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Balance is a series of exercises in the Wii Fit series, with a few reserved for Wii Fit U.


Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus

  • Soccer Heading - The player must headbutt soccer balls but not headbutt other objects, such as shoes.
  • Ski Jump - The player must land perfectly on a fast-paced jump down a ski slope.
  • Ski Slalom - The player must bob and weave past signs and not skip areas to reach the end fast.
  • Snowboard Slalom - The player must do the same thing as Ski Slalom but with a snowboard, involving more balancing.
  • Table Tilt - The player must shift balance to get balls into holes.
  • Tightrope Walk - The player must cross a tightrope avoiding the snapjaws.
  • Balance Bubble - The player attempts to navigate down a river in a bubble without bursting it on the sides.
  • Penguin Slide - The player has to catch fish while balanced on a piece of ice.
  • Lotus Focus (also known as "Zazen") - The player must remain motionless while looking at a flame.

Wii Fit U

  • Dessert Course - The player must deliver desserts to customers while balancing the desserts on a silver platter and moving around with a strict time limit.
  • Hosedown - The player must shoot at mud flying at them and mud on the ground. Miis covered with mud will either throw mud at them or run at them covered in it.
  • Climbing - The player must climb to the top of an obstacle course while keeping their grip strength from getting too low.
  • Orienteering-The player must find miis using the balance board and the gamepad.
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