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Baby Miis are featured in Wii Fit Plus. They are used to measure weight. However, unlike regular Miis, you cannot play training with them.

A Baby Mii in the Wii Fit Plaza
Title Special Mii on Wii Fit Plus
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How to make Baby Miis

To make Baby Miis, you click on the "Register" button as if you were making a regular Mii. Do the regular process of adding a Mii to the Wii Fit Plaza then eventually, you will get to the date of birth. When you enter the year they were born it must be this year, the previous year, or the year before. You can also use the year before that, however that's when their birthday also matters, as to make them a baby, their birthday must have not already happened this year. If you follow these instructions, the Wii Balance Board will say "Hang on a sec! [Mii], you're 0/1/2 years old, so..." By then, the Mii will have turned into a Baby Mii. After pressing A, the Wii Balance Board will continue speaking. "You're still a little too young for the Body Test." (A) "But just for people like you, Wii Fit Plus has included baby stats." (A) For baby stats, have someone carefully hold you and stand on the Wii balance board. Only your weight will be measured. (A) "The body test is limited to those 3 years old and up. Thanks for understanding!" (A)

Note: Once the baby is 3 years old, the other activities will be unlocked.

Baby Stats

In Baby Stats, you can measure your baby's weight. It starts off with the Wii Balance Board talking. "Sorry, but in baby stats, your BMI, center of balance and Wii Fit Age will not be tested." (A) "Before we get started, I want to ask: Who is helping you, [Mii]?" (A) Then, the helper will choose their Mii. The screen will then say, "The person holding the baby or pet needs to be careful not to put too much strain on the lower back. Please be careful." (A)

If the helper has already done a body test

"[Helper] has already done the measurement today, so I will use that information to calculate your weight, [Mii]. (A)

If the helper has not already done a body test

"[Helper] has not done the measurement today, so..." (A) "I'll have to get that information first." (A) Note that then the helper will do a body test and it will count as a body test for the day. However no stamp will be added, and BMI, center of gravity, etc. will not be tested.

Back to Baby Stats

"Remember, gaps in performing Body Tests can affect any Baby or Pet measurements. Do you want to continue?" (A) Then, the player will choose between "Retry" and "Continue". If the player clicks on "Retry", they will redo the body test. If they click on "Continue", the information from the helper's body test will stay the same and will be used to measure the baby. Then, the test will be just like a regular body test, but the helper will hold the baby, and no BMI, center of gravity and Wii Fit Age will be tested. However, the weight will be measured. Then, the player will be told to mark the calendar with a stamp. Just like in a body test, many stamps can be unlocked after performing Baby Weight tests and can be used next time.


Many tips can be shared when clicking onto the baby's profile. You can also get tips after doing Baby Stats.

List of tips

  • A discussion about taking baths
  • A discussion about spending time with family members
  • A discussion about crying in the middle of the night (Post-Baby Stats)
  • Another discussion about taking baths (Post-Baby Stats)
  • A discussion about nappies and toilet training


  • Baby Miis are similar to Pets, due to the fact that Pets also don't allow training and only have weight measured, etc.