is one of the 5 training sports featured in Wii Sports. There are three different variations of the game, Hitting Home Runs, Swing Control, and Batting Practice.

Hitting Home Runs

In the game, Hitting Home Runs, the pitcher throws 10 baseballs, one at a time, toward the player as the player tries to hit as many home runs as possible.

  • Bronze medal = 5
  • Silver medal = 8
  • Gold medal = 10, under 5649 ft or 1725m.
  • Platinum medal = 10 (5650 ft/1725m)


  • All of the baseballs are thrown as fastballs so expect them to be in the same spot.

Swing Control

In Swing Control, the objective of the game is to hit 10 baseballs pitched toward the player as close to the specifed area as possible. The closer to the specified area, the more points earned. The dark blue area is where the most points are earned

  • Bronze medal = 27
  • Silver medal = 45
  • Gold medal = 55
  • Platinum medal = 65


  • Time the swing of the bat to hit it into the specifed area.

Batting Practice

Batting Practice entails the pitcher throwing 30 baseballs at the player, one after the other. The more balls hit, the more points earned. Balls go faster and faster.

  • Bronze medal = 15
  • Silver medal = 20
  • Gold medal = 27
  • Platinum medal = 30

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