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Beginner's Archery Area

Sport(s) seen in Air Sports, Archery
Game(s) seen in Wii Sports Resort

Wii Fit Wii Fit Plus

Not to be confused with Beginner Difficulty, Beginner's Wakeboarding Area, Beginner or Beginner Dance.

The Beginner's Archery Area is an iPoint in Island Flyover. It is a tunnel under Talon Rock. It is also the third target course on Beginner Archery. The player can also run in the tunnel in the Short distance run in Basic Run in the Wii Fit series.

Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “Even this easiest Archery range takes skill to master.”
  • Evening: “Wind can push the flight of the arrows. Planes probably don’t help…”
  • Night: “Take aim and hold your breath...but not for too long!”