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HEYimHeroic 3DS FACE-043 Barry.JPG
Title Tennis Training Coach (Wii Sports Club)
Gender Male
Favorite Color Royal Blue
Country Unknown
Level Tennis: Level ★10

Baseball: Level ★10

Boxing: Level 5

CPU Rank Master Difficulty

Barry is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. His Total Skill Level is 255. He is ranked #18 out of the Wii Sports Club CPUs, by overall skill level, tied with Akira, Dylan, Jin-ah, Mizuho, and Ricardo. He is ranked #10 in rankings.

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis and Baseball, Barry is a top Pro at a Grade of ★10.

In the Tennis Training mode, he appears in Ring Master, where he works as your trainer. Barry will hit the ball towards you, and you have to hit the ball through a set of rings that, after a while, get smaller over time.

In Boxing, he is average at Grade 5.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Barry is in Master Difficulty.

  • In Wii Party U, he appears on the 1st place in Mii Vaulters minigame with a distance of 175 yards.
  • In Demolition Row, he is also in first place, with 200,000 points.
  • He and Barbara (Elena) hold the default record in 2-player Button Smashers with 36 points.

Names in Different Languages

Japanese: ベリー (Berī)


  • According to the Wii Sports Club files, Barry's Internal ID is 043.
  • In his Wii Party U artwork, he seems to be playing Balloon Boppers with Juliette.
  • In the data files of Miitopia, he's listed as Young.
  • He and Mizuho have the same Wii Sports Club skill levels.
  • His Mii data file shows that even though Barry doesn't have a mustache and lipstick, he doesn't use the default values for them; his mustache is set to be the same color as his eyebrows and it is moved two stages up and is one stage smaller. His lipstick is set to peach instead of the default orange color. This might be a remnant of an earlier design for him.
  • His height value is set to 107 and his weight value is set to 62.
  • In Wii Party U, Barry appears as P2 in the preview video for Do U Know Mii?.
  • He also appears in the preview videos for No Goals Barred and Domino Tally.
  • He appears playing Pool Party on the Wii Party U cover.


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