Advanced Miis are the CPUs in the middle skill.

The other four CPU Skills are Beginner, Standard, Expert and Master.


Wii Party

Top row: Cole, Daisuke, Elisa, Emily, Fritz, Fumiko, Gabriele, Giovanna, Hiromi, and Holly.

Bottom row: Kathrin, Marco, Michael, Misaki, Naomi, Oscar, Ren, Ryan, Takashi and Ursula.

3- Advanced

Wii Party U

Top row: Alice, Anne, Cheng-Han, Cristina, Erick, Frank, Haixiang, Hiromi, Ilka, Irina, and Jialan.

Bottom row: João, Kaori, Laura, Marius, Masako, Massimo, Merrick, Mi-sun, Patricia, Ricardo and Xiao-Tong.

3- Advanced-0
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