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Changer36 Changer36 4 hours ago

Cities where Wii CPUs Live In

This was inspired by Unknown Channel as she did one with the WSC Miis.

  • Saburo - Yamagata
  • Hiroshi - Tokushima
  • Daisuke - Sendai
  • Shinnosuke - Sanda
  • Akira - Tokyo
  • Tatsuaki - Hyoko
  • Shouta - Okayama
  • Ren - Sanda
  • Kentaro - Hiroshima
  • Takumi - Kitakyushu
  • Haru - Toyooko
  • Yoshi - Toyooko
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PenguinLOVERDavey11 PenguinLOVERDavey11 17 hours ago

Opinions Of mine.

In my opinion, out of the 3 franchises I have, I would think Wii Party U is the best. I just love all the miis, and it seems like each mii has its own special quality.

2nd would be Resort. I really loved this game. But after a while it got a bit boring. I could do everything easily, repeat the same things over and over.

3rd, Wii Sports. I just think that it was kinda boring and that I needed more action, maybe adding another sport would have helped.

the other 2 I'll rank eventually :) and maybe i'll even do a blog about miis soon.

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Changer36 Changer36 1 day ago

How should we get trolls to move out of WSW?

I mean, this place seems to be a hotspot for trolls. And not that many admins are active here. And don't forget the dreaded Friday Night of November 5th, 2021.

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Changer36 Changer36 6 days ago

About Mii: Chika Matsuda

  • 1 Birthday
  • 2 Positive Relationships
  • 3 Negative Relationships
  • 4 Activities
  • 5 Interests

  • July 15, 2003 (18 years old)

  • Tatsuaki (father)
  • Na-rae (mother)
  • Takashi (grandfather)
  • Saburo (uncle)
  • Rui-Lin (uncle)
  • Daisuke (uncle)
  • Tomoko (cousin)
  • Hiromi (cousin)

  • Yuriko (sister)

  • Is now the 2nd Pro Class player in Swordplay after practice and got to wear black armor in Stage 12 replacing her uncle Daisuke
  • She now teams up with Lucia and Vincenzo in Basketball, swapped spots with Fritz
  • After 12 years, she never found a Table Tennis paddle
  • Is now "far back but acceptable" in Cycling

  • Is somehow obsessed over Monokuma from DR1 and has a onesie of said bear
  • Her favorite song is "Angel on my Shoulder" by Kaskade ft. Tamra
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Changer36 Changer36 16 days ago

About WiiSportsandMiiLover

So, I was less mature back in March-July so I treat them like they're two different people now.

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Changer36 Changer36 26 days ago

Admins, please look at this.

I disrespected myself and am too scared to post unless nessacary until this is over.

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Changer36 Changer36 27 days ago

The Order the Images in the Wii CPU's Gallery should be placed

  • QR Codes
  • Face images (For WS Miis only)
  • Full body images (For WS Miis only)
  • September 2020 Nintendo leak images
  • Tennis images (For WS Miis only)
  • Baseball images (For WS Miis only)
  • Boxing images (For WS Miis only)
  • Swordplay images
  • Basketball images
  • Table Tennis images
  • Cycling images
  • Wii Party difficulty images
  • Wii Party mini game images
  • Wii Music artworks (WS Miis that have one only)
  • Other promotional images
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Changer36 Changer36 27 October

One interesting fact of all the Wii Miis

Well...I was bored.

  • Saburo - He was the first Mii to be added in to WS.
  • Hiroshi - He handclaps in Wii Music.
  • Daisuke - He has an awful beard. Sure, it got changed in the leak, but it's still bad.
  • Shinnosuke - He's now awfully underrated.
  • Akira - He got an improvement in WSR AND WP. (He's the only improver in WSR that got Master diffculty)
  • Tatsuaki - He got hated BAD for Friend Connection.
  • Shouta - He looks like a Nintendo CEO.
  • Ren - He makes the most consecutive appearances in Swordplay Showdown, and he is called "Reversal Ren" because he appears in the most reverse stages.
  • Kentaro - He looks like Big Smoke.
  • Takumi - He gets hate that he TOTALLY DESERVES!
  • Haru - Probably the most liked Mii. Not looking at MaiLightApple
  • Yoshi - She was changed to a boy …
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69MATT69 69MATT69 25 October


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MysticUniverse MysticUniverse 13 October


Dylios is effectively Guru Ant's better. That ant has no chance against him, no matter how much fame or cash he has.

  • 1 New Wii Sports
  • 2 New Wii Sports Resort
  • 3 New Wii Party
  • 4 New Wii Sports Club
  • 5 New Wii Party U
  • 6 Trivia

He is a champion in all sports with a skill level of Infinity+ in all sports. In Tennis, his partner is himself, but extremely rarely Daizata In Baseball, his team catches the ball every time and they always hit out of the park. His team is only himself in baseball. In Boxing, it is very ill advised to face him, as even the worst of Matt can kill you, he will do far worse.

He has the same skill level as in New Wii Sports. In Swordplay, he is the champion and boss of elusive level 57. In Table Tennis, he plays blindfold for fun. In Basket…

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MysticUniverse MysticUniverse 7 October


Daiztia is an beyond an omnipotent god. He can be faced in any sport, however, he is the "level cap" CPU, meaning he's beyond the final CPU in every sport and is almost impossible to defeat, even with the use of hacks. He is meant to be the barrier so that you cannot go further and ultimately destroy yourself with the realization of just how truly strong descendants can truly be. Defeating him requires perfect gameplay, making zero mistakes, and basically endless hours of trying over and over again, even with pure perfection you will not win. He decides who wins, loses, and which CPUs go against who, but more often than not he just allows people to make choices on their own. His skill level in all sports in all games in Infinity.

  • 1 Wii Spor…

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Professor Piccolo Catsumi Professor Piccolo Catsumi 30 September

Honeymoon Horror- Chapter 1

Keiko- I can't believe it... we are wed! Oh, honey!

Tatsuaki- I love you. But judging by the title, it probably won't go well.

Keiko- lol it's so early to break the fourth wall!

Tatsuaki- whatever, Cue music!

[Some robots that Marisa made started playing bridal chorus]

Pierre- Why am I missing my favourite show?

Keiko- Hmm.. We literally just started but the kids are bored, Pieree is missing a TV show and we didn't even get a reverend!

Tatsuaki- Yeah! Let's go to some tropical honeymoon and see women in bikinis pole dancing! Let's go!

Midori- I travelled a couple of house down the road to go here! I think I'm missing MY favourite show too!

Keiko- Midori's missing a show too, we should really see those pole dancers now

Asami -Sure... I don't count th…

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SuperStone9045671 SuperStone9045671 26 September

If Wii Sports Club had Resort Games.

First game, Table Tennis. Champion: Polly. Skill: 1494-1562 Reward: Golden Hotel Shoe. Stamp: Defeat The Titan

Second game, Swordplay. Champion: Pit. Skill: 1496-1500 Reward: Green Sword. Stamp: Worthy Of The Blade

Third game, Basketball. Champion: Yuya. Teammates: Araceli & Zi-Kai. Skill: 1596-1644. Reward: The ability to jump higher. Stamp: King Of The Court.

Fourth game, Note: I added CPUS to Cycling and made it 1 v 1. So miis in Cycling have skill levels now. You have the option to play this or the normal road race. The placements in road race are based on the 1 v 1 skill levels. Only placements 1-12 can finish in first in the road race.

Champion: Susie. Skill: 1200-1400. Reward: Unicycle. Stamp: Become Champion

Placements in the road race.…

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KanashīPaige KanashīPaige 19 September

Favorite Mii characters

(Will be updated someday)

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Professor Piccolo Catsumi Professor Piccolo Catsumi 15 September

Mastery Mystery

Shohei- I don't know... What is it? I don't know... I have to find out the mystery!

Haru- Shohei, my man! How are you?

Shohei- let me relax, I have to figure this out...

Haru- Sorry! What is it anyway?

Shohei- I don't know... Anyway, let's play wii party!

Pierre- I'm not joining in, my favourite show is on!

Haru- Umm... OK!

Shohei- Wait...WE ARE CPU!

[They both fainted]

Pierre- I wish I could call someone, but the show!

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SuperStone9045671 SuperStone9045671 3 September

If Friend Connection was a Wii Party U game.

Scores, Friend Connection

  1. Rui & Alphonse, 29
  2. Adrien & Haruka, 31
  3. Xue-Ren & Anna, 32
  4. David & Pit, 40
  5. Sho & Jose, 44
  6. Se-young & Yuriko, 44
  7. Victor & Bernd, 46
  8. Maria & Kazuhiko, 50
  9. Mi-sun & Xiao-Tong, 51
  10. Anne & Alice, 54
  11. Hiromi & Ilka, 55
  12. Massimo & Erick, 58
  13. Xixi & Skip, 58
  14. Steven & Akira, 59
  15. Zi-Kai & Claudia, 62
  16. Sophia & Monica, 63
  17. Araceli & Faustine, 66
  18. Yuya & Rie, 69
  19. Elena & Jeff, 75
  20. Maximilian & Olga, 79

Balance Boat Expert

  1. Bo-Jia & Joost, 18
  2. Yuya & Daisuke, 16
  3. Akira & Hyun-woo, 16
  4. Matt & Pavel, 15
  5. Frank & Irina, 14
  6. Ricardo & Alice, 12
  7. Bernd & Sho, 11
  8. Mark & Millie, 10
  9. Bruce & Enrique, 9
  10. Mitsu & Elena, 8
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Changer36 Changer36 2 September

Lazy blog


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RoseLavillant6 RoseLavillant6 2 September

Wii Life Chapter 2

Narrator: Gwen, Keiko I see you finished your table tennis game!

Keiko: Gwen beat me 6-2

Narrator: It's time I introduced you to a table tennis legend!

Gwen: But me and Keiko are the only girls on the island

Narrator: Oh right! We need a boy too! We'll do that later

Narrator: Alakazam!

???: Who is that girl in the glasses with the mole next to her mouth

Keiko walks over to a mirror

Keiko: Me?

???: Well, Hi! I'm Lucia

Narrator: Lucia I want you to challenge me, the narrator to a game of table tennis.

Narrator: Hello you three!

Gwen: Who are you?

Narrator: Well just call me narrator but, I am actually from the Wii U game, Wii Sports Club and I look like a baby.

Narrator: My name is Maximilian and I wiped your memories because I wanted to start your franch…

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SuperStone9045671 SuperStone9045671 31 August

Wii Sports Resort 3 Point Contest

The rules are easy! 32 players, four players at a time. They advance until only one remains!

Round 1: (Mia, 18) (Siobhan, 19) (Jake, 10) (Misaki, 21)

Round 2: (David, 20) (Patrick, 15) (Alex, 22) (Nelly, 11)

Round 3: (Greg, 15) (Tyrone, 21) (Abe, 20) (Takashi, 22)

Round 4: (Yoshi, 12) (Gabriele, 22) (Gabi, 14) (Abby, 12)

Round 5: (Hayley, 13) (Haru, 14) (Miguel, 13) (Barbara, 16)

Round 6: (Sandra, 20) (Michael, 20) (Steve, 20) (Victor, 20)

Round 6 TB1: (Sandra, 16) (Michael, 22) (Steve, 22) (Victor, 22)

Round 6 TB2: (Michael, 12) (Steve, 12) (Victor, 13)

Round 7: (Yoko, 20) (Tatsuaki, 23) (Eva, 15) (Maria, 13)

Round 8: (Tommy, 20) (Takumi, 20) (George, 15) (Marisa, 22)

Next Round

Round 1: (Misaki, 18) (Alex, 19) (Takashi, 12) (Gabriele, 20)

Round 2: (B…

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KirbyDoraemon KirbyDoraemon 30 August

Guess what guys

Today's my Birthday!!!!!!!

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Changer36 Changer36 29 August


And, for anyone who dosn't know, Faustine is my favorite Wii U Mii.

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Changer36 Changer36 24 August

Ren's badge

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RoseLavillant6 RoseLavillant6 10 August

Wii Life Chapter 1

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RoseLavillant6 RoseLavillant6 10 August

Wii Sports Resort Open

Coming soon... A golf tournament in Wii Sports Resort will start

the rules are simple, eighteen miis enter the contest each will play matches in three eventually we will narrow down to six miis which will narrow down to the final two. Each round will be the resort's nine holes. I will record these games on my windows 10. and am considering posting them to YouTube. last month, preparing for the contest I put 100 note cards into a bowl and drew 18. In this order I determined the matches. Below, I will show you the bracket and who will play who.

Round 1

Match 1: (Luca) vs. (Keiko) vs. (Helen)

Match 2: (Siobhan) vs. (Mike) vs. (Alisha)

Match 3: (Sarah) vs. (Susana) vs. (Emma)

Match 4: (Takashi) vs. (Maria) vs. (Tomoko)

Match 5: (Holly) vs. (Misaki) v…

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SuperStone9045671 SuperStone9045671 9 August

Wii Sports Bowling Tournament

The rules are simple. Each round has 4 players. 32 players in total. 32 will narrow to 8 which will narrow to the final 2. All this happened in my house, the dates are recorded on this blog.

Round 1

1-1, 8/2/21: (Steph, 176) (Abe, 198) (Elisa, 136) (Sakura, 222)

1-2, 8/2/21: (Hiromasa, 200) (Hiromi, 186) (Cole, 122) (Matt, 177)

1-3, 8/3/21: (Rachel, 194) (Julie, 182) (Marco, 161) (Jackie, 207)

1-4, 8/3/21: (Kathrin, 160) (Midori, 242) (Mia, 262) (Luca, 149)

1-5, 8/3/21: (George, 186) (Michael, 165) (Ryan, 111) (Jake, 181)

1-6, 8/3/21: (Chika, 199) (Sarah, 177) (Steve, 201) (Theo, 221)

1-7, 8/4/21: (James, 161) (Megan, 180) (Tommy, 180) (Oscar, 176)

1-7 TB, 8/5/21: (Megan, 161) (Tommy, 202)

1-8, 8/5/21: (David, 149) (Yoshi, 149) (Abby, 121) (Greg, 2…

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BFDI Sports

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Jarrin Ellerby Jarrin Ellerby 4 August

If Every 211 CPU Miis were different clothing...


  1. Use the Best Originals Outfits that best Describes them.
  2. Best Drawing (No Crappy Drawing)
  3. No Full Nude Miis (Automatic Disqualification)
  4. At least 1 or more piece of Clothing have their favorite color (Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Socks or Shoes)
  5. From Go Vacation, Miis can't wear headgear or accessories.
  6. Gloves are allowed (doesn't mean boxing gloves.)

Ends at October 11, 2021 10:00 AM MT.

Post your art below.

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KirbyDoraemon KirbyDoraemon 2 August

Who is your favorite Guest Mii?

Tell me who it is?

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YoshiIsTheBest472 YoshiIsTheBest472 31 July

Special Announcement

This is a very special announcement. Today, I have officially passed 3,000 total edits on this Wiki! Let me tell you a quick story about how this happened:

I joined this Wiki on September 19, 2019. My first edit was on Holly’s page. My next few edits were on Fumiko, Haruka, and Nick’s pages. Since then, I’ve made at least one edit on all 100 Wii Sports Resort CPU Mii pages ever since. I’ve also made at least one edit on every Wii Sports Club CPU Mii page except for the following:

Bernardo, Bruce, Haixiang, Jeff, José, Ricardo, and Steven.

So if you’re reading this blog and want me to edit one of these pages, I hope you would consider telling me in the comments so I can say that I’ve made an edit on every WSC Mii page the next time I do one of…

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Minefa5 Minefa5 29 July

homecoming part 3

the end*

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AustinMertsch2006 AustinMertsch2006 28 July

Why cant i comment

I cant Comment

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MysticUniverse MysticUniverse 13 July


Davion is a Supreme Mii, said to be even better than Divyae. Though in earnest, the two are good friends. He is #1, as he cannot be beat.

  • 1 Wii Sports
  • 2 Wii Sports Resort
  • 3 Wii Party
  • 4 Wii Music
  • 5 Trivia

Anything he can do he is the best at, and he means everything.

He is without a doubt the best at every sport, challenge him only if you desire a challenge greater than man should even have to endure.

  • He hates parties, you won't find him here

  • He likes jazz, you'll find him here on occasion.

  • According to Mystic sources, he is Polish, making him one of the very few if not only Polish Miis.
  • There is said to be another who is stronger than him.
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This tier list

Look at this! Just, Look at this tier list! It has 209 Miis in Living Nuisance!

Do you disagree with this tier list?

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War of the ransom part 4

Miyu- Why do I have to save some guy called Miguel? Who is he?

Asami - He is Gwens brother, and Hiromasa's best friend.

Miyu - Oh Gwen, the skydiving girl? OK.

Asami - I will go with you! Just don't let Patrick see us...

Miyu - Why? Wait, I won't spoil the surprise!

Abby - Do you want me?

Asami - I Don't wanna die, thank you very much.

[Asami and Miyu set off]

Miyu - He's in that volcano! Lets get him!

Patrick - NOT SO FAST! Lemme get my lava pits!

Pit- Hiya!

Patrick - Pit, this is the wii, not wii U!

Pit - Sorry.


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War of the ransom part 3

Asami - Then Miyu shot them, but it HAD to be blackmail!

Hiromasa - Blackmail? What about the price?

Asami - Obviously the price was Takumi!

Gabriele - OK, I've heard enough.

[They walk out]

Hiromasa - Sunset! How romantic...

Asami - Get off me! Go away!

Hiromasa- Honeyyyyyyyyy! Urgh! I have had ENOUGH!I am going to change it.


Giovanna - I assume you want something?

Hiromasa- I want... to make a deal.

Giovanna- A deal? Hmmmmm, this will be cool. What do you want?

Hiromasa - I want my sweetheart to be mine!

Giovanna- OK but this is the cost...

[Whispers to him]

Hiromasa - I will take it!

Giovanna - OK Hiromasa, let's shake hands to agree

[They shake hands]

Hiromasa - OK! Time to get me some LLUURRVVEE


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MysticUniverse MysticUniverse 9 July


Divyae is a Fanon CPU Mii. He is considered one of the best Wii CPU Miis for the sole reason for not only his insane Boxing, Swordplay and Archery skills, but overall decency other sports.

In Boxing, he is considered beyond Matt, and a Super Boss.

In Baseball, he is considered a Pro, he quite literally plays all roles.

In Tennis he is considered a Pro, he strangely never has an ally.

In Swordplay, he is Supreme, and he is the Super Boss.

In Table Tennis, he's Pro.

In Basketball, he is Pro.

He is also a Pro at Cycling, coming in 20th out of 98th.

  • He's one of the few fanon Miis.
  • It is currently unknown what his relationship is with others.
  • He is never seen with any teammates, which may hint into how he is as a person.
  • Despite being under the Mystic Uni…

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War of the ransom part 2

Paramedics - We got Takumi!

Miyu - Thanks!

Giovanna - Grrrrrrr!

[Kidnaps Miyu]

Giovanna - Miyu, I have a job for you. Pick up that gun at your side.

Miyu - That is the gun that you shot him with...

Giovanna - You know Keiko, Shinnosuke and Ren? They are siblings. See the gun...

Miyu - Keiko is my best friend! Wait, you don't mean... NO!

Giovanna - Yes. You shoot them. Unless you want Takumi to die.

Miyu - Sob, yes. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Miyu - Here goes... BANG!


Ren - Oh jeez, I broke my freaking leg

Shinnosuke - Help us and stuff!

Hiromasa - EYEWITNESS!

Asami - Am I a magnet for crime or something! All I'm trying to do is avoid him!

Hiromasa - But we are MARRIED!

Asami - And YOU have mental problems! Go a…

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War of the ransom

Giovanna - I need him... I need that man.

Patrick- What man?

Giovanna- You idiot! I am talking about TAKUMI!

Patrick - Takumi? Why him?

Giovanna - One word: Ransom.

Patrick - Why ransom, exactly?

Giovanna - Because of his girlfriend, Miyu. If I shoot him, then she will be helpless. Apparently they are thinking about marriage, which means they are DEVOTED!

Patrick - Why do you need Miyu?

Giovanna - Honey, that is not for your ears...

[The next day]

Giovanna - Let's kick this party into 2nd gear! I am raising my gun...

[Shoots takumi]

Miyu - Takumi... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Gabriele - I showed up yeah! I am singing this song I wrote!


Lalala, @#$!*ing seriousnesssssssss! %&!@ you, #%@? Yooooouuuuu.

Miyu - Enough swears! Save my boyfrie…

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ThePWNZ0R ThePWNZ0R 6 July

Rhythm Heaven Megamix but it's Wii Sports/Wii party

Rhythm Heaven is rhythm game series produced by Nintendo. With 4 installments, it's no doubt it's most recent installment for the Nintendo 3DS is the biggest one yet. With so many games from the previous installments, and some new ones it's like the Mario Party Superstars of Rhythm Heaven games.

Because of the amount of the minigames there are in Megamix (total 96 in all of the 185 in the series,) Megamix is the best choice for me to get the most games possible with just doing one installment. So I'm going to see how I could do some things to make some sort of Wii Sports parodyof Rhythm Heaven Megamix that makes sense.

Quick note, if you have no idea what Rhythm Heaven is then you will be very confused.

  • 1 Rhythm Test
  • 2 Honeybee Land
    • 2.1 Karate Man…

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ThePWNZ0R ThePWNZ0R 4 July

tomodachi life adviuce

Hi. I recently started a Tomodachi life save and I need some tips on how to boost the bond in a relationship between people, so if anyone could provide me some that would be awesome

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ThePWNZ0R ThePWNZ0R 1 July

i hate matt

my arm hurts lol

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Who stabbed James-Crime drama featuring wii miis!

James - This is a lovely day! It is so quiet and peaceful and..

[He gets stabbed]

James - Say I survived please!

Rachel - Oh this fella got stabbed, Nooooooooooooo!

[Calls 999]

Sarah - Paramedics reporting! Did you see the stabber?

Rachel - No, I didn't see any.. LOOK BEHIND YOU!

Asami - What the...

Hiromasa- Come here, my future wife! Marry me so much!!!

Asami - Sorry, but why do you have my hairdo?

[Miguel storms in and bumps into Asami]

Asami - Oww, hey! Also seriously, my hairdo! Maybe I should go change it! Oww, seriously, that hurt!

James - Umm, about me...

Sarah - Umm... It's my sister...

Jackie - Mha ha ha! Look, a rival! Asami...!

[Chases after Asami with a knife]

Asami - Ahhhhhh! Why does my life have so much problems!

James - Heh Heh, Rivalry


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Minefa5 Minefa5 30 June

homecoming part 2

Ahmed Walks to Mohamed*

Ahmed: What's up bro.

Mohamed: Hey what's up man.

Ahmed: how you doing bro?

Mohamed: I'm alright man Hey man we off to our new spot we got a mention Ahmed we've been putting in works and s*** is going well, we got a stake in casino, we got some insane s*** in san Francisco we got some new games hey man lemme get some new clothes c'mon.

Ahmed: New clothes? Mohamed wtf is this bulls***?

Mohamed: What's you mean man? What's mine is yours and you know that.

Ahmed: you never did get it did you Mohamed? I need to check-on things in the street man that's the problem you always a perpetrator running from what's real.

Mohamed: hey man s***'s F***** up here you don't want to be in the street.

Ahmed: no this is exactly what i want to b…

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KittyFan37 KittyFan37 30 June

My favorite miis:

They are currently Kathrin, Elisa, And Araceli.

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MarioWiiTheFan360 MarioWiiTheFan360 28 June

Favorite/Least Favorite Wii Party minigames

Made this cuz I'm bored


  • Chop Chops (My all-time favorite)
  • Barrel Daredevil (My 2nd favorite)
  • Friendly Face-Off (I love seeing my beautiful face after the completing the puzzle. It also reminds me of Jigsaw Jumble from Mario Party 9)
  • Popgun Posse (Easiest minigame to get 1st place, even on Master difficulty)
  • Maze Daze (I simply rotate my Wii Remote until I found the directions on the D-pad that got rotated. Also east to get 1st at!)
  • Zombie Tag (Can get a bit aggravating, but it's still fun all the time)
  • Flap Hurdles (I'm really good at it)
  • Shifty Gifts (Same with Flap Hurdles)
  • Space Brawl (Oh man, do I love games that involve fighting)
  • Delivery Duel (I like that it resembles Mario Kart)
  • Flashlight Frights (Best pair minigame. I love for its s…
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I'm Leaving The Wiki

Today is my last day being on the wiki. I will now be inactive.

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Am I The Only One Who Hates Miitopiana?

Are there other users who hate Miitopiana?

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TheWuhuTown TheWuhuTown 18 June

All About Mii: Fumiko

Full Name: Fumiko Rosa Manila

Birthday: July 15, 1992

Nationality: Japanese-Mexican

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Family relationships: Saburo (Husband), Ross, Donna (WM)

Postive relationships: Alex, Rachel, Takumi, Naoko, Mia (WSR), Kathrin, Ren, Marco, Elisa, Cole, Rin, Akira (WS), Misaki, Sakura, Miyu, Mike, Nick, Jackie, Abby, Susana, Holly, David, Enrique, Lucia, Eva, Eduardo (WS), Cristina, Alisha.

Negative relationships: Jake, Maria (WS), Steph, Stephanie, Fritz, Tommy, Anna (WS), Naomi, Michael.

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TheWuhuTown TheWuhuTown 16 June

Mii Stories: Fritz vs Alisha

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Ashlyn Mii Ashlyn Mii 13 June

All about Mii: Ilka

Hi! I am 18 years old and I am German. I get happy when I win any sports but normal when I lose. My beast friends are Marie and Clara and my favorite fruit is an orange.

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