Marisa as the boss of this stage.

Beach Reverse is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Marisa. This is the thirteenth stage.

The next stage is Mountain Reverse.

This is a reverse stage.

This stage has 20 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Beach.


Gold Armored

Black Armored

Black Armored Boss


  • This is the stage with least enemies in it, with just 20. Furthermore, it and Castle Reverse are the only reverse stages to have a different number of Miis to their original versions.
  • Like Volcano Reverse, the Miis in this stage are a lot more aggressive than usual, typically striking the moment they get close to or block the player. This excludes the Black Armored Miis (except Marisa and Misaki) that appear in this stage, what with them being mostly defensive.
  • This is the fifth stage to not feature Red Armor Miis, the first being Bridge, the second being Cliff, the third being Volcano, and the fourth being Lighthouse Reverse.
  • This is the only Reverse Stage that does not feature Purple Armor Miis of either kind.
  • This stage is very unusual as it is the shortest, yet it has more Black-Armored Miis, which make up half of the stage, than almost any other stage.
    • The only stage to have more Black Armored Miis than this one is Volcano Reverse.
    • This stage also has less types of Miis than any other, having only two.
  • This is the only Reverse stage that Luca and Helen do not appear in.
  • Because of this stage being so short, it plays the music that usually plays when you are fighting the last twenty Miis.
  • This is the one of the only two stages that do not feature Miis that have two hearts. The other stage with this feature is Bridge.
  • Misaki and Marisa are the only Black Armored Miis in this stage that attack quickly. The others have the defensive state that 2 hearted opponents usually have.
  • This stage has more Females than Males.
  • Ren, Mike and James are the only males in Black Armor here. Also, they team up against the player in Baseball.
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