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Back Attack
Back Attack HR.jpg


Wii Party


4 Player


60 seconds (1 minute)


"Track down your opponents and shoot the targets on their backs. The last player left cruising wins!"

Back Attack is a 4-player minigame in Wii Party.


The camera zooms in on the fourth player, who shoots a Mii in a white car that is in front of them. The camera then zooms out to show the whole field and all the players.


The objective is to be the last player remaining by not getting the back of the vehicle shot. Players can only move along the track and can only turn at intersections. Players can not do 180 degree turns. Occasionally, a speed powerup will appear, which causes the vehicle to flash and lets the user move more quickly temporarily. Getting hit anywhere other then the back has no effect, though getting hit in the back causes the vehicle to fly up and out of the arena. The winner is the last player remaining, or any players remaining after 60 seconds.

Note: when a mii is open to attack, Beginner Miis fail to notice it and will mostly miss their opportunity to attack. Standard Miis fail to notice it but gains their opportunity to attack slightly. In seldom cases, they instantly shoot when a mii is open to attack. Advanced Miis notice it and take little time before shooting. Expert and Master Miis instantly shoot without missing their opportunities to attack.


The camera centers on the winner, who turns toward it and waves. If there is more than one victor, they will still turn towards the camera and wave at it, but the camera won't zoom in.


  • When your Mii is open to attack, they will start to sweat.
  • If you bump into the back of another player's car, you will push them forward a bit.
  • If you collide with another player, your car will turn the opposite direction of where you were originally going.
  • Shooting another player from the front instead of the back will slow them down a bit.
  • Sometimes CPU miis shoot towards the solid object, but its projectile does not pass a solid object. This can happen in certain structures of the tracks.
  • Tracks are randomly generated.

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