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Billiards is the sixth of the nine games found in Wii Play. It is unlocked after attempting the previous game, Laser Hockey.

Gameplay (1-Player mode)

Like normal Billiards, you must try to hit all of the balls (leaving the black 8 ball for last) into the goals, causing them to “sink”. Each ball that falls in one of the holes is worth a certain number of points from 1 to 9. Leave the 8 ball for last.

There is a foul if the pool ball falls in the pocket, misses the target ball (marked with a red triangle), or the first ball it hits is one that isn't the target. If that happens, the player will have the option to place the ball anywhere. Each foul is worth -3 points at the end, and the points for the number of shots taken follows the formula: 81 - (3 * number of shots). 60 points are needed for a platinum medal.

Gameplay (2-player mode)

Controls are the same, however, if the player sinks a ball, they get another turn until they fail to sink a ball or get a foul. In that case, it becomes the next player's turn. This switches until all balls have been sunk, just like normal Billiards.


  • Hold the Wii Remote vertically.
  • Change the aim of the pool ball by using the D-Pad controls left and right.
  • Use the Wii Remote to point at the ball.
  • Press the B Button while moving it away from the sensor to adjust your hit strength.
  • Release the B Button while moving the remote towards it to hit the ball.

Billiards Pool Balls

  • White Ball
  • Yellow 1 Ball
  • Blue 2 Ball
  • Red 3 Ball
  • Purple 4 Ball
  • Orange 5 Ball
  • Green 6 Ball
  • Brown 7 Ball
  • Black 8 Ball
  • Yellow 9 Ball