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Not to be confused with Animal Matchup.

Animal Tracker is a game for two to four players in Wii Party.


The player(s) must guess the animal that calls first. - cat, cow, dog, elephant, frog, horse, lion, monkey, mouse, pig, rooster, and sheep - and up to four of them will appear in each round, depending on the number of Wii Remotes being used. Occasionally, some Miis will participate instead. The first player to reach three points wins.


  • Put the Wii Remote on a flat surface and grab it when the first sound is played.
  • Then, hold it vertically and aim at the sensor bar.
  • Press A to select an animal.


  • The player's Miis will play inside of a glass dome, similar to a zoo. They will also play on a mat with printed paws on it. There are also paws outside of the dome.
  • When a player has two points, the game will say, similiar to Bingo: "One to go!"
  • When a player wins, two animals will stand behind the winning player, and two will circle around them.

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