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Animal Matchup is a 2-player mode in Wii Party U.


This mode revolves around you and a friend using your memories to look at animals and match them with the same kind on a patch you get in the upper right of your screen on the Wii U GamePad after the panels flip over. The game starts to get tougher as more panels get added along with more Animal Miis get added.

Animals that have been chosen correctly will run to the screen and make a noise that they make normally. These animals include monkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, chickens and lions.

After half (and later thirds) of the panels have been correctly chosen, you and your colleague will have to work together in cooperative randomly-selected minigames. If you and your colleague beat the minigames with a high enough rank, the panels will flip over briefly.

There are 9 levels, and when you beat each one, you can rate the minigames you played with your colleague.


  1. Stage 1 has 3 by 2 panels (6) . Minigame starts after 3.
  2. Stage 2 has 4 by 2 panels (8). Minigame starts after 4.
  3. Stage 3 has a ring-like shape, with 3 on top, as well as 3 on bottom, and 2 on each side (10). Minigame starts after 5.
  4. Stage 4 has 3 by 4 panels (12). Minigame starts after 6.
  5. Stage 5 has 3 rhombus-like shapes, with 4 panels in every rhombus (12). Minigame starts after 6.
  6. Stage 6 has 2 larger rhombi, with 8 in each (16). 2 Minigames starts after 6, 5, and 5.
  7. Stage 7 has a large heart (20). 3 Minigames start after each 5 panels have been flipped.
  8. Stage 8 has 3 large rings with 2 on each side, along with the bottom and top (24). 3 minigames start after each 6 panels has been flipped.
  9. Stage 9 has a swirl-like shape (28). 3 minigames will start after each 7 panels have been flipped.
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