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Not to be confused with Baby Mii (Wii Fit Plus).

Baby Miis are the CPU Miis that are randomly chosen as babies for the Wii Party Minigame Cry Babies.

The CPU Miis who are babies in the Minigame are Anna, Chika, Tomoko, Haru, Mia, Theo, Susana, Stéphanie, Sarah, Barbara and Holly.


  • Baby Miis are chosen because they do not have any facial features like blush, facial hair, glasses, freckles, wrinkles, makeup, or moles. However, not all Miis without facial features are chosen to be a Baby Mii. Those are Greg, Shinta, Emma and Sandra.
    • Chika is the only Baby Mii to have facial features (blush).
  • Theo is the only male Baby Mii.