Beach Reverse






Marisa (Level 641-645)




Gold Armor

Black Armor

Other variant



Lighthouse Reverse


Mountain Reverse


Gold Armored

Black Armored

*Misaki is way more aggressive and defensive compared to the rest of the black-armored Miis.

Black Armored Boss



  • This is the stage with least enemies in it, with just 20. Furthermore, it and Castle Reverse are the only reverse stages to have a different number of Miis to their original versions.
  • This is the first reverse stage to have a female Non-Boss Mii wear Black Armor, said Mii being Stéphanie.
  • Unlike most other stages, where only a select few gold armored Miis are aggressive, all gold armored Miis in this stage are extremely aggressive, more so than many of the black armored Miis.
    • Marisa and Misaki are aggressive as well, but unlike the gold armored Miis, they do not block after failing to attack.
  • This is the fifth stage to not feature Red Armor Miis, the first being Bridge, the second being Cliffs, the third being Volcano, and the fourth being Lighthouse Reverse.
  • This is the only Reverse Stage that does not feature Purple Armor Miis of either kind.
  • This stage is very unusual as it is the shortest, yet it has more Black-Armored Miis, which make up half of the stage, than almost any other stage.
    • The only stage to have more Black Armored Miis than this one is Volcano Reverse.
    • This stage also has less types of Miis than any other, having only two.
  • This is the only Reverse stage that Luca and Helen do not appear in.
  • Because of this stage being so short, it plays the music that usually plays when you are fighting the last twenty Miis.
  • This is the one of the only two stages that do not feature Miis that have two hearts. The other stage with this feature is Bridge.
  • Misaki and Marisa are the only Black Armored Miis in this stage that attack quickly. The others have the defensive state that 2 hearted opponents usually have.
  • This stage has more Females than Males.
  • Ren, Mike and James are the only males in Black Armor in this stage. Also, they team up against the player in Baseball.
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