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Balloon Boppers
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Wii Party U


2-4 player, Freeplay


60 seconds (1 minute)


"Burst opponents' balloons with a toy hammer. Keep your balloon safe and unpopped to win the game. If your balloon is popped, you can stay in the ring and pop others' balloons!"

Balloon Boppers is both an All Play Minigame and a Free Play Minigame in Wii Party U.

Objective (Minigame) 

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The player has to avoid their balloon being hit by the other players to win. The players can use 2 to hit their hammer and the plus control pad to walk around. If the player's balloon is hit, they can still hit other player's balloons but they stay in the same place they finished as.

Objective (Freeplay)

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The player has to win 100 rounds without being hit. The CPUs are other Miis created by the player and have their balloon and shirt colored the same as them. The player only has 1 chance but up to round twenty the Miis will not hit the player.

Unlike the normal version, the eliminated players don't have a chance to pop your balloon. Instead, they just leave the ring.

Everytime you defeat a wave of 10 opponents, a message will appear on the screen.

Record for 1st

The Record for 1st in this minigame in Freeplay is set by Maximilian, a Master Mii, with a score of 20 points.


  • This Minigame takes place in the same location where Pogo Battle takes place.
  • Maximilian, while being #1 in the rankings for the Freeplay version of this minigame, also appears in the sample video for it.

Prove that it's Maximilian on the example video.

  • This takes place outside of the houses in Heart Target.
  • Considering that the Miis that you have created yourself are playing against you, the spectators will be the CPU Miis instead of your Miis on the Freeplay Version, unless you have a large amount of Miis on your Wii U.

    While Matt is trying to get Hiroshi, Tyrone and Elisa out of the ring, see how the Miis in the background are not Miis made by the player.

  • The buildings in the background represent the colors of every player.
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  • This Minigame plays similar to Zombie Tag, where if you get eliminated, you are still able to play and go for the other players who aren't eliminated.

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