coming back from RI, poor leadership during the Tribal phase of the game, and only making moves with Molli. He was called a "goat" by Hope, and received no votes to win. Hiromichi was praised for his immunity wins, but was questioned for "barely" winning the challenges over Molli, as well as his poor strategic game and clueless attitude,…

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  • You crab

    These are My opinions on all the Admins in the Wii Sports Community.

    TheShinyLucarioMaster: Really he’s one the best admins in history. He’s an admin that will usually grant your rights if you request. Overall, great admin.

    Minefa5: He’s good too but could be better. He used to constantly do pointless editing(Ex. Only add a space) I have a feeling he’ll do it again.

    You crab: It’s me so obviously I’m good.

    HowIloveIt: I really like his funny personality, especially when something happened. He also comes up with ideas which help the Wiki.

    Végégon: This guy scares me. He’s way too severe for his own good. Even if you do one speck of vandalism and he reverts the edits, you’re done!

    Unknown Channel: She’s one of my favorites. She’s kind. And she’ll …

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with Alisha)

    Alisha: Dear sister! Make sure you take out the chicken outta the fridge for tomorrow.

    Gabi: I already did!

    Alisha: OK, then go to sleep.

    Gabi: Fine.

    (As Gabi went to get some sleep, Alisha heard something outside)

    Alisha: Huh? What in Blazes was that? ...Must be hearing things.

    (Alisha heard the same thing again, a little louder this time)

    Alisha: Now I'm actually starting to get worried.

    (After that, Alisha heard something in the living room. Afraid to go unarmed, she grabbed a knife and proceeded to aproach with caution. What met her was something of a surprise)

    Alisha: FRITZ?!

    Fritz: SURPRISED?!

    (Fritz then pulled out a knife and tried to hit Alisha with it. After that, it was just a swordfight with knives as replacement. After…

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  • You crab

    (At the Myamoto house, Miyu finds the news report on Víctor)

    Miyu: Daddy, is that the same guy who killed that woman?

    Matt: Yes. His name is Víctor. Víctor is a very horrible person on the island.

    Miyu: Is he in prison yet?

    Matt: No they haven’t gathered enough evidence yet.

    (Back on the street Víctor grabs his best friend, Jake to rob Matt’s house)

    Víctor: I tell you what, we’ll leave, maybe we’ll have a bite to eat, then we’ll come back at 9:00.

    Jake: Sounds like a plan

    To be continued

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  • You crab

    (On the street, Víctor is at Luca’s toy store robbing)

    Víctor: I’m busting in.

    (Víctor breaks through the doors)

    Víctor: Give me your money and I promise you won’t get hurt!

    Luca: F*ck no!

    Víctor: I’ll tell you what, I have a gun in my pocket. And when I’m done you’ll be spitting out gum until you’re 40.

    Luca: Fine.. take it.

    (Meanwhile at the police depot)

    Bo-Jia: Oop. There’s a robbery at Luca’s toy store.

    Saburo: Let’s check the security footage.

    (After the 3 cops were done looking)

    Bo-Jia: The robber was Víctor!!!

    Pierre: Oh god! That’s it! He’s dead!

    To be continued

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Some time later, at night in the hospital, Miyu and Lucía begin to talk with eachother)

    Miyu: I wanna go home...

    Lucía: me too...

    Miyu: I miss the girls...

    Lucía: I miss them too... even though its been only 2 days...

    Miyu: and I thought being bullied in Junior High School was bad enough...

    Shouta: Hello girls... OK, there is no way I can say that without looking creepy. Anyway, how goes the process of being healed?


    Shouta: That's odd. I thought the pain would ease down by now.

    Kathrin: That doesn't always work.

    Shouta: You know what else doesn't work? That hairstyle. You look divorced. Anyway...

    (Miyu and Lucía look at eachother, confused)

    Shouta: Are you two hungry? I ca-


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  • HowILoveIt

    (Abe had only one chance to shoot the gun off of Delilah's hand, otherwise, it was lights out for Siobhán. Seconds later, footsteps could be heard going quick as lightning)

    Abe: Wait... Do you hear that?


    (Seconds after that weird introduction, Pit tackled Delilah to the ground)

    Delilah: Where the f-

    Pit: Equality mode, activate!

    (After saying that, Pit smacked Delilah unconcious with a single punch (so sorry about the equality joke))

    Pit: I am a Hero!

    Abe: Equality mode, activate?!

    Pit: I had to say something.

    Abe: But of all things, that's the first thing that comes to mind?

    Pit: I'm a weird one. I'll admit it.

    Abe: Anyway, thanks for saving my daughter.

    Pit: My pleasure. Also, have you seen a girl somewhere here? About 4 fe…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Yoko: Do they look OK to you?!

    Alisha: I've seen worse. Take for example Shohei after falling off a-

    Ren (On the hospital TV): We interrupt this program for some news. Local resident, Tommy Wilson Smith, Champion of Basketball, has been found dead in Town Square just this morning. Only clues that lead to the murderer is what looks like a torn up piece of a brown robe. It is assumed to be from a robe because of the Silk(e) Material it is made of. If you see anyone wearing a torn brown robe, call the police. This has been Ren Anderson with the news. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

    Alisha: ...roof ...Well, ****!

    Yoko: Who's to guess that Tyrone's next?

    Alisha: I HOPE HE'S NEXT!

    (Meanwhile, back with Abe and Delilah)

    Delilah: Step one …

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  • You crab

    (At the police depot)

    Bo-Jia: By the looks of it the murderer used this chainsaw to murder this female.

    Pierre: Hang on.

    Saburo: No one wants to see you’re moles.

    Bo-Jia: We need to match up our fingerprints.

    (The cops marched up the fingerprints)

    Pierre: The murderer is....

    Bo-Jia: Víctor.

    Saburo: Wasn’t Víctor the guy who bought the only non electric car on the island.

    Bo-Jia: Yes.

    Pierre: Those are illegal on this island. We need to serve justice!

    Bo-Jia: We need to look for him.

    To be continued

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  • HowILoveIt

    Delilah: Miss me?

    Abe: You can tell by the way I said your name that I didn't.

    Delilah: Well, let's see if you miss this!

    (Delilah let out a smoke bomb, covering the whole pizzeria with smoke. When the smoke cleared up, someone went missing)

    Chika: Wait... Wasn't Siobhán just-



    Siobhán: DADDY, HELP ME!


    Pavel: ...Well, there goes Abe.

    Chris (WSC): Hopefully, Delilah runs enough to actually lose weight so we don't have to see her crusty looks again.

    (Back at the hospital)

    Joana: Lucía, my dear. Please speak to me.

    (Lucía remains quiet)

    Bernando: Lucía, don't act like you can't hear us.

    (Lucía continues to remain quiet)


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  • HowILoveIt

    (At Marco's Pizzeria)

    Se-young: You freaking cheater, Rie!

    Rie: It's not my fault you're bad at Mario Kart!

    Pavel: I feel kinda lonely now that Miyu's gone.

    (Chika looks at Pavel as if what Pavel just said wasn't obvious enough)

    Chika: Of course you would say that, you being in a relationship with her and all.


    Chris (WSC): What was that?

    Chika: Gabriele screaming at Elisa.

    Elisa: If you don't have anymore breadstick, why do I see Adrien eating some?



    Gabriele: With pleasure. YOSHI!

    Yoshi: What?!

    (Gabriele points at Elisa and then says to Yoshi in an angry …

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  • HowILoveIt

    (The next day passes and everyone is standing in Court, waiting for Fritz)

    Claudia: If the defendant does not come here in under 15 minutes, he is pronounced Guilty with no futher questions asked. I gotta go and cook my daughter Midori something to eat.

    (The doors open)

    Vincenzo: Your honor, the defendant.

    Claudia: ******* finally! What took you so long?! Take a seat.

    Fritz: Alright, fine. No need to yell.

    Claudia: Order in the Court. Today we stand in trial against the defendant, Fritz Von Müller Schmidt, along with his attorney, Barbara Riegel Avidan.

    (Barbara enters the courtroom)

    Claudia: And standing against both of them is the prosecution, Hiromasa Glover Withermore. Is everyone ready to start the trial?

    Barbara (WSR): Defense is ready, your…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Alisha: Welp, won't be seeing him again. Good thing too, considering I wanted to get back at him for stealing Vice-Champion from me in Cycling.

    Takashi: It's just a pointless title, Alisha.

    Alisha: Says the man that got peeved because his socks didn't match. Anyway, getting away from that topic, why the hell did you run on foot to Fritz?

    Takashi: Xue-Ren has my car.

    Alisha: Your Brother has it? Don't you two have seperate cars?

    Takashi: Yeah, but his car is terribly hammered.

    Alisha: Oh... OK then...

    (Back at the Hospital, Yoko mourns for what could be her final moments with her daughter)

    Yoko: Miyu... Open your eyes... Please.

    (Miyu's eyes stay shut)

    Yoko: Come on, Miyu. I know you can hear me... Open your eyes and look at your mother...

    (Miyu's ey…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Vincenzo: Where is this man going?!

    Alisha: It looks like he's heading right where Takashi lives!


    Takashi: Hiromi, get out of the edge of the sidewalk. You're gonna get hurt by something.

    Hiromi (WSR): What sort of thing is gonna hit me on the sidewalk, uncle Takashi?

    (Fritz, recklessly driving, hits Hiromi, making her fly up in the air like an eagle)

    Takashi: That heep of crap! That's what! Come back, you sorry excuse for a driver!

    Alisha: What the?! Now Takashi's chasing him on foot!

    Vincenzo: What is he gonna do with that?

    Takashi: (Dials up phone) Hello, Doctor? My niece has been hit by a car! She's on 205 Cone Zone Street! Can you please get her?!

    Shouta: Alright then, I'm on my way. Kathrin, get in the ambulance! Someone got hit b…

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  • HowILoveIt

    Fritz: I done eveything you asked, boss. Now they're nothing but sitting ducks at the hospital.

    Matt (WS/WSR)(On the phone): Excelent. With that done, I won't have to deal with their crap anymore. You have done well, my friend.

    Fritz: Yeah. Now, abou-

    (A gunshot loud as it can be was blasted from outside)


    Fritz: AW CRAP! I'll call you back.


    Fritz: Get lost! You have no reason to-

    (A window shattered in the living room in an instant as Bo-jia flew through it)


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  • HowILoveIt

    (As every police man and woman ran to their cars, Alisha ran out and saw everything in utter worry. As cars were heard drifting off one by one, she started mumbling to herself)

    Alisha: Now I want to know how Miyu and Lucía are doing.

    (At the hospital, where Miyu and Lucía layed themselves to a long sleep)

    Yoko: So, what are the damages?

    Bo-jia: Please don't tell us it's something harsh!

    Shouta: ...I got good news and bad news. Good news is that Lucía and Miyu may recover.

    Joana: And the bad news?

    Shouta: Fritz has broken quite a few bones, made them lose a large amount of blood and damaged their brains hardly, so it's going to take a while for them to recover. Maybe even a whole year and a half.

    Bo-jia: WHAT NOW?!

    Shouta: And even if they do recov…

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  • You crab

    (Ian booked a room at the Cocoba hotel but thugs did NOT go as planned. Ian booked a room with Fumiko at the counter)

    Ian: Hey, baby. I would like a hotel room.

    Fumiko: Sure.

    (Ian hears a screaming noise)

    Ian: Oh god!

    (Ian runs to the back of the hotel to find a dead body. There’s his younger brother, Steve, Misaki, and Ryan in the same room)

    Ian: Who is this?

    Steve: That was Yoko.

    Ian: I have no idea who Yoko is.

    Misaki: (Crying) She was one of my best friends.

    Ryan: Tut tut, she is absolute garbage. She deserved to be dead.

    (Misaki slapped Ryan, but Ryan punched Misaki in the eye.)

    Ian: We need to call the police.

    Steve: Don’t worry. I called them.

    (The police officer (Bo-Jia) showed up in the room)

    Bo-Jia: Aight what seems to be the problem here.


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  • HowILoveIt

    Kentaro (WSC): When you, the Mayor of Wuhu Island, come here, it's usually to talk to me about something. What is it?

    Alisha: Um... I'll talk to you about it tomorrow.

    (Alisha leaves the Hotel, leaving Kentaro in a really confused state of being. Alisha ran to the nearest police station... or, at least, that was the plan, until she bumped into Léonie)

    Alisha: 3 times in a single day. What is this? Bumper Cars?

    Léonie: What are you talkin-

    Alisha: No time to explain. I got to move it!

    Léonie: ...What the heck?

    (Alisha dashed right past Town Square, Marco's Pizzeria and the Basketball court until finally, she found the police station. Seconds later, Alisha enters and meets with Holly's husband, Vincenzo)

    Vincenzo: Why, hello Mayo-

    Alisha: SHUT YOUR …

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  • HowILoveIt

    Alisha was walking to the hotel calmly, wanting to meet the owner, Kentaro, when, all of a sudden, she bumps into someone she really didn't want to meet today... Fritz.

    Alisha: OW! HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU-Oh... It's you...

    Fritz: Suprised?

    Alisha: Yeah...

    (Alisha then closed her eyes and let out a sigh, trying to prevent herself from saying something rash)

    Alisha: Not in a good way though.

    Fritz: I see you're making your way to the Hotel. Make sure you check with Lucía and Miyu when you get there.

    (Fritz chuckles in a sinister way after saying that, leaving Alisha with eyebrows high up and eyes opened wide)

    Alisha: Oh, for God's sake, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?!

    (Alisha ran to the hotel faster than a speeding bullet, only to bump into Yoko and Bo-jia, M…

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  • You crab

    Before we begin, I’m also throwing in second generation of Miis.

    Rocky Balboa: Eddy

    Adrian: Rie

    Apollo Creed: Alex

    Mickey(Rocky’s trainer): Frank

    Clubber Lang: Matt (1st Gen)

    Ivan Drago: Pit

    Tommy Gunn: Tommy

    Pauly: John

    Rocky Jr: Pierre

    Apollo’s trainer: James

    Clubber’s trainer: Patrick

    Ivan’s wife: Elena

    Mason Dixon: Theo

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  • The Total Evil Denpa Man Team with All Antennas


    Since I became a villain with 7 other want-to-be villains. After several surrenders, I ended up here, on a strange island. I met Shohei first, he let me stay in the iconic hotel you know, and he gave me a whole tour of the island!

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  • You crab

    Read this gallery. This is what I think the armors should be called from now on.

    Please comment.

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  • You crab

    After Abby got done with her fight with Emma, Abby began her fight with Víctor. Víctor was a little harder than her last couple of fights. Víctor blocked everything. In between Round 1 her trainer said,”You need to find your way around corners. If you can’t, you’re just going back to square one.” Abby tried and assortment of hooks and uppercuts and eventually won the fight.

    Back in the locker room Abby had more hopes other than beat Matt who is literally stronger than Thanos. She thought about fighting Tatsuaki. Tatsuaki hails from Tokyo Japan and moves very fast around the ring. His record is 29 wins and only 1 loss. Abby has hated Tatsuaki all her life, so she’s determined to get to him.

    Chapter 4 coming soon.

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  • You crab

    Kentaro Wii Sports

    January 2, 2020 by You crab

    I thought only me, Minefa5, and TheShinyLucarioMaster were the only ones on the Wiki who think Kentaro looks like Big Smoke. But boi was I wrong. Now there’s like everyone on the wiki saying he looks like Big Smoke. And Ai yai yai(I don’t what who made this phrase was thinking) the growth goes on, and on, and on. And before you know it literally everyone’s started talking about Kentaro.

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