Beginner Miis are the easiest CPUs in Wii Party and Wii Party U.

The other four CPU Skills are Standard, Advanced, Expert and Master.


Wii Party

Top row: Abby, Alex, Andy, Chika, Gwen, Haru, James, Jessie, Julie, and Mia.

Bottom row: Miguel, Mike, Miyu, Nelly, Patrick, Saburo, Sarah, Shohei, Tatsuaki and Tommy.

1- Beginner

Wii Party U

Top row: Adrien, Alphonse, Anna, Bernardo, Bruce, Chris, David, Donna, Elena, Enrique, Gerald, and Haruka.

Bottom row: Hee-joon, Ivo, Ji-hoon, Kentaro, Mitsu, Pian-Pian, Pit, Rui, Xiaojian, Xue-Ren and Yunyun.

1- Beginner-0


  • In Wii Party U, Beginner is the CPU Skill with most Miis on it, with 23. All the other CPU Skills have 22 Miis.
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