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Advanced Difficulty is a CPU rank in Wii Party and Wii Party U.


Compared to Beginner Difficulty and Standard Difficulty, Miis within Advanced Difficulty will tend to do average, rarely good, in minigames.

The other four CPU Skills are Beginner, Standard, Expert and Master.

It is also the highest starter difficulty.


Wii Party

Top row: Ryan, Takashi, Marco, Hiromi, Cole, Emily, Michael, Naomi, Elisa, and Oscar.

Bottom row: Misaki, Holly, Fumiko, Ren, Kathrin, Ursula, Giovanna, Gabriele, Fritz, and Daisuke.

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Wii Party U

Top row: Alice, Anne, Cheng-Han, Cristina, Erick, Frank, Haixiang, Hiromi, Ilka, Irina, and Jialan.

Bottom row: João, Kaori, Laura, Marius, Masako, Massimo, Merrick, Mi-sun, Patricia, Ricardo, and Xiao-Tong.

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