Advanced Miis are the CPUs in the middle skill.

The other CPU Skills are Beginner, Standard, Expert and Master.


Wii Party

Cole, Daisuke, Elisa, Emily, Fritz, Fumiko, Gabriele, Giovanna, Hiromi, Holly, Kathrin, Marco, Michael, Misaki, Naomi, Oscar, Ren, Ryan, Takashi and Ursula.

3- Advanced

Wii Party U

Alice, Anne, Cheng-Han, Cristina, Erick, Frank, Haixiang, Hiromi, Ilka, Irina, Jialan, João, Kaori, Laura, Marius, Masako, Massimo, Merrick, Mi-sun, Patricia, Ricardo and Xiao-Tong.

3- Advanced-0
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