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Barnacle Arch
Barnacle Arch.png
Barnacle Arch

Sport(s) seen in Air Sports, Power Cruising
Game(s) seen in Wii Sports Resort

Barnacle Arch (Neptune's Ring in the PAL version) is a large natural sea arch in the ocean near Wuhu Island. It is an iPoint in Wii Sports Resort's Island Flyover.

Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “This sea arch is just begging for someone to fly under it…”
  • Evening: “There’s another arch like this one around Wuhu Island.”
  • Night: “At night, this arch looks a little like a pair of rocky pants…”


  • It is mentioned in the evening iPoint that there is a smaller sea arch look alike around the island, specifically Gateway to Wuhu. However, it is pretty easy to tell the difference, as Barnacle Arch has grass on the top of it.