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Big Top Juggling is a Balance exercise in Wii Fit Plus.


The player must juggle balls and lean left and right to move the ball on their feet as they avoid bombs and catch balls. Later on, they will juggle apples in the Beginner Difficulty and cantelopes in the Advanced Difficulty.

Beginner Difficulty

In Beginner Difficulty (three balls), the player gets 90 seconds to do this task, and after each successful throw the points add up until they reach ten per successful juggle, and add 20 after each successful volley. The first ball will turn into an apple after 50 successful tosses, with second one turning into an apple after 65 successful tosses and the third after 85 successful tosses. They must also avoid bombs by moving the ball by adjusting their footing.

Advanced Difficulty

In Advanced Difficulty (five balls), the player must finish their task in 120 seconds. They also toss cantelopes after each ball is successfully thrown. This takes a lot of successful tosses.


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