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All available options in Archives.

The Archives feature in Wii Party U allows you to check where the games in all modes stand in the rankings. For example, Dojo Domination has the highest ranking, at 4.51/5 stars. This page also allows you to see the rankings in Minigames, such as high scores, as well as Amazing Feats. You may also see the Staff Credits for the game here as well. Also, now that Miiverse has become defunct, you can no longer see what other players think of the main games. When trying to click "Miiverse Posts", you'll be given an error because Nintendo has shut it down.

Modes in Wii Party U
TV Party: Highway Rollers - GamePad Island - Mii Fashion Plaza - The Balldozer - Teammate Madness

House Party: Button Smashers - Name That Face - Lost-and-Found Square - Sketchy Situation - Do U Know Mii? - Water Runners - Feed Mii! - Dance with Mii

GamePad Party: Tabletop Foosball - Tabletop Baseball - Mii-in-a-Row - Tabletop Gauntlet - Tabletop Minigames - Animal Matchup - Puzzle Blockade

Minigames: Minigame Collection - Freeplay Challenge - Bridge Burners - Dojo Domination - Battle of the Minigames - Tabletop Tournament - Spot the Sneak

Others: Suggestions - Archives