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Baseball is one of the 5 training sports featured in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club.

There are three different training modes for this sport on each of the games:

  • Wii Sports: Hitting Home Runs, Swing Control, Batting Practice
  • Wii Sports Club: Homer Hero, Wall Breaker, Pitch Perfect

Wii Sports

Hitting Home Runs

Example of a Hitting Home Runs gameplay.

In Hitting Home Runs, the pitcher throws 10 baseballs, one at a time, toward the player as the player tries to hit as many home runs as possible.

  • Bronze medal = 5
  • Silver medal = 8
  • Gold medal = 10, under 5649 ft or 1725m.
  • Platinum medal = 10 (5650 ft/1725m)


  • All of the baseballs are thrown as fastballs so expect them to be in the same spot.

Swing Control

Example of a Swing Control gameplay.

In Swing Control, the objective of the game is to hit 10 baseballs pitched toward the player as close to the specified area as possible. The closer to the specified area, the more points earned. The dark blue area is where the most points are earned

  • Bronze medal = 27
  • Silver medal = 45
  • Gold medal = 55
  • Platinum medal = 65


  • Time the swing of the bat to hit it into the specified area.
  • Bunting does not work in this mode.

Batting Practice

Example of a Batting Practice gameplay.

Batting Practice entails the pitcher throwing 30 baseballs at the player, one after the other. The more balls hit, the more points earned. Balls go faster and faster.

  • Bronze medal = 15
  • Silver medal = 20
  • Gold medal = 27
  • Platinum medal = 30

Wii Sports Club

Names inside the parentheses "()" are the names in European (PAL) version of the game.

Homer Hero (Home Run Hero)

Example of a Homer Hero gameplay.

In Homer Hero, the objective is to hit the balls (make home runs) as far as the player can do. The total score is accumulated through the distances from hitting balls. The player can only miss the chance up to 5 times (either from missing the ball or hitting the ball out of bounds), before being declared game over.

Wall Breaker (Smash Hitter)

Example of a Wall Breaker gameplay.

In Wall Breaker, the player has to hit the balls to colored "walls". For every successful hit, the "walls" will get smaller and are often leaning to sides.

There are 3 types of "walls":

  • The pink ones yield 100 points.
  • The dark blue ones yield 50 points.
  • The light blue ones yield 20 points.

If the ball hits the pink "wall", the player will get additional 10 seconds. The game will continue until the timer runs out.

Pitch Perfect (Pitch for Prizes)

Example of a Pitch Perfect gameplay.

Unlike in previous training modes, where the player plays as the batter, Pitch Perfect assigns the player to play as the pitcher, utilizing the Wii U GamePad. The objective is to pitch the ball through 9 moving cubes and then catch the flying objects from the hit cubes. The time limit, controls and total score are shown in the GamePad, while on the TV, it doesn't feature any HUD (Heads Up Display)s.


  • The trainer for all of these training exercises is a random CPU Mii, unlike in Tennis and Boxing, where it is just one CPU Mii as the trainer.
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